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You see Nysina Issidra.
She appears to be a Nalfein Elf.
She is very tall and appears to be an adult. She has dark-rimmed lilac eyes and lightly bronzed skin. She has very long, thick sterling blonde hair woven into a wrist-thick herringbone braid that is bound with a glossy onyx band. She has an oval face and high, sculpted cheekbones.
She has a trio of rolaren rings set along the slender tips of her pointed ears.
She is in good shape.
She is wearing a slender ebony suede harness with an onyx-hued sephwir long bow secured to it, a deeply hooded charcoal grey shroud, some fitted ebony rolaren-scaled brigandine, a simple oval black ora locket, a fitted cinereal marbrinus shirt, a petite rose-crested signet of silver and onyx, a cord-secured thigh quiver, a low-slung black leather belt, a pair of deep grey leather pants, and some padded ebon suede knee boots.