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Now is not the time

Ordim gazed out over the jungle from his precarious perch high up in the branches. He giggled nervously as he turned his gaze down towards the distant jungle floor. A dull glow of magic only hinted at its presence through the thick foliage but still marked that his supplies had not been taken yet. Just as he was about to take in more of the view around him, the magical glow shimmered a bit before fading away entirely and Ordim snapped to attention.

This was the oddest place yet that he had agreed to, hoping it would never be used and more a concession to earn more favor. Ordim's eyes darted from branch to branch as he eyed every leaf suspiciously, hoping to catch what he knew was nearby before it caught him.

"These muffins are very different than usual, and the ice cream is half-melted..."

Ordim let a faint scowl cross his face at the fact that he had lost a game only he was playing yet again. Catching himself, he replied happily, "We got to help design them back in Solhaven! Mine is the one with..."

The steady voice cut him off before he could continue "You come to ask what we know about the fires, haven't you?"

"... but I really loved them all!" Ordim continued his thought before replying. "Oh, yes! The fires, I thought I told you all that no action was to be taken yet!" Ordim attempted to sound as authoritative as he could while his feet dangled playfully off the branch.

"These fires are affecting all of us equally. Given what the townspeople have gotten themselves into in the past, we were starting to wonder if it might be something magical that they have been messing with."

Ordim frowned, pondering who else might be attempting to interfere with the island. The list soon became too long to hold his attention, and he giggled nervously before turning to the figure standing next to him on the branch as naturally as any other leaf.

"Well, I suppose I better go help the town again! What would they do without The Flock to help them each time?"

The figure grunted halfheartedly in agreement before effortlessly bounding into the lower foliage and out of sight. Ordim watched as long as he could before returning his gaze out over the island. A whisper in the back of his mind drummed

we are never wrong, even when we are ignored, we are never wrong

The voice was one known well but not heard in some time; Ordim had thought he had heard it whispering again since the crystal had been removed, but he was never this sure. He startled a bit and nearly lost his balance on the tall branch. Scrambling to ensure his avoidance of a long, painful fall through the canopy, he whispered to himself "soon, soon we will let everyone know how you are always right again."