Opalina (prime)/Ebon Gate Costume Contest 2023-10-1: Kobold Deity (log)

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Please Note: This is one portion of the Ebon Gate Costume Contest of 2023 log captured In the view of Opalina

The Skit of Falvicar, Opalina, and Shadowwind.


Fluffybits recites:

   "Our next contestants are... Falvicar, Opalina, and Shadowwind!"

You see Chronicler Falvicar Jalcon the Blade of the Night of the North.

He appears to be a Gille Dubh.

He is average height and has willowy, spindled limbs. He has ether blue eyes and barklike golden brown skin that is sporadically dappled by moss and leaves. He has long, sleek black hair peppered with silvery stars and tied back with a silver sword-shaped clasp. He sways gently as if an unseen wind is constantly manipulating his form.

He has a black unicorn tattoo on his wrist, a silver-edged black sword tattoo on his finger, a tattooed symbol of Ronan on his wrist, a moon and stars tattoo on his ear, and a snowflake-framed half-elven portrait tattoo on his arm.

He is in good shape.

He is wearing a brilliant blue dreamstone crown set with a pair of small black kobold horns, some fake kobold ears, a fake kobold nose, some scarlet owl wings, a flowing night-hued silk cape secured by a polished silvery clasp, some dark silvery cloth robes, a filigreed eonake wedding band with a nightscape motif, some jointed white finger-armor capped with scarlet talons, a narrow leather back sheath, and a pair of dark silvery honey badger fur toe-loop sandals.

You see Merrymaker Opalina Jalcon the Guard of the North.

Due to the bear mask she wears, it is difficult to determine her race...or even whether she is living or dead. She is tiny. Her features are hidden beneath a snarling frost white bear mask bearing ivory fangs, though her brooding pale blue eyes shine through. She has very long, unruly copper red hair. Little else about her appearance is easy to distinguish.

She has a niveous-inked fall of tiny snowflakes on her ear, a ring of red roses tattoo on her waist, a teacup-cradled clockwork mouse tattoo on her leg, a set of silver rings with tiny dangling crystalline snowflakes in the upper ridge of her left ear, a petite faceted ruby arrow in the upper ridge of her right ear, and a tiny flawless diamond stud in her right nostril.

She is in good shape.

Swirls of pale silver snowflakes fall slowly across her form, glistening faintly as she moves.

She is wearing a marquise-cut white starstone crown featuring two pearly white horns, some snowy white speckled wings, some fake kobold ears, a fake kobold nose, some bright silvery cloth robes, some jointed white finger-armor capped with scarlet talons, a filigreed eonake wedding band with a nightscape motif, and a pair of bright silvery polar bear fur toe-loop sandals.

You see Shadowwind Enbane.

He appears to be a Human from Riverwood. He is shorter than average. He appears to be an adult. He has piercing crystal blue eyes and tanned skin. He has short, unruly jet black hair. He has an unshaven face and a small goatee.

He is in good shape.

He is wearing a broad-brimmed black suede hat with a band of white silk, a lump of golden amber suspended on a silver chain, a flowing onyx black spidersilk greatcloak secured by a vaalorn clasp, a single-bloom celestial blue winter rose boutonniere, a white crystal set electrum stickpin, a sword and musical note brooch, a silver-dipped feather stickpin, a White Haven bear head pin, a burnished illthorn greatshield, a tailored onyx black silk shirt with celestial blue felt flared cuffs, a pair of midnight blue leather gauntlets sporting rolaren talons, an elven-styled rolaren wedding band cradling a celestial blue vaalorn band, a belt of carved driftwood medallions, a quilted black spidersilk sack with silk drawstrings, a bloodstained leather survival kit, a black velvet drawstring gem pouch, a mosaic-inlaid copper key strung from braided rawhide cords, a knee-length ebon wool kilt embroidered with silver musical notes, and a pair of rolaren capped scaled leather boots.

Obelin seems slightly different.

Yukito applauds.

Lithyia applauds.

Ordim stares off into space.

Rillarie beams!

Rillarie applauds.

Helnora gives a short little hum of surprise.

Sirona applauds.

Fyg applauds.

Helnora applauds.

A subtle light fades from Obelin's eyes.

Avawren applauds.

Traiva applauds.

Delindra applauds.

Niffly applauds.

The mirror images surrounding Jisandra undulate and grow stronger.

Jisandra renews her songs.

Rohese smiles.

(Opalina moves to the middle of the room.)

An ethereal golden collection bowl drifts out of Obelin, then vanishes.

Rohese applauds warmly.

Teveriel applauds.

You remove a plush white toy kobold from in your white bearskin coat.

You remove a small white candle from in your white bearskin coat.

Tabubu applauds.

Littlemelody applauds.

(Falvicar moves next to Opalina.)

Obelin is no longer protected by the shimmering field of energy.

Uniana applauds.

Akrath looks thoughtfully at you.

Obelin appears somehow different.

Obelin seems to lose some internal strength.

(Shadowwind moves in front of Falvicar and Opalina.)

Wolfloner applauds.

Obelin seems to lose an aura of confidence.

Fluffybits nods.

Helnora gazes with interest at Shadowwind.

The shimmering multicolored sphere fades from around Obelin.

Falvicar removes a small white candle from in his night-hued silk cape.

Falvicar carefully places his white candle on the ground.

Falvicar lights the white candle, which flickers and begins to burn.

You carefully place your white candle on the ground.

You light the white candle, which flickers and begins to burn.

Shadowwind removes a small white candle from in his spidersilk greatcloak.

The mirror images surrounding Naamit undulate and grow stronger.

Naamit renews her songs.

Shadowwind carefully places his white candle on the ground.

Shadowwind lights the white candle, which flickers and begins to burn.


Act One: Introducing Falvibold

Shadowwind removes a modwir harp from in his spidersilk greatcloak.

Shadowwind recites:

   ""This is a story of the Kobold God and Goddess and how they came to be.""

Shadowwind sings:

   ""While an adventurer was laying down
    Falvibold snuck and stole his golden crown!
    He made himself a king that very day
    Before Yardie stole that gold crown away . "

(Falvicar shakes his head and blinks a few times before scrambling back to his feet, raising his fist in a display of despair barely catching the shadow of Yardie escaping with his crown.)

(Opalina skips along the outskirts of a wintery town looking sad and lonely. She gazes around looking dubious about her situation.)

Act Two: Introducing Opielady

Shadowwind sings:

   ""A kobold lass not too close, nor that far
    A kobold lady is a rising star
    Her name - Opielady - lonely as well
    She spoke to an old lady, of her tale ""

(Opalina speaks to an old lady on the snowy trail, "I'm so lonely" she cries. The little old lady throws down some simple runes and begins to chant, "I see it all clearly, Love will come to you my dear, be patient, and kind and true.")

Wolfloner examines Falvicar closely, sizing him up and taking note of all the details.

(Falvicar searches for a new crown in the snow along the trail. Low and behold, he finds a brilliant blue dreamstone crown!)

(Yardie shakes the gold crown.)

Lithyia chuckles.

Yardie snickers.

Act Three: The Meeting

Lithyia grins at Yardie.

Shadowwind sings:

   ""Falvibold became a little bit sad
    But he was a very attractive lad
    Then one fateful day Opielady came
    And the kobolds..well.. The two had no shame!""

(Falvicar hurries one way.)

(Opalina hurries the other way.)

Falvicar flings himself against you, clinging to you tightly with a loving embrace!

You throw yourself against Falvicar, playfully bouncing him off balance for a moment.

Falvicar swoons.

You fall over. Clumsy oaf!

Falvicar stares at you and glances deeply into your eyes.

You stare at Falvicar, glancing deeply into his eyes.

Falvicar stands up.

Rohese softly giggles.

Your cheeks flush with a soft pale rose shade, darkening your freckles even more.

You struggle, but fail to stand.

Roundtime: 3 sec.

You stand back up.

Act Four: the Marriage

Shadowwind sings:

   ""The kobolds were married that very day
    Then went to their home and began to play
    The music was loud when they used the kazoo
    Their love together continued and grew""

(Opalina walks down an isle with her kobold papa by her side, whom as walking thrusts his sword out in front of him and accidentally hits himself! A Clean Miss. The kobold papa blushes furiously and runs away.)

(Falvicar beams with pride and pulls Opielady into his arms and plants a huge kiss right on her mouth, ears wiggling with joy.)

Rillarie giggles.

Avawren chuckles.

(Falvicar pretends to crown Opalina and then says, We needs more! The Kobold preacher breaks in and announces, Kobolds we have new masters, you may kiss your bride Falvibold.)

Falvicar steals a kiss as he sways with you across the dance floor.

Lithyia giggles to herself.

Wolfloner smiles.

Lithyia grins at Wolfloner.

Wolfloner nods at Lithyia.

Faiyth raises an eyebrow.

Akrath idly scratches his throat as he watches the trio.

Fyg fidgets.

You steal a kiss from Falvicar as you sway with him across the dance floor.

The tingling sensation and sense of security leaves Sorrenn.

Rillarie beams!

Act Five: make kobold babies

Shadowwind sings:

   ""Not long after, kobold babies were grown
    Not different from potatoes being sewn
    There were nurtured, watered, and cared til old
    Then set free to rule and the rest to unfold""

Shadowwind slowly empties his lungs.

(Opalina rocks a cute little kobold in her arms hugging it gently and giggling lightly as it coos in delight. She notices it s face starts to scrunch and cry she hands the baby off to Falvibold.)

Lithyia grins at Aliashyrah.

You offer your toy kobold to Falvicar, who has 30 seconds to accept the offer. Click CANCEL to prematurely cancel the offer.

Aliashyrah begins chuckling at Lithyia!

Falvicar has accepted your offer and is now holding a plush white toy kobold.

Rillarie flashes a wide grin.

(Falvicar throws the baby into the air and catches it!)

You glare at Falvicar, but your gaze meets and you find it difficult to remain mad.

Niffly grins.

Tiny ice crystals that cling to Ordim's face are dislodged as he blinks his black-lashed, argent eyes.

Lithyia gawks at Falvicar.

Uniana blinks.

Falvicar giggles.

Yukito blinks.

Loralaii darkly exclaims, "Harder!"

Kialeigh chuckles.

Lithyia scoffs at Loralaii.

Giogionni snickers.

Thrassus works his fingers under his dark grey crow mask and scratches his head.

Lithyia grins at Loralaii.

Faiyth shakes her head, clucking her tongue.

Rillarie smirks at Loralaii.

Akrath squints.

Niffly corrects, speaking squeakily to Loralaii, "Higher."

Lithyia giggles at Niffly.

(Falvicar hugs the baby as it falls smoothly into his arms, but soon discovers why it was his turn, and fixes the child in a magical whirl. Fresh and clean he passes the baby back to its kobold mom all ready to take its afternoon nap.)

Niffly grins.

Loralaii darkly says, "Harder."

Loralaii folds her arms over her chest.

Falvicar offers you a plush white toy kobold. Click ACCEPT to accept the offer or DECLINE to decline it. The offer will expire in 30 seconds.

You accept Falvicar's offer and are now holding a plush white toy kobold.

Lithyia snickers at Loralaii.

Loralaii appears to be trying hard not to grin.

Darrovik laughs!

Yairra shakes her head at Loralaii and clucks her tongue.

Niffly snickers at Loralaii.

(Opalina cuddles the kobold baby in her arms till it sleeps.)

Act Six: become gods and fly away

Shadowwind sings:

   "Sing "And now with that, the Royale kobold pair
    Declared themselves God and Goddess they dare!
    God and Goddess titles are most above
    But that is nothing compared to their love.""

(Opalina tilts her crown and lifts her wings, flapping lightly she raises into the air wiggling her finger she beckons her lover.)

(Falvicar spreads his wings in a mighty thunder and jumps into the air after his prized beloved. Holding his crown so it does not fall off, the two fly-off as mighty gods.)

Lithyia grins at Wolfloner.

Sirona quietly says, "Aww."

Ordim chuckles lightly, a rime of frost forming on the black fur around his mouth.

Niffly applauds.


Shadowwind sings:

   ""And that, dear friends, it came to be
    The kobold God and Goddess deity
    Their love forever for wings and a crown
    Brings happiness for kobolds all around "

Rohese applauds.

You snuff out the white candle.

Yipsy applauds.

Tikba applauds.

Rillarie chuckles.

Niffly lets out a cheer!

Sirona applauds warmly.

Samyrha applauds.

Loralaii asks, speaking darkly to herself, "Can we have the baby though?"

Ordim applauds.

Rivienne applauds.

Tasthera applauds.

Falvicar says, "And done."

Lithyia applauds.

Yukito applauds.

Starletdawn applauds.

Lithyia grins at Wolfloner.

Yardie applauds.

Falvicar takes the edge of his night-hued silk cape and holds it out, as he bows low in a courtly fashion.

Yipsy exclaims, "All hail th' kobol' gods!"

Fyg whispers something softly, and a whirlwind of flower petals envelops her before fading away into nothingness.

Fyg gestures.

Rillarie applauds wildly!

Darrovik lets out a cheer!

Fyg applauds.

Kalyrra applauds.

You snuff out the white candle.

Toxana slowly exhales as her posture slumps.

Toxana spins her urglaes thumb-ring and adopts a grim look of empowerment.

The severed head of Henshor flips and spins in the air a bit, ethereal tendrils following in its wake.

Delindra applauds.

Faiyth applauds.

You pick up a small white candle.

Helnora applauds.

Wolfloner applauds.

Tabubu applauds.

Yairra applauds.

You bow.

Traiva applauds.

Lithyia smirks at Wolfloner.

Avawren applauds.

Sirona chuckles.

Naamit gazes at her reflection in the silver-framed mirror.

Naamit smiles quietly to herself.

Teveriel applauds politely.

Fluffybits claps her paws at Falvicar, Opalina, and Shadowwind!

You laugh softly, trying to hide your amusement.

Lylia applauds.

Faiyth says, "Always love a good kobold story."

Ordim growls, "Kobold flies!"

Falvicar snuffs out a small white candle.

Wolfloner glances at Yardie.

Falvicar picks up a small white candle.

Falvicar put a small white candle in his night-hued silk cape.

Lithyia chuckles.

Yardie blinks at Wolfloner.

Akrath remarks, "That was most a most unique story."

Shadowwind picks up a small white candle.

Yardie asks, speaking confusedly to Wolfloner, "What?"

Shadowwind put a small white candle in his spidersilk greatcloak.

Lithyia begins chuckling at Yardie!

Tucking his thumb into his closed fist, Tabubu lays his painted wooden coin on top and then flicks his thumb out of his grasp and into the coin. It hurtles through the air, making multiple rotations before landing in his waiting palm, tails-up.

Yardie mutters, speaking to Wolfloner, "My crown."

You take a few steps to your left.

Meliyara gazes in amusement at Akrath.

With deft motions, Helnora fans herself with her open swan feather fan.

Lithyia grins at Wolfloner.

The dim aura fades from around Xorus.

Xorus begins to breathe less deeply.

The dully illuminated mantle protecting Xorus begins to falter, then completely fades away.

Crackling wisps of stormy grey energy rise up from Sorrenn's dark robe and quickly disperse.

Wolfloner nods at Yardie.

You offer your toy kobold to Loralaii, who has 30 seconds to accept the offer. Click CANCEL to prematurely cancel the offer.

Loralaii has accepted your offer and is now holding a plush white toy kobold.

Loralaii raises her toy kobold skyward!

Loralaii cackles deep in her throat, her voice rising in chilling laughter.