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2018 Inventory

a jewel-colored modwir wagon, [Map Room #4], Lich #27360, go modwir wagon

[Fit to be Tied]
Jewel-colored flowers and hummingbirds are painted with finesse on the slate grey walls of the small wagon. Mossy green vines sprout from a few cracks in the wooden plank floors under an aged yew chest, the smaller tendrils winding their way around the bases of a gnarled modwir trunk and a woven black willow basket. A shadowed corner in back houses a glass-paneled cedar cabinet topped with an ornately carved maoral case.
Obvious exits: out

In the gnarled modwir trunk you see:

a length of violet-grey tweed Cravats neck-worn 25000
a length of hemlock green damask
a length of inky purple silk
a length of cobalt blue paeline
a length of crisp white sailcloth

In the glass-paneled cedar cabinet you see:

a length of meadow green silk linen Bowties neck-worn 25000
a length of whiskey brown buckskin
a length of bold crimson silk linen
a length of dark mulberry camaca
a length of wheat-hued cambric
a length of argent-shot brocatelle
a length of rich umber brushed suede
a length of opaline grey silk taffeta
a length of wine-dotted calico
a length of cream-colored dupioni silk

In the aged yew chest you see:

a length of sky blue watered silk Neckerchiefs neck-worn 25000
a length of glossy copper moire silk
a length of silvery white brushed cotton
a length of crow black suede
a length of raspberry red cotton

In the ornately carved maoral case you see:

a fine-grained faewood ingot Neckwear Pins pin-worn 15000
a delicate elm branch knot
a miniature onyx and vaalin rose
a silver-sliced blue vultite cube
a pale-hearted white diamond star

In the woven black willow basket you see:

a length of jet and gilt jacquard Scarves neck-worn 25000
a length of dusky gold raw linen
a length of vert-traced dimity
a length of apricot-hued ramie linen
a length of peacock blue vervise