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4/4/2019 Ashes, ashes, they all fall down

Walking through a section of Four Winds Isle that had been exceptionally damaged by the recent invasion, Ordim stopped to survey what he had helped cause. Holding no regret for the destruction around him, he instead looked forward to what would come from it. He removed a strange metal contraption from his pocket and fiddled with it. A series of metallic runes formed around him, swirling quickly until there was no sight of his small body, only the blur of motion. In the next instant the runes vanished, leaving nothing remaining in their place. At the same moment, Ordim appeared in front of another scene of destruction, one he was not expecting in the least.

The small, shady park was particularly busy that day as people stopped to gather and observe the smoking remnants of what used to be a bright-yellow painted building. The storied building once housed The Pie Shop: Live and let pie, the praise of pie connoisseurs and the topic of many vile rumors. Home to pies for any and all tastes, now reduced to a shameful pile of timber that still lay smoking, spreading strange and sickening scents into the air. An orb of motion appeared in the air, silently it spun for a moment before the distinct lines of strange metallic runes appeared. The runes slowed further, revealing Ordim in their center before stopping all together and vanishing. Ordim raised an eyebrow in confusion, the scent of burnt timber still upon his nose. Thinking it still clung to his clothing from the island, he didn’t give it a second thought as he turned around.

The shock struck Ordim worse than any of his outburst ever could. He stood staring at the remains for what felt like an eternity before falling to his knees in sobs. A few passersby expressed their condolences before moving on, discomforted by the sight. Thoughts raced through Ordim’s mind rapidly, who could have done this, why wasn’t it stopped, where would anyone get their pies now, did Goblyn know about this affront to the shop? Out of tears and warming from the fire of rage that was growing inside him, Ordim struggled to stand up. Raging thoughts of revenge battled against crushing depression. The war between action and surrender waged in his mind as he stared blankly in front of him, unable to process what had become of the place he felt most at home.

Still clutching the strange metal contraption in his hands, Ordim absently activated it once more. He returned to the Isle of Four Winds and immediately made his way to some place Quiet. He sat in silent, seething anger as he struggled to sort through his emotions and decide what to do next.