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2018 Inventory

a high plain arch composed of sanded sticks, Lich #23847, go arch

Carry a Big Stick Entry

[Carry a Big Stick]
Plain brown fabric serves to cover the wooden slats that connect the platform around this part of the circle of trees. Dense foliage above encloses the area, making it a bit more private. At the center of the room, a leaf-covered woven basket hangs on a trio of thick ropes from a sloping branch, a tiny, shimmering sprite flitting near the wares within it.
Obvious exits: east

In the leaf-covered woven basket you see: a tiny note

Due to unforeseen circumstances, the hairsticks/sai combos originally for sale here will be spun!  Fifty will be released!  Be on the lookout for Twigxt!

Carry a Big Stick East

[Carry a Big Stick]
The edges of the platform here are open, allowing a gentle breeze to pass by, carrying with it a handful of fallen leaves and petals that dance across an assortment of wooden crates packed with goods. Overhanging branches have been purposefully hung and evenly spaced with an array of colorful paper lanterns softly aglow with green and blue motes of magic.
Obvious exits: north, west
~~ Welcome to my new shop, Carry a Big Stick, brought to you by your friendly sprite Twigxt! ~~
In this room you will find all kinds of siegery miniatures for entertaining friends and frenemies!  Gotta collect 'em all!
* Be sure to RAISE each piece before you set it down for combat.
* Ballistas and catapults go IN castles.
* PUSH miniatures and FIRE ballistas and catapults to make them attack.
* Other actions you might find useful are TURN and FIX, but do your research - there's lots of info about siegery out there!
Miniature types:
* Sorcerer = doomsayer, disruptor, warlock, witch
* Wizard = elementalist, arcanist, archmage, invoker
* Warrior = raider, destroyer, myrmidon, warlord
READ the NOTICE for even more important information!
~~ These pieces can be altered (base description only), so I will be stopping by to work on them.  Enjoy! ~~
--- The Game of Siegery ---

The premise of the game is simple: Defeat your opponent through the methods available to you.  The most common way the game is played is with the usage of miniature castles -- the first to destroy their opponent's inner keep is the winner.  But one may make just about any variation they wish.  The following is a listing of units one may employ:

One may have up to three soldiers to assault an enemy's castle.  Soldiers tend to fight other soldiers first, and then assault the castle's outer walls.  If the walls have fallen, then the soldiers will either attack any war machines housed within the castle or the inner keep itself.  Soldiers are the most versatile of any siegery unit, as their prowess in battle has a chance of increasing if they wage successful campaigns.  Soldiers are the weakest of units in terms of taking damage.

This shop offers 3 types of soldiers, however, custom work on a soldier certainly allows for a near infinite variety of professions and skills -- one's imagination is the limit when customization is done.  The following is a breakdown of the three units offered:

  Sorcerers:  Can deal out an impressive amount of damage, but cannot
              sustain large amounts of damage.
  Warriors:   Can take a decent amount of damage and does a decent
              amount of damage to enemy units.
  Wizards:    Can take some damage and do a fairly good amount of
              damage with their lightning bolts.

War Machines:
War machines come in two varieties -- catapult-type weapons or ballistas.  Ballistas tend to be more effective against troops while catapult-based weapons are best for bringing down walls or assaulting the inner keep of an enemy's castle.  In order to use war machines, they must be placed within your castle. One can place up to three war machines in their castle.

Castles are the main goal of any game of Siegery. From there, one can mount assaults upon the enemy's castle with relative ease.  Castles are likely to take quite a bit of damage during a game, and one can remedy some of this damage -- you have the choice to repair the outer walls, the inner keep, or any war machines positioned within the castle.  Repairs, of course, will take a bit of time, and won't fix ALL the damage to one's castle. Castles have no innate offensive abilities.

All Siegery pieces will sustain damage throughout combat.  This is all a careful illusion achieved through intricate craftsmanship and can easily be remedied by FIXing the specified piece while holding it in one's hand.  It WILL take a while to fix a Siegery piece, however, to ensure that a sneaky enemy does not quickly do so during a game.  It's generally accepted that during the course of a game, one does not fix their pieces, but rather lets the game run its course.


In the round wooden container you see:

a grimacing warlord miniature 30000
a fully plated myrmidon miniature
a muscular destroyer miniature
a bloodstained raider miniature
a spike-helmed warrior miniature
a brown-skinned invoker miniature
a glimmering archmage miniature
a velvet-robed arcanist miniature
a bald elementalist miniature
a blue-eyed wizard miniature
a pale haggard witch miniature
a scowling warlock miniature
a demon-masked disruptor miniature
a black-robed doomsayer miniature
a miasmic green sorcerer miniature

In the long wooden trough you see:

a lace-wrapped rainbow glaes ballista 45000
a black-netted sable steel ballista
a blackworked cherrywood ballista
a lacquered dark walnut ballista
an ora-spiked sturdy hoarbeam ballista
a lor-wheeled black mithril catapult
an invar-gilded modwir catapult
a blue left-handed ash catapult
a bent silver spoon catapult
a splintered reclaimed wood catapult

On the petrified wooden slat you see:

a silver-edged crystalline castle 40000
a towering white stone castle
a broad-faced red brick castle
a moated dark granite castle
a high-walled tan stone castle

Carry a Big Stick, Workroom

[Carry a Big Stick, Workroom]
Bright green fronds crisscross a series of cleverly stationed metal poles to create a dense ceiling and enclose this space on three sides. Except for a smattering of abandoned, dusty tools in the far corner, this part of the shop otherwise lacks in merchandise, materials, and displays. You also see a tall dust-covered mirror.
Obvious exits: south
In the Common language, it reads:

~~ Welcome to my new shop, Carry a Big Stick, brought to you by your friendly sprite Twigxt! ~~

In this room you will find erithian hairsticks that convert to sai (brawling weapons).  All hairsticks cost 100,000 silvers except for the flaring metals which cost 150,000 silvers.  All sai are 4 times enchanted except those with quirky enchantments (faenor is +16, imflass is +17, vaalorn is +18).

SLAP the hairsticks to pull them apart into sai.  SLAP again to hook them into hairsticks.  When the hairsticks are worn, you can PUSH your way through seven hairstyles, or TURN to select one by number. (PUSH MY HAIRSTICK, TURN # MY HAIRSTICK.)  Other zests include BOW and TURN with the sai and TAP with the hairsticks.  If you're erithian, you'll get some unique flavor with those actions.

Each pair of hairsticks has been given a unique name to represent the wearer's essence.  Find an erithian friend to read it for you!

The hairsticks and sai are as follows:

* a pair of rhimar wire-wrapped hairsticks = a pair of gleaming rhimar sai
* a pair of silver-twisted zorchar hairsticks = a pair of serrated zorchar sai with round silver grips
* a pair of scuffed gornar hairsticks bound in copper = a pair of copper-bound gornar sai
* a pair of pearl-adorned faenor hairsticks inlaid with jade = a pair of jade-set faenor sai with barbed prongs
* a pair of imflass-edged hairsticks dipped in electrum = a pair of imflass-edged sai with electrum accents
* a pair of onyx-brushed ora hairsticks with split prongs = a pair of onyx-brushed ora sai
* a pair of rigid mithglin hairsticks with multicolored swirls = a pair of rigid mithglin sai with elaborate multicolored designs
* a pair of diamond-encrusted vaalorn hairsticks = a sharp vaalorn sai with diamond-edged prongs
* a pair of smooth wooden hairsticks with mithril tips = a pair of mithril-edged sai with smooth wooden bases
* a pair of golden vultite hairsticks with black pearl inlay = a pair of golden vultite sai with black pearl prongs

It is advised to stand in another room so the hairsticks for sale don't interfere as you play around with your purchase!  There is a mirror one east and one north of here.

~~ These hairsticks and sai are sold as-is and cannot be altered by any merchant.  Enjoy! ~~
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