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Lormesta 7-8, 5123


Ships are spotted approaching the Landing bearing the flags of Vornavis, but before they arrive, Gnul's forces bombard them with rocks from catapults! His forces begin attacking the surrounding area and most Landing adventurers head to the Black Sands to send up a signal flare, luring in rowboats from the damaged ships, while a few stray others attempt to protect the town and the forest. A soldier asks for those at the shore to escort them and they do, bringing them to camp.


Approaching Ships

Glistening flakes of snow cascade down from the sky.

[Town Square Central]

This is the heart of the main square of Wehnimer's Landing. The impromptu shops of the bazaar are clustered around this central gathering place, where townsfolk, travellers, and adventurers meet to talk, conspire or raise expeditions to the far-flung reaches of Elanith. At the north end, an old well, with moss-covered stones and a craggy roof, is shaded from the moonlight by a strong, robust tree. The oak is tall and straight, and it is apparent that the roots run deep. You also see the palm frond-shaped Severine disk, the Skoll disk, the Coins disk, a red-eyed highland serval, a gargantuan cloudy grey tiger, the Arahnim disk, the skull-shaped Irval disk, a plump green tree frog that is sitting, an orange-eyed white cat that is sitting, a large acorn, a disconsolate swamp spirit that is flying around, the Kiyna disk, an upset wasteland spirit that is flying around, the Dogrot disk, a large acorn, a pale pink frosted cupcake topped with a candied rose petal, a large acorn, a heavy quartz orb, a heavy quartz orb, a large acorn, some wide stone benches with some stuff on it, an herbal remedy donation bin, a round silver-banded barrel and obvious signs of someone hiding.

Also here: Town Councilor Vaemyr, Severine, Klairick, Drektor, Ulfwine, Lady Emperia, Jimeck, Skoll, Coins, Asben, Jaffrey, Arahnim, Irval, Lord Nikorasu, Lady Kayani who is sitting, Town Councilor Kiyna, Markx, Tikba, Broadfuguis who is sitting

Markx says, "It is. I'd prefer it be a Red Lobster, but it'll do."

Kayani softly says, "What trouble yall bring with you tonight...."

Pukk exclaims, "Uh oh. We are missing Owly. We are doomed!"

Nyaria quietly says, "Never a good omen if Owly isnt around."

[General] Pukk exclaims, "We need Owly! Only he can save us!"

Speaking to Cryheart, Pukk asks, "Are we joining you yet?"

Cryheart says, "Nae yet I think."

Cryheart says, "But you may if ye prefer."

Markx asks, "Anyone know the sound a lobster makes?"

Nyaria quietly says, "Only the sound it makes in boiling water."

Speaking to Markx, Missoni says, "Clack clack."

Pukk says, "No. I should wait. That way when I announce it people will feel reassured when they see me joining you."

Cryheart says, "No idee."

Nyaria quietly says, "Its kinda scream."

Markx says, "They go bork."

Nyaria quietly says, "Bork it is."

Speaking to Guarrin, Tikba says, "The supplies from Vornavis made their way to Moot Hall safely."

Cryheart says, "Good to hear."

Speaking to Tikba, Guarrin says, "Ah, grand."

Tikba says, "I am grateful to Lady Athalia for her consideration of our plight."

Speaking to Tikba, Guarrin says, "I went back and I think missed everyone by the time I caught up with the first group."

Speaking to Nalver, Missoni says, "Of course."

Nalver asks, "Does anyone know of an Empire crest involving sprigs or thorns?"

Nalver exclaims, "Too late for me!"

Nalver says, "You all have fun."

Speaking to Nyaria, Coins asks, "Are the dreamwalkers back?"

Speaking quietly to Coins, Nyaria says, "Not likely, or at least not in that sense."

Speaking to Lylia, Kayse inquires, "Where is the Dreadlord this chilly evening?"

Speaking to Kayse, Lylia says, "Slow to rise from his bed on a cold night."

Gutstorm drunkenly slurs, "Me Lylia arm candy tnite."

Speaking to Cryheart, Pukk says, "I might as well join you now, else I will be the last to join."

Speaking to Lylia, Kiyna says, "You shall have to teach me your pear tricks."

Lylia says, "Though I think I am supposed to say 'he is at his studies.'."

Pukk recites:

"Join Cryheart while you can!"

Tikba uncertainly asks, "Pear tricks?"

Speaking to Tikba, Kiyna asks, "That's what they call her, yes?"

A curtain of blinding snow falls heavily from the sky.

Nyaria quietly asks, "Are we expecting company or trouble?"

Markx asks, "Where ya guys goin?"

Lylia says, "I had to think about that a moment too. Pear tricks."

Nyaria quietly says, "I guess that answers my question."

Yardie says, "Oh wow."

Speaking quietly to Lylia, Pukk whispers aloud, "I thought she said dominatrix for a second there..."

Yardie asks, "Anyone seen Madame Missoni?"

Missoni glances appraisingly at Yardie.

Tikba points at Missoni.

Cryheart asks, "Aye?"

Kayse surreptitiously glances between Missoni and Yardie.

Speaking to Cryheart, Markx asks, "Where ya guys goin?"

Speaking mildly to Yardie, Tikba says, "Welcome back to our Landfill."

Speaking to Missoni, Yardie says, "Oh. Err...yo...."

[General] Snowyetis thinks, "Might go to danjirland."

Speaking to Markx, Perigourd says, "Standing, as of yet."

Speaking to Yardie, Missoni remarks, "I am right here."

Cryheart says, "We are forming up."

Speaking amusedly in Aelotian to Tikba, Kayse says something you don't understand.

[General] Snowyetis thinks, "Look forward to seeing my corpse in the near future."

Speaking to Tikba, Yardie says, "Oh I'm here for an errand."

Cryheart says, "Rumors about a run of supplies."

Speaking to Stormyrain, Missoni explains, "I am known for my stealth."

Speaking to Tikba, Yardie says, "The Landfill can do as it does."

Speaking mildly to Yardie, Tikba agrees, "We do."

Kayse stresses, "It is not a landfill."

Speaking dryly to Missoni, Stormyrain says, "Yes, all that..glitter is so easy to miss."

Earthdiver says, "I did not see you there."

Speaking to Missoni, Yardie says, "It's the flouncing."

Speaking to Stormyrain, Missoni whispers aloud, "Subterfuge."

Lylia says, "Considering I was mayor of the town, I do not appreciate the term 'Landfill' either."

As the thick blanket of snow continues to obscure the night and distance, the faint outline of a ship appears far out on the horizon of Darkstone Bay.

Speaking to Missoni, Yardie says, "Be proud, your stealth is pretty solid."

Gutstorm drunkenly slurs, "We shink dat boat!"

Vaemyr says, "A ship hmm."

Wolfloner darkly asks, "Perhaps we should head to the docks?"

Speaking lightly in Aelotian to Kayse, Tikba says something you don't understand.

Pukk says, "Uh oh. A ship again. Never good news when there is a ship."

Cryheart says, "Moving out shortly to the docks."

Speaking to Pukk, Dendum says, "Maybe it is the Pukk's ship."

Siksa quietly asks, "So I guess... we're tired of their ship?"

Speaking in Aelotian to Tikba, Kayse offers something you don't understand.

Speaking to Lylia, Yardie says, "Oh times have changed since then. And one can recognize a place in a negative manner, and still care. But it is what ti is."

Speaking to Pukk, Dendum exclaims, ""Finally it comes in!"

Earthdiver says, "The door goes to the docks."

[General] Gutstorm drunkenly exclaims, "Shtormy turn on da pythonsh!"

You follow Cryheart as he steps through the starlit doorway.

[Wehnimer's, North Dock]

The dock's planks are dull and weathered from the salt spray of many seasons. Northward beyond the massive sea gates, a flock of ice geese passes, silhouetted against the sky over the waters of Darkstone Bay. The hulk of a derelict coastal sailer is tethered to the end of the pier. You also see a resplendent obsidian black raven that is flying around, a starlit doorway, a fluffy white cat, the Kelfyr disk, a grizzled porcupine, a black imperial wagon with a glowing blue-white pylon on it, a portly portmaster, a stack of empty crates, a wide ramp, a rope-lined wooden plank bridge that leads to the archway of a large moored white-masted ship, a huge grey imperial warship and a huge grey imperial warship.

Missoni exclaims, "Oh!"

Kelfyr says, "Probably for the best."

Pukk says, "Sorry. But I'm hungry."

Pukk takes a bite of his battered squid rings.

Lylia says, "'It is what it is' is a useless platitude that fills space. It is not 'what it is,' it is needlessly inflammatory to people who live here."

Markx says, "Still in the distance. We can go get drunk at the bar and then go sink it like proper sailors."

High above Wehnimer's Landing a burst of fiery-orange light erupts in the sky, radiating outward and shining with intensity. The searing glow lingers in the air for a few moments before fading away. Suddenly militiamen take to the streets, rushing off in different directions as orders are shouted out amongst them.

High above Wehnimer's Landing a burst of fiery-orange light erupts in the sky, radiating outward and shining with intensity. The searing glow lingers in the air for a few moments before fading away. Suddenly militiamen take to the streets, rushing off in different directions as orders are shouted out amongst them.

The voice of Thrassus says, "Gutstorm should never have been taught how to do that."

Tikba uncertainly asks, "Gutstorm?"

Speaking flatly to Stormyrain, Kayse says, "The alarm needs to be moved."

Irval says, "Lets see what the stones say tonight..."

[General] Cryheart thinks, "We need to determine what kind of ship and who it belongs to."

Speaking to Stormyrain, Kiyna says, "You should change how the alarm is triggered and then just... leave a lever there for him to pull that does nothing."

Lylia says, "Maylan used to do the same thing. I rather appreciated the way it kept the guards sharp."

Stormyrain says, "Or he can go to jail every time he rings it without cause."

Cryheart says, "Aye..there should be a law regarding setting a false alarm."

Dendum says, "Eh truth...there IS a ship."

Speaking to Cryheart, Evia says, "And setting fires on top of our buildings."

Lylia says, "I can think of many laws that should be but are not."

The voice of Thrassus says, "Perhaps the level can ring a small triangle or the like so it makes a small amount of noise."

Speaking to Dendum, Tikba says, "There was your ship, a few hours ago."

Lylia helpfully adds, "Somewhere, I have a list."

Cryheart says, "Even worse, take away his booze."

Irval says, "Emotion of that we keep to ourselves will lead to a drastic change resulting in contentment..."

Tikba says, "But the alarm would not have been helpful."

Coins leaps off the docks and jumps into the waters of Darkstone Bay!

Speaking to Lylia, Stormyrain offers, "A tome, or a list?"

Speaking to Tikba, Dendum says, ""May have woken the clerk up sooner."

Lylia acknowledges, "More of a tome."

Speaking to Lylia, Kiyna says, "From what I've heard, the Xorus has an even larger list."

Speaking to Cryheart, Kelfyr says, "Sobering him up that fast might kill 'im."

Lylia says, "His is a series of volumes."

Speaking to Lylia, Guarrin says, "I would like to read this tome."

Lylia says, "And still shorter than what Silvean might proclaim as laws. Silvean does have such an orderly turn of mind."

Speaking in Sylvankind, Stormyrain says something you don't understand.

[General] Irval asks, "Would it be prudent to put in a stand by order for the pylons?"

Ulfwine says, "Cometh the hour, cometh the Dwarf."

Gliding through the chilly waters of Darkstone Bay, a second ship comes into view.

Speaking in Sylvankind, Kelfyr says something you don't understand.

Speaking in Sylvankind, Stormyrain offers something you don't understand.

Speaking to Gutstorm, Pukk says, "Everybody is proud that you rang the alarm for us."

Dendum says, "Well....two ships."

Vaemyr says, "More ships..."

Vaemyr asks, "So probably not Bodohal?"

Kiyna says, "Can't see them clearly..."

Speaking in Sylvankind, Kelfyr says something you don't understand.

Dendum says, "Busy night for the bay."

Speaking to Perigourd, Tikba asks, "Do you have your spyglass?"

Speaking to Tikba, Perigourd says, "Always."

Speaking to Cryheart, Vaemyr asks, "Did the Malwinds plan to send supplies by boat as well in addition to what was brought earlier?"

Perigourd grabs a burnished silver spyglass from one of the small pouches lining the inside of his green suede cloak.

Speaking amusedly in Sylvankind to Kelfyr, Stormyrain says something you don't understand.

Speaking to Gutstorm, Pukk says, "Stormy was speechless."

Speaking to Vaemyr, Guarrin says, "That is my understanding."

Speaking in Sylvankind, Kelfyr says something you don't understand.

Cryheart says, "I do believe so."

Vaemyr asks, "So probably those?"

Speaking to Tikba, Perigourd says, "Somewhat hard to make it out at night."

Wild flurries of snow dance about the sky, suffocating the sky and sea, blanketing most everything in white as a third ship comes into view on the horizon.

Cryheart says, "We shall find out soon enough."

Speaking to Perigourd, Guarrin asks, "Any banners or flags?"

Speaking in Sylvankind, Kelfyr says something you don't understand.

Kiyna says, "Not another krolvin fleet, I hope..."

Arahnim asks, "A third ship? Anyone see their colors?"

Nyaria quietly says, "Nope, not at all ominous."

Vaemyr says, "Hard to see in the snow..."

Speaking to Guarrin, Perigourd says, "Not that I can make out as of yet."

Arahnim asks, "What colors be they flyin?"

Speaking in Sylvankind to Kelfyr, Stormyrain says something you don't understand.

Speaking to Irval, Arahnim says, "Send a flare up woudlja."

Speaking to Dendum, Nalver says, "Just delivering goods."

The voice of Thrassus asks, "I wonder if the cold has brought out the krolvin?"

Speaking in Sylvankind to Stormyrain, Kelfyr says something you don't understand.

Guarrin says, "Let us hope that is not the case Thrassus."

Irval asks, "Quick on the eyeglass. While the ships should be lit someone?"

Speaking to Xorus, Lylia says, "We are awaiting ships. As they draw nearer, perhaps you can see their insignia and let us know who they are so we may ignore you thrice, as is custom."

Cryheart says, "If ye see a White Swan then it is Vornavis."

Perigourd says, "Hm..."

Perigourd leaps off the docks and jumps into the waters of Darkstone Bay!

Speaking in Sylvankind to Kelfyr, Stormyrain offers something you don't understand.

Speaking in Faendryl, Xorus says something you don't understand.

Earthdiver says, "Let's swim out to meet the ships."

Irval asks, "He went this weather?"

Perigourd climbs out of Darkstone Bay and up onto the docks.

Xorus says, "This is the way."

Morikun asks, "What's all this, eh?"

Evia says, "I think, no."

Irval says, "Im not healing their hypothermastupid."

Speaking to Irval, Pukk exclaims, "Quick! Go join them!"

Speaking in Sylvankind to Morikun, Stormyrain says something you don't understand.

Speaking to Missoni, Tikba says, "Halfway to fishcake."

Speaking to Tikba, Missoni says, "I think I will need a fire soon..."

Speaking in Sylvankind to Nalver, Kelfyr asks something you don't understand.

Nalver says, "I would not recommend going into the water."

Speaking to Stormyrain, Morikun asks, "Shall we man defenses in case we need to put em deep?"

Nalver says, "It's really cold."

Evia says, "And could cause unwanted shrinkages."

Speaking to Nalver, Irval asks, "You realize its winter right?"

Nalver says, "Too bad there aren't any Ashrim around."

Speaking to Morikun, Stormyrain says, "I'd say be at the ready, but let's see what we have at hand first."

Berkana says, "Why would anyone even think of it, when it's obvious you could get hypothermia."

The three ships move closer into view, their masts obscured by ice and wind. As they press further along the cold waters, the crest of an ivory swan becomes visible.

Cryheart says, "Vornavis."

Lylia says, "I think we all recognize the swan."

Guarrin says, "Ah, grand."

Gutstorm drunkenly slurs, "Awww it Cryheart girlfriend."

Morikun says, "Ah, see, swan flags, should put em deep."

Earthdiver says, "At least one of them."

Goldstr says, "Good."

Speaking to Gutstorm, Nalver says, "Maybe it's the teal legging lady from earlier."

Nalver asks, "Ogeltontron?"

Speaking to Morikun, Stormyrain says, "Those are friendly--well, if they're truly filled with swans."

Ulfwine says, "If they aren't full of Krovin or Pirates."

Earthdiver says, "Odelgarde."

Irval says, "Trust but verify..."

Gutstorm drunkenly slurs, "Malwind West."

Cryheart says, "Just be ready."

Cryheart says, "Alert."

Speaking to Stormyrain, Morikun says, "Hmmm, we shall see I 'spose."

Dendum says, "Full of invaders."

Speaking to Cryheart, Kiyna asks, "You don't mind, aye?"

Cryheart asks, "Dont mind?"

Evia says, "I love how that name rolls off the tongue..Odelgarde Odelgarde."

Soan says, "Got a place you wanta be? I can probably help you get there!"

Izmani says, "Somewhere tropial, I think."

Nalver says, "Closer to these boats."

Cryheart says, "I dinnae mind at all if they be from Vornavis."

The three vessels continue to sail along the bay, snow and wind thrashing about the ships as they advance on the town.

Speaking to Evia, Morikun asks, "What's this yodel guard?"

Speaking to Kiyna, Vaemyr says, "I'm fairly sure I'm just as tall... although he does have brouder shoulders."

Speaking to Cryheart, Nalver asks, "What did you all have people bring up earlier that these ships could not do themselves?"

Speaking to a portly portmaster, Stormyrain says, "I'll be heading to the Falls again soon, I hope."

Vaemyr says, "Hmmm."

Speaking to Morikun, Evia says, "I have not met her, myself."

Speaking to Vaemyr, Kiyna says, "Also his spaulders. Better foothold."

Gutstorm drunkenly slurs, "Wot da oddsh Gnull droppa rock on dem righ bout now."

Nyaria quietly asks, "Isnt it easier to walk than sail from there?"

Cryheart says, "More of the same, most likely."

Vaemyr says, "Hmmm that weather doesn't look good..."

Dendum says, "Going to be cold settlers by the end of this trip."

Cryheart says, "I imagine there are good reasons for taking to the sea, considering Gnul."

Speaking to Vaemyr, Lylia says, "It does not feel particularly good either. If I had not learned a thing or two from Raelee about dealing with the chill..."

Speaking to Dendum, Vaemyr asks, "I didn't think they were bring people, just supplies?"

Speaking to Lylia, Evia says, "Relax the spine, drink liquior."

Speaking to Vaemyr, Kiyna says, "Someone's gotta steer the boat."

Speaking to Vaemyr, Nalver says, "Me and Dendum and Gutstorm brough the supplies earlier."

Xorus says, "Let us see if his gnomes have made submersibles."

Speaking to Perigourd, Missoni whispers aloud, "And it is good fish."

Tikba murmurs, "Athalia said the settlers who wintered in Vornavis would come by ship, I believe."

Speaking to Nalver, Vaemyr says, "I believe that was one some of them."

Speaking to Vaemyr, Dendum says, ""The people are a secret...that everyone knows."

Hail of Boulders

Gasps erupt from the docks and city streets as suddenly a cluster of huge boulders comes soaring into view, emerging south from the night sky and arcing out over the Darkstone Bay like stone meteors. Several deckhands scatter and panic along the deck of one of the ships, as the onsalught of boulders crash down upon their ship! Several rocks splash in the waters to each side, but enough hit their target. Main masts are torn, holes left within the sides of the vessel. Screams carry in from the sea.

Earthdiver says, "Ahh."

Lylia says, "I was at the Mirror's court earlier today. There was a great deal of discussion of how best to feed and clothe the needy from --"

Kelfyr says, "Wow."

Kelfyr says, "That's some aim."

Earthdiver says, "The seas are not safer."

Goldstr exclaims, "Bah!"

Irval exclaims, "Quick!"

Dendum says, "Send someone to the beach."

Tikba asks, "Can we rescue them?"

Xorus says, "Ah. Not submersibles."

Dendum says, "Most of the dead and wounded on the bay wash up on the sands."

Missoni says, "Maybe some are out there..."

Morikun asks, "Nice view, it, eh?"

Irval says, "Yah I thought better than that."

Nalver says, "They are going to freeze."

[General] Stormyrain asks, "Any report from the bay?"

Speaking to a portly portmaster, Pukk asks, "Just watching eh?"

[Realm] Guarrin thinks, "No sight of them."

Irval says, "We need to stop the attack on them."

Izmani says, "I'm afraid I left my bathing getup at home."

Speaking to Irval, Dendum says, ""The ships are holed they will sink or not as Charl wishes."

Speaking to Irval, Kiyna says, "The attack is already over."

Speaking to Irval, Morikun asks, "Who them people acoming in there?"

Cryheart says, "Most likely they hit their targets."

Speaking to Perigourd, Kiyna asks, "Any word?"

Morikun says, "Well, attempting to come in."

Earthdiver says, "Brrr."

[General] Leafiara thinks, "Krynches and golems near the gates."

Speaking to Morikun, Irval says, "I'm only aware of the colors they are flying."

Speaking to a lesser pygmy owl, Nalver asks, "You scared to fly over water?"

Cryheart says, "Moving to the gate."


The battered ship begins to sink, as dozens of deckhands and crew scramble and many leap over the side to brave the chilling waters. The remaining two ships maneuver and quickly change route, advancing towards the Black Sands.

[General] Leafiara thinks, "Well, west gate. One stray ice hound at the north gate."

[Realm] Missoni thinks, "Gnul's forces are outside the gates."

Kiyna says, "Reports of Gnul's forces at the gates. Sound the alarm! For real this time."

Cryheart says, "We must head to the BLack sands."

Tikba says, "We must meet them."

[General] The ghost of Lagavullin thinks, "Umm there is a swirling tempest withc wandering around Upper Trollfang... anyone in the area be careful."

[General] Cryheart thinks, "Going to black sands."

[The Black Sands]

Waves roll up onto the dull black beach, the seafoam tracing lacy patterns against the dark background. Flies buzz among the rotting seaweed, rising up in swarms as you pass. To the northwest, a pillar of rock rises out of the water. You also see a greater kappa and a tall wooden archery tower.

Evia asks, "Flare for them?"

[General] Cryheart thinks, "We are at the black sands."

The ships seem to come in closer.

[General] Cryheart asks, "See any ships yet?"

Several large rowboats begin to emerge from the falling curtain of snow that obscures much of the bay. They begin to slowly move towards the Black Sands.

Goldstr says, "Goods dey has eowboats."

Arahnim says, "That kappa has been adequately disarmed."

Arahnim says, "Or was."

[General] Diablic thinks, "Sentinel outside North Gate."

Arahnim says, "As it hadno hands..."

[General] Diablic thinks, "Dead now."

[General] Leafiara thinks, "Currently managing the forest."

Speaking to Stormyrain, Markx exclaims, "Hey we had a fun time last time we were down here together!"

[General] Dendum asks, "Is city under attack?"

Some rowboats come into view.

[General] Leafiara thinks, "I'm not sure if they've gotten inside yet."

Speaking to Dendum, Missoni says, "They were in the forest last I saw."

[General] Nyaria thinks, "In voln if needed."

[General] Kiyna thinks, "Some lesser creatures at the gates, with a few of the mean ones dotted around. Careful, everyone."

Aloana says, "There are a few invaders getting into the city, nothing major."

Guarrin says, "We will clear that up momentarily."

[General] Directed to Kiyna, Yardie thinks, "Ice trolls and stone sentinels to be exact."

Vaemyr says, "I'll go clear the gates be back in a bit."

Aloana says, "They're getting in via the docks, too, not just the gates."

Speaking to a greater kappa, Markx says, "Bork."

[General] Leafiara thinks, "The giant earthworms have made it to the forest."

Speaking to a large imperial rowboat, Perigourd hails, "Is everyone alright there?"

[General] Leafiara adds, "...and the magic-immune trolls."

[General] Dendum thinks, "Ahh good....was afraid would never see them again..."

The soldier nods, "Allies."

Speaking concernedly to a soaked imperial soldier, Missoni says, "Hail."

Ifanna cheers, "Allies!"

Aloana says, "Oh, good."

Cryheart says, "Bring them onto the showre, and we can escort them to town."

[General] Directed to Dendum, Yardie asks, "What do earthworms eat?"

Arahnim yells, "Alright now! Out of the boats and get dry! Rid yerself of those soaked garmets!"

Cryheart says, "Shore."

Missoni agrees, "You ought to get warm."

[General] Directed to Dendum, Yardie asks, "Aside"

Speaking to a soaked imperial soldier, Berkana says, "So you say."

Speaking to a soaked imperial soldier, Kelfyr asks, "Is everyone in a boat or are there people in need of rescue in the bay?"

The soldier nods, "We'll need to load the crates first. Can you escort the servants to the camp?"

Cryheart says, "Aye."

Guarrin says, "Aye that we can."

The soldier says, "My mission is the supplies. Others will work the rescue."

[General] Gutstorm drunkenly thinks, "They eat corpshesh."

Speaking to a soaked imperial soldier, Aloana asks, "You don't think the rescue is more important?"

Missoni worriedly says, "The woods are dangerous. They should arm themselves if they can."

Speaking to a soaked imperial soldier, Dendum asks, ""What is so important about these supplies it could be more important than people?"

Cryheart says, "Hae the servants and settlers join us."

Arahnim says, "Orders are orders."

Guarrin says, "Let's tend the people first. Then we can sort out the supplies."

Evia says, "He stated his mission and that others will see to rescue."

Ifanna quickly assures, "Aye we can 'ave'et!"

Earthdiver says, "Good work, team."

Tikba says, "We will see to the rescue, yes."

The soldier says, "I have my command. The other ship is seeking to rescues at sea."

[General] Directed to Gutstorm, Yardie thinks, "Well, don't become a corpse, Gutstorm. I think worms can get drunk if they ingest you."

Ifanna wonders, "Ought'a clear th' way first aye?"

[General] Stormyrain thinks, "That may be a useful defense tactic, actually."

Speaking to a soaked imperial soldier, Aloana says, "Well, then, you have your command and your conscience."

Kelfyr says, "The forest isn't safe, I'd recommend sheltering the survivors in town, then aiding in the town's defense before trying to move to the camp or the outpost."

Speaking to a soaked imperial soldier, Guarrin says, "Sir Goldstr would likely open Onoir's nearby fortress if you need someplace closer."

Speaking to Kiyna, Lylia says, "Yes, thank you for it."

[General] Directed to Stormyrain, Yardie thinks, "A drunken worm that ingested Gutstorm. I do not see it."

[General] Leafiara thinks, "Lions and thunder trolls in town now."

Ulfwine says, "It is a safe enough place."

Speaking to a soaked imperial soldier, Perigourd says, "We ought to act soon then, you're quite exposed out here."

Ulfwine says, "And close."

The soldier motions to the rowboats, "Load up the carts, get those crates of the boats. The crew of Wehnimer's Landing will escort you to the ships."

[General] Kayani thinks, "Minotau magus in lower forest."

Speaking cheerfully to Ulfwine, Ifanna rambles, "Donno ov 'o yet but ain' so important roight now aye?"

Guarrin asks, "Ships?"

The soldier shakes his head, " the camp. They'll escort you to the camp."

Vaemyr asks, "To the camp?"

Markx says, "Ima go check on town."

Irval says, "Its the cold."

Irval says, "Nae worry about it."

Tikba murmurs, "Shock."

Speaking to Tikba, Perigourd says, "Those boulders have that effect."

Guarrin says, "Going to check on the town."

[General] Kayani thinks, "Triage is set up in TSC for now."

Kelfyr says, "There are minotaurs, earthworms, and worse in the forest at the moment."

Cryheart says, "We need a few of ye to clear the way to camp."

Vaemyr says, "I'm going to clear some of the way, see if I can't hold some of them back."

Vaemyr says, "Headed that way."

Perigourd says, "I'll go as well."

Tikba says, "Oh."

[General] Nalver thinks, "Large troops in the forest. No more stone valley stuff."

Cryheart says, "Join."

[General] Nalver thinks, "Stronger than those in the bowels."

[General] Jaffrey thinks, ""feras weapons."

Cryheart says, "Join me and the group."

Tikba says, "He is following."

Arahnim says, "Giant worms."

Goldstr asks, "Servants to follow us?"

[Realm] Guarrin thinks, "Gates clear for the moment."

Thrassus says, "I am guiding the first cart."

[General] The ghost of Zazzou thinks, "They got me in Lower Dragonsclaw."

Cryheart says, "There are many."

Goldstr says, "Aye."

[General] The ghost of Zazzou thinks, "They all have feras weapons."

Cryheart asks, "Ready?"

Xorus whispers something to Lylia.

Goldstr says, "Always."

Aloana says, "Let's go."

Thrassus says, "If I fall someone take my place as quickly as possible."

Missoni says, "As long as they all have escorts."

Ulfwine says, "More."

Speaking brightly to a liveried servant pushing a crate-laden metal cart, Ifanna assures, "We'll 'ave ye safe."

Tikba says, "Ah."

Cryheart asks, "Let me know when ye get them to follow?"

The Symbol of Need begins to burn in your mind and an image appears before you of Leafiara...

[Lower Dragonsclaw, Forest]

Pine cones are scattered about the ground here, knocked down by the movement of small animals through the trees and the wind that buffets this outlying section of the forest. You also see a towering grey stone giant, the palm frond-shaped Leafiara disk, a primal minotaur magus, a massive jagged earth elemental, a brutish grey stone troll, a stout chiseled stone mastiff, a forest troll, an imposing granite stone sentinel, a huge muscular minotaur warrior, a kobold, a kobold, an imposing pale white ice troll, an intense shimmering circle, a hunchbacked grey orc marauder that is sitting, a muscular deep blue glacial titan that is lying down and a wide dirt-covered trail.

Also here: Whimweaver Leafiara

Cryheart says, "Let's see if the follow."


The soldier looks on, "Are you going to escort them?"

Kiyna says, "I'm better off helping to clear the way as well. Keep the crew safe, people."

Cryheart says, "Moving slowly."

Lylia says, "Yes. The tall one is following me."

Tikba says, "Let us move."

Speaking to a liveried servant pushing a crate-laden metal cart, Lylia orders, "Stay close."

Missoni says, "There are a few there still."

Cryheart yells, "Tell the servants to follow!"

Missoni says, "Or perhaps the others have them."

Cryheart yells, "Then join me!"

Ulfwine says, "I don't think they had joined anyone yet."

Ifanna concernedly drawls, "'ll try to whot asets us distracted!"

[Realm] Guarrin thinks, "North gate."

Cryheart says, "Still three servants not moving."

Speaking in Faendryl, Lylia says something you don't understand.

Cryheart says, "Moving."

Speaking in Faendryl, Xorus says something you don't understand.

[General] The ghost of Leafiara thinks, "The forest is extraordinarily overrun at the moment."

Speaking in Faendryl to Lylia, Missoni says something you don't understand.

Lylia says, "Excellent."

Tikba says, "The path may be quite fraught."

[General] Oblerone thinks, "Me in TSC."

Kiyna says, "It's... bad. Very bad."

Kiyna says, "I don't stand a chance alone."

[General] Diablic asks, "Where?"

Cryheart says, "They are pushing heavy carts, need to just give em time."

Goldstr says, "Aye."

Lylia says, "Stay with us, then, and let us hope we see nothing much worse than kappas."

Kayse hesitantly says, "That is not a good sign."

Cryheart says, "And get ready to defend."

Cryheart says, "Moving."

[General] Oxhammer thinks, "And other on south."

[combat, but nothing compared to what's going on in the forest since otherwise I'd be doing hard editing]

The Symbol of Need begins to burn in your mind and an image appears before you of Roelon...

[Lower Dragonsclaw, Forest]

The forest floor slopes noticeably downhill here, thinning out somewhat at the bottom, where modwir, thick pine and fir trees predominate. You also see a stout chiseled stone mastiff, a huge white granite construct, a fearsome huge skeletal giant, a rust-covered steel golem, a huge muscular minotaur warrior, an orange-eyed tall thunder troll that is lying down, a massive jagged earth elemental that is lying down, a huge white granite construct, a massive snowy white tiger, a huge white granite construct, a rune staff, a sturdy brass box, a feras flamberge, a stout chiseled stone mastiff that appears dead, a stout chiseled stone mastiff that is lying down, a wild-maned muscular brown lion that is lying down, the driftwood Roelon disk, a feras war hammer, a velnalin that appears dead, a huge dirty greyish-black earthworm, a rune-etched stone troll soldier, a brutish grey stone troll that appears dead, a couple of half-elf arms, a bulking grey stone arcanist that appears dead, a massive frost giant that appears dead, an imposing pale white ice troll that appears dead, a bulking grey stone arcanist that is lying down, a swirling tempest witch that is lying down, a hunchbacked grey orc marauder that appears stunned, a towering grey stone giant that appears dead, a brutish minotaur barbarian that is lying down, a kobold that appears dead, a snarling giant dark red bear that appears dead, a kobold that appears dead, a lesser pygmy owl that is flying around, a rune staff, a mammoth dark grey stonecaller that appears dead, an enormous marbled stone legionnaire, a massive scaly krag dweller, a feras broadsword, a brightly glowing circle and a feras broadsword. Also here: the body of a stunned Roelon who is lying down, the body of Lord Randsford who is lying down, the body of Wolfloner who is lying down, the body of Nalver who is lying down

Cryheart says, "Moving."

Stormyrain says, "Lower Dragonsclaw is a disaster."

Earthdiver says, "That was just one construct."

Aloana says, "That's... not good."

Aloana says, "I couldn't even hit it."

Earthdiver says, "Aha."

Aloana says, "And I'm not young."

Earthdiver says, "Worms are my specialty."

Cryheart says, "Moving."

Xorus says, "Thankfully it was not krolvin slavers. They would have draggd the servants back to the boats."

Speaking to Earthdiver, Tikba says, "Indeed, you are known for meeting them in their element."

Cryheart says, "When ye see the path, let me know."

Cryheart says, "Moving."

[combat finally intensifies enough to warrant hard editing for the remainder; meanwhile, elsewhere, Leafiara and Vaemyr attempt to salvage the forest by themselves and Leafi ragequits town defense for the third or fourth time this story after he informs her that the Landing's people are off protecting supplies instead of the town]

Some servants begin to wander along the Black Sands, looking for escorts.

[ongoing travel and combat]

One of the servants cheers!

One of the servants cheers!

One of the servants says, "Man we're slow. Sorry!"

Several rowboats set off from the Black Sands, heading back towards the two ships at sea. Along one ship's deck several crew members can be seen lifting wounded soldiers or servants or bodies up onto the main deck, likely some taken from the sea.

The servants cheer!

The servants cheer!

A servant says, "Thank you!"

A servant says, "Supplies for the settlers."

The servants begin to break down their carts, unloading the crates and carrying them off to different parts of the camp. Several rag-tag soldiers from the camp arrive as well, helping to escort the crates to various tents and other locations.

Out at sea, the two ships within the bay have begun to turn, gliding out further from town.

As the winter storm continues to fall and obscure the night, the two imperial ships finally disappear into the wall of white, back out to the depths of the sea and beyond sight.