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A gift from the Council

The symphony of various trinkets, charms and sacks filled with more of the same clashing together echoed off the walls of the basement hallway as a small figure marched towards an elaborately decorated door. The cacophony of sound that resulted in their abrupt stopping served as notice of their arrival and the door opened for them to enter.

"Master Ordim, thank you for coming on such short notice, we understand your work never ends on the Island"

A long conference table sat several robed figures, the center one motioning for Ordim to enter as she spoke. Three more figures sat on large thrones behind the table, silent and motionless.

"Sisters, Brothers." Ordim greeted the room as he took a spot standing in the center. An acolyte silently walked in and placed a silk-wrapped bundle on the table before leaving. The center figure waited until the acolyte left before speaking -

"Master Ordim, we have not been blind to your efforts on the Island. It is because of this we present to you a rare gift. As a member of your standing is aware, there are somethings that we offer up that will never be returned in our pursuit of power. However, the council has been known to gift some outstanding members a possession most prized." As she spoke, the Sister slowly unwrapped the silk bundle to reveal a shard of soulstone.

Ordim's eyes narrowed as he focused on the gem. He noticed that something swirled inside, seeming to bounce off the complex chisels that reflected the light in odd ways, as if it was trying to escape. He inhaled sharply before stammering "Is that what I think it is?"

A smile crawled across The Sister's face, "Yes, for your part in rooting out the revealer in our midst, the council has determined it would be a fitting reward, for now." She pushed the gem forward on the table. The Sister and Ordim both were silent as another acolyte entered and picked up the gem and presented it to Ordim. He nodded slightly and waited for the acolyte to leave before speaking again.

"This is... really her?" A twisted grin crossed his face as he starred into the gem, mesmerized by the substance inside that seemed to swirl more erratically now. Ordim bowed low before the gathered figures and took his leave, clanging and clattering the whole way. Once he was through the door and it shut behind him he stopped again and lifted the gem into the torch light. The mist-like substance inside swirled quickly and seemed to try and gather as far away as it possibly could from it's new owner. "Who's the bird brain now?" Ordim giggled to himself as he casually tossed the soulstone into his pocket and started down the hallway, symphony and all.