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Nehari Savius Faendryl is a dark elven sorcerer who dwells largely in the Solhaven region. Her brother, Mekthros, participated in the Griffin Sword Saga as part of the Dark Alliance. She took no part on either side outside of assisting with localized efforts to raise funds and support for children orphaned by the war.

Born to a merchant family, Nehari began traveling largely due to the stories her brother related to her in the course of letters since his departure from New Ta'Faendryl. Although she was deeply set in a highly stable yet dull life, she found that in wedding who her family expected her to wed and in pursuing the career she had been groomed for, she constantly felt trapped nearly to the point of despair. Ultimately, she left her fiance to begin her own travels in a search for personal freedom. She has never looked back.

Now, Nehari delights in the exotic and dangerous lifestyle of living in the frontier of a foreign civilization. The freedom she always yearned for is finally hers, and she has found that even the stigma of having a notorious Sheruvian for a brother has not too greatly embittered the local residents toward her. She currently pursues one of her dreams - to teach children in the arcane arts.

Including Mekthros, Nehari has two living siblings, both brothers. She has one deceased sister. She does not share Arkati patronage with either of them, although she has chosen one for herself. She rarely speaks if it due to it being a highly personal matter for her.


You see Nehari Savius Faendryl the Sorceress.
She appears to be a Dark Elf.
She is taller than average and appears to be an adult. She has shadowed deep cerulean eyes and fair skin. She has hip length, cobalt-swept silky raven black hair bound into a twisted infinity knot by some elongated eahnor aishan hairsticks. She has a finely-boned oval face and tucked pointed ears. Her eyebrows are shaped into subtly curved arches.
She has a series of crimson steel rings set along the slender tips of her pointed ears.
She is in good shape.
She is holding a spiraling dusky lor staff in her right hand.
She is wearing a vaalin-strung limestone shard, a courtly oxblood kidskin longcoat, a trim grey bourde tunic with loose vaalin-threaded sleeves, a black kidskin reticule, some pleated flowing ebon silk pants, and some stiff oxblood leather sandals.