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Storyline Beyond the Arkati
Gender male
Race Orc
Status Dead


You see Omlor the Demonhunter.
He appears to be an Orc.
He is shorter than average and appears to be young. He has red-flecked dark eyes and alabaster skin. He has a bald head. He has a brutish face, a sloping nose and a heavy brow ridge.
He is in good shape.
He is holding a dark crimson bone scythe in his right hand.
He is wearing a silver-laced black cloak, a dark leather wrist sheath, a silver-studded leather belt, a pair of stained metal gauntlets, an oiled weapon sling, a vathor claw amulet, a pair of spike-toed boots, a pair of sleek black pants, and a suit of black leather.


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