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The PLAY verb allows a character to play an instrument in their possession with a certain style. Not all instruments can play all styles. Members of the Bard profession can always chose the specific message they play using this verb, but a non-bard needs to be of rank 13 in the instrument (the highest rank a non-bard can achieve when playing an instrument) before they can specify which message is played using this verb.

    PLAY {<instrument> | STOP | HELP} [<Style>] [<Message#>]

    Valid Styles: Joyful, Mournful, Soft, Fast, Slow, Intense,
                  Jaunty, Flamboyant, Aimless, Somber, Inspiring.

    To check your skill, try PLAY SKILL.

Message numbers are gained at odd-number skill ranks, so for example, a bard with 3 or 4 skill ranks in a particular instrument could play up to message 2, while a bard with 9 or 10 ranks would have access up to message 5. Trying to select a message that is too high will result in a random message. (This will also show the bard an error message telling them which messages are available to them.)

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