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Shrine of Onar Recently Discovered

Category: Gods and Minor Spirits of Elanthia
Topic: Onar
Message #: 155
Date: 2/17/2008 9:35:08 PM
Subject: Shrine of Onar Recently Discovered

Events as of late have led to the discovery of a hidden Shrine of Onar in South'Haven. Brothers from an ancient friary in Vornavis have been the caretakers of the Shrine since it's establishment.

For more information, you might wish to seek out Abbot Pawel, Brothers Limant and Nyarahie, or any of those who were treated to the hallowed sanctuary residing behind a rather odd facade.

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A little thought experiment

Category: Quests/Sagas/Events
Topic: Cross Into Shadows
Message #: (Unknown)
Author: GS-4 Scribes
Date: 6/9/2014
Subject: A little thought experiment...

One ancient elven legend relates obsidian to Onar, patron of assassins. According to this legend, after Fash'lo'nae first brought fire to the mortal races, there was a stir of powerful anger, for both the Great Drakes and the majority of the Arkati agreed that the mortal races should not have fire. The force of this divine anger created a vessel by which the desire for revenge could be executed -- Onar, a powerful spirit, who knew nothing of anger and everything of death. Onar possessed the first man ever to build fire and used his talented hands to knap an obsidian blade. This blade was the first weapon ever possessed by a mortal. Night after night, controlled by Onar, the man went into the darkness and killed his cohorts, causing them to believe that this marvelous new tool, fire, was cursed and would bring the mysterious open-throated death to those who used it. One night, however, the man was observed in his actions by a mortal woman, and she saw the obsidian blade that he used. The woman figured out how to create a similar blade, and then, when the man attacked her, she found that she could create the open-throated death just as well as he could. Brought by Onar, murder had become a tool of mortals, and mortals never forgot how to kill.