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A No Contact Order (aka NCO) is an order issued by a senior staff Gamemaster. It expressly prohibits contact between two specific players.


Category: Help for Players
Topic: Policy Discussions
Message #: 510
Date: 11/14/2019 03:30 PM EST
Subject: No Contact Order

Ideally, we try to stay out of player conflicts as much as possible unless policy is being broken, but sometimes we're put in a position where we must step in and Do Something(TM) about it.

A No Contact Order (NCO) is a last resort that can only be invoked by senior staff. This will mean no contact whatsoever in game, on our forums, or in the public channels of the official Discord (when applicable).

A NCO will be very explicit and provide absolute terms, with no hint of gray area. We won't be going over all the details on the forums, but should we place an NCO into effect, you will be spoken to in game and/or by feedback.

A few examples of what isn't considered contact are: - Being in the same room. - Being at a merchant event. - Being at a public player event. - Being involved in a storyline. - Being involved with the same player group (MHO / CHE).

A few examples what is considered contact are: - Using any command on them, such at glance, nod, smile, etc. - Talking about them with anyone. - Sending someone else in to harass them. - Responding to them on the official forums directly. - Responding or reacting to them in public channels on the official Discord.

Understand, we cannot police anything on any form of third-party software/website, such as Lich (lnet), social media, unofficial Discord servers, unofficial forums, direct messages, or outside of the game in any sort of real scenario.

Wyrom, PM

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