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2017 & 2018 Inventory

a shady hollow, Room #16, Lich #23842, go hollow

[In Sprite Of It All]
Simplistic in design, the interior of the room is lit by strategically placed holes bored into the walls, creating an intricate criss-cross pattern as moonlight streams through their small openings. Yellow-tinged wood, splotched with pale green lichen clusters, adds a natural decorative adornment that complements the mottled brown tones dominating the room. An elaborate wing design has been burned into a thin wooden board, the piece hanging over an oversized trunk fashioned from rough-hewn beech.
Obvious exits: out

In the oversized trunk you see:

a sunflower yellow cotton cloak SpriteCloaks
Pocketed: Significant (100-119)
any number of items
a cross-wrapped ecru wool cape
a deep cerise leather longcoat
a waist-cinched emerald faille pelisse
a knee-length tawny leather overcoat
a double-lapel gold brocade jacket
a front-split lavender frieze coat
a triple-tiered scarlet velvet cape
a tailored salmon linen cloak
a neck-clasped leopard fur greatcloak

On the oversized trunk you see:

a fur-edged ebon leather stole cloak-worn 10000
a long-tailed pewter linen coatee
a silk-lined taupe paeline mantle