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Opals are found in nearly every location. The rarer varieties of opal, however, are only found in certain locations and occur rather rarely in the treasure system.

An opal is hydrated silicon dioxide, usually containing between three and ten percent water, but sometimes containing as much as 20 percent. It is likely no surprise then that the stone is closely attuned to the element of water. Common (white) opal is truly amorphous, but precious opal has a structural element.[1]

List of Opals

Note: The rarities listed are estimates and depend on the status of the treasure system in the area hunted. Average values listed are approximations and are generally taken from the sell values of a character selling gems with no trading bonus. See the Trading article for more information on variations of sell values.
Rarity: Extremely rare
Average value: 3500 - 7700
Location: The Rift

an aster opal

Description:   Bright motes sparkle within the depths of the opal, like tiny constellations in a cloudy field. The motes begin to shift as you watch ... In moments they are swirling, and you feel your mind being tugged by an inexorable force, deeper and deeper into the stone. Faster and faster the vortex spins, dragging you with it as it tightens to a fine point, with no hint of what lies on the other side.

The dizzying vortex suddenly halts, and the sensation inexplicably ends, the effulgent motes twinkling innocently within the opal.

Aster opals place the character who looks at them in five seconds of roundtime, followed by a series of short-duration buffs and debuffs that come and go over time.

  • A fine tingle runs through your body. -20 CS
The tingling sensation recedes.
  • You suddenly feel more focused. +20 CS
The strange sensation recedes.
  • You suddenly feel more vulnerable, but you can't quite say why. -20 TD
You no longer have the eerie sensation of vulnerability.
  • A strange sensation causes the hair on your neck to prickle. +20 TD
The strange sensation recedes.
  • You feel a faint quickening of your pulse. +20 DS
Your pulse returns to normal.
  • You suddenly feel more vulnerable. -20 DS
You no longer have the eerie sensation of vulnerability.
  • A sudden feeling of lethargy creeps over you. Slow effect
Your movements return to normal.
  • The resistance to your movements seems to fade, and you find a quickening in your actions. Haste effect
Your movements return to normal.
  • You suddenly feel very clumsy!
You suddenly trip over your own feet and fall down!
You are injured in the fall! (minor injury)
You no longer feel so clumsy.
  • Strange noises from nearby draw your attention, but every time you turn to look, you see nothing. -20 AS
The strange noises fade away.
Rarity: Uncommon
Average value: 2000
Location: Any

a black opal

Description:   Rainbows and lightning shift to and fro deep within a black opal, playing out the drama of a storm in a tiny raindrop. With its soft pearly luster and deep black background color, this stone shows a brilliance of color unmatched by any other type of opal.

Average value:
Location: Isle of the Four Winds

a blue green lagoon opal

Description:   Formed naturally into a cabochon, the opal bears an iridescent sheen that is the delicate blend of watery greens and sky blues. Indigo mottles the specimen at irregular depths to give the piece an exotic splash of tropical color that bursts into vibrancy along the polished surface.

Rarity: Rare
Average value: 1000
Location: Icemule Trace

a blue-white frost opal

Description:   Gleaming with a hard, icy blue, this beautiful frost opal refracts the light in a hundred subtly different shades of pale blue. A thin coating of some white mineral along one edge gives the appearance of new-fallen snow.

Rarity: Rare
Average value: 1000
Location: Zul Logoth

a boulder opal

Description:   The rough, spherical shape of the gemstone reflects images, distorting them into curving streaks that only add to its beauty. Distinct bursts of brilliant color as varied as a rainbow after a storm sparkle within the smooth, hard surface of the boulder opal.

Average value: 700
Location: Krag dwellers

a brilliant purple opal

Description:   A landscape unfolds over the surface of this opal, as a lake of rich, shimmering purple flows across mauve inlets and around russet ironstone islands. The satiny finish is smooth and gently rounded.

Rarity: Very rare
Average value: Unknown (High)
Location: Teras Isle

a dragonfire opal

Description:   Primarily a translucent pale yellow, a dragonfire opal displays wavering streaks of crimson and yellow. The streaks all move in the same direction, and seem to be a bit wider at one end of the stone than at the other, as if the streaks were all projected at one time from a central source.

Rarity: Common
Average value: 200-300
Location: Any

a fire opal

Description:   Volcanic in origin, a fire opal is a deep, transparent orange, seemingly bright enough to glow in the dark. A color play in shades of purple, blue, and green contrasts vividly with the fiery hot background.

Rarity: Very rare
Average value: 2500-3000
Location: Elven Nations

a moonglae opal

Description:   Shades of deep forest green dominate the appearance of this small piece of rock. Where light touches the faintly translucent jewel, the opal reflects it back in small silvery crescents along its irregular surface, and the characteristic iridescence of an opal can be found only in the pallid rainbow hues sparkling at the heart of each small crescent.

Average value:
Location: Isle of the Four Winds

a purple black thunderhead opal

Description:   The velvety ebon surface of the gemstone orb is veiled with clouds of intense, bruised purple. Like the laden thunderheads of a gathering storm, no other colors permeate the swirling bands of darkness that mingle beneath the gem's surface.

Average value: 1900
Location: Hinterwilds

a silvery nimbus opal

Description:   The small chunk of opal is a serene grey like morning mist. In place of typical opalescence, it flashes with monochromatic glints in the ambient light: stark whites, moonlit silvers, and lustrous greys.

Rarity: Uncommon
Average value: 800
Location: Any

a white opal

Description:   Rainbows and lightning shift to and fro deep within a white opal, playing out the drama of a storm in a tiny raindrop. With its bright pearly luster and milky white background color, this opal is a delight to behold.