Nox Scion'oDark

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Nox Scion'oDark

I am from a minor family where I was raised far to the east. My maternal family raised me from birth though being of mixed lineage, I am something of a "black sheep" amid my village. My father, a brother to a learned cleric who roams the lands known as Elanthia, was a pragmatic man. Always on the move for adventure. I've not known much of him except through my uncle since I have come to Wehnimer's Landing.

I've come among the races because I seek to know more of my father and myself. To learn and to teach what I learn. I have found that the gain of physical prowess isn't much different from the gain of knowledge; there is always something new to learn and someone new to learn from. Always have I been a student of the nature of beings. I found in my growth that had an exceptional talent with a blade.

My family, always intuitive, sought to enrich that talent (possibly with some foresight that I might one day strike out on my own) Along my path that led me here, I have met many who would be masters of their given professions who at the same time did not wish to impart that knowledge for one reason or another.

I found that realization rather sad. Because to become famous or powerful, what better thing to do than to teach what you have learned so your legacy will not die when you pass from these lands?