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Nicolao Glass, as rendered by MAZEIKISJ
Race Half-elf
Culture Mestanir
Profession Scribe
Affiliation(s) White Haven
Disposition inquisitive and eccentric
Demeanor politely paranoid
Flaw sheds sparks when agitated
Habits avoiding notice (and witch-hunters)
Hobbies ill-advised experiments
Soft Spots hungry alley cats and winsome blonde urchins
Likes books, stylish coats and cravats
Dislikes Maylan's messes in the library
Fears demons, sorcery, incarceration
Best Friend Abrimel
Nicolao Glass, as drawn by MOURNE

Nicolao Glass is a half-elf hailing from Mestanir. He will generally deny any knowledge of magic, yet he somehow maintains a habit of lurking invisibly around Solhaven and Icemule Trace.

He is a scholar by inclination, and by nature jocular, inquisitive, and a little daft. He has a penchant for stories, both the collecting and the telling. Some rumors mark him as the fugitive of a prison for criminally insane magic-users, but these murmurings are entirely baseless and lacking in evidence.

He is claimed as the foster-brother of Marijka, a half-elven mercenary, and he is often seen in the close company of the ranger Abrimel. He is a member of House White Haven.


You see Nicolao Glass.
He appears to be a Half-Elf from Mestanir.
He is tall and has a gangly frame. He appears to be mature. He has unevenly pupiled smoke grey eyes and sallow skin. He has long, frizzy silvered auburn hair drifting past his shoulders in disorderly waves. He has a gaunt, severely angled face, a pair of large octagonal spectacles perched upon his aquiline nose and bushy sideburns. Laugh lines splay out from the corners of his eyes and mouth. He has glossy transparent lacquer brushed onto his long fingernails.
He has a quintet of graduated gold rings in the ridges of both his ears.
He is in good shape.
He is wearing a single gold earring set with a tiny deep violet garnet, a simple writing case slung over his shoulder, a shadowy slate silk gauze scarf, a flared coat of faded plum velvet, a brushed silver locket inset with gilded scrollwork, a knee-length tunic of pale linen, a wide black silk belt with long trailing ties, some fingerless sable leather gloves, a soft dark suede bag, some fitted ash grey leather pants, and a pair of burnt velvet revelins with bubbled glass toes.