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, [Map Room #], Lich# 28401, go stone archway

[Forgotten Pleasure - 28418]
Tight fitting stones of various sizes meet seamlessly to form the slightly curved outer wall of this tower room. Thick flagstones, in a chaotically jumbled pattern, comprise the cold and barren floor. Devoid of any decorations, save a battered toque atop a simple stone shelf, the room appears lifeless and empty.
Obvious exits: out

On the simple stone shelf you see:

an oddly sparkly pickle Weight: <1 pound 200
some slightly congealed soup Weight: <1 pound 300
a greasy meat sandwich Weight: <1 pound 100
a misshapen pastry Weight: <1 pound 200
some unidentifiable ice cream Weight: <1 pound 200
some lumpy porridge Weight: <1 pound 300
a hearty dark ale Weight: <1 pound 400

Under the simple stone shelf you see:

a moldy strawberry tart Weight: <1 pound 200
some fuzzy meat jerky Weight: <1 pound 500
a dirty pork chop Weight: <1 pound 500