Narsisius (platinum)

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Race Half-elf
Hometown Wehnimer's Landing
Profession Rogue
Disposition Friendly
Demeanor Curious
Primary Trait Focused
Secondary Trait Cautious
Flaw Fidgety
Likes Wilds, Exploring, and combat
Dislikes overly large crowds, loud noises

Narsisius is from the wilds between Ta'Nalfein and the Turamzzyrian Empire. His family moved around a lot, as traders they never stayed in one place for very long. This caused him to become friendly, having to make new friends in each village. He is also a very curious lad, often times found far from the beaten path. Living in the wilds he learned unarmed combat, and how to move about stealthily. During the winter of 5122->5123 his parents died during a rock slide on the western side of the dragonspine, leaving him alone. After burying his parents, he made his way north along the edges of the dragonspine, eventually coming to Wehnimer's Landing.


Missing: A Blood that Binds Vignette