Nereid's Cradle Bungalow

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[Bungalow, Living Space]
Spacious and tidy, the floor of the living space is fashioned of polished oak and covered with a simple throw rug.  Colorful artwork decorates one beadboard wall, the pieces hanging above a wide couch flanked by a sturdy end table.  Near the open archway to the kitchen, a plain oak desk and wooden chair rest beneath a copper lantern, while in the opposite corner a ladder leads to the second floor near the open door.
  • Interactable (and presumably alterable): rug, couch, table, desk, chair, ladder, door. The "colorful artwork" can hold a display item like a painting, guessing the "artwork" also can be altered but have not checked.
[Bungalow, Kitchen]
Surrounded by storm-shutters, a pair of glass-paned windows looks out onto the beach from their position along the northern wall.  Beneath the viewing portals, a farm-style stone wash basin is recessed into a long counter, while the walls above and to either side are filled with white cupboards.  Resting at the heart of the kitchen upon blue and yellow-checked tiles is an unadorned table surrounded by wicker-seated chairs.
  • Interactable (and presumably alterable): windows, basin, counter, cupboards, table, chairs
[Bungalow, Loft]
Stretching from one end of the space to the other, exposed rafters support the peaked ceiling and are strung with dried herbs and flowers.  A carved wooden bed rests against the flat northern wall where a decorative carving hangs over its headboard and a large wooden footlocker rests against its footboard.  Spindled balusters support a small railing that overlooks the room below, a nearby ladder providing egress.
  • Interactable (and presumably alterable): dried herbs and flowers, bed, carving, footlocker, ladder