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2017 & 2018 Inventory

a striped sepia silk pavilion strung with vibrant pennants, Room #7, Lich #23577, go striped pavilion

[Gears of Wear, Showroom]
Floor-length frames of burnished copper line the silk-draped walls of the shop, each one displaying a creature wrought from a variety of cogs and gears. An iron-forged, clockwork vathor glares lifelessly at a brilliant, imflass-feathered peahen, the duo separated by a trio of pudgy, gornar otters wrapped in faenor kelp.
Obvious exits: out
The bandoliers and harnesses have various styles of containers hung upon them that can be customized.

The cloakworn items are affected by your climate and have containers that can also be customized.



On the tall rack you see:

a sepia leather bandolier reinforced by copper plates Pocketed: Medium (20-39)
any number of items
a grey oilskin bandolier bound by a single metal ring
a braided silver mesh and silk harness
a layered harness of vibrant peacock feathers
a cross-woven blackened leather harness
an ivory wool half-circle cape edged in braided silk rope Pocketed: Very large (80-99)
any number of items
a wrist-buckled black leather coat split down each side
an emerald velvet smoking jacket cuffed in onyx jacquard
a wide-lapelled dark tweed coatee lined in thick tartan
some distressed slate leather robes frayed along the edges
The items in and on the cabinet have various gears or clockwork attached to them that can be customized.

You should just buy them all anyway.

On the stained glass cabinet you see:

a stiff tanned leather casting gauntlet arm-worn 25000
a ring of overlapped silver and pale cloisonne wings finger-worn 25000
a serpentine brass ring inset with smoky topaz scales finger-worn 25000
a pair of grey brocade gloves riveted at the knuckles hand-worn 25000
a perforated ivory leather cravat neck-worn 15000
a scalloped emerald lace choker with a gear-inset cameo neck-worn 15000

In the stained glass cabinet you see:

a cross-strapped grey and emerald tartan vest Pocketed: Somewhat small (12-15)
a couple of items
a sleeveless red leather jerkin collared in crocodile hide
a chain-caught tan leather waistcoat backed in jade brocade
a stiff lapis leather corset with silken epaulettes
a pale blush silk corset cross-strapped in ivory leather
a saffron lace corset collared with thin copper feathers
a clear-glazed black leather belt caught with several gears Pocketed: VSA (<2-4)
a couple of items of very small size
a cog-framed white alligator hide belt
some tall cognac leather boots with perforated suede panels foot-worn 25000
some black leather ankle-boots atop thin copper heels