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2018 Inventory

a bright multicolored tent, [Map Room #2], Lich #27362, go multicolored tent

[Rank and File]
An array of bright, garish colors fills the inside of the tent, almost to the point of being distracting. A polished crystal display case lies off to the side and a flap leads out.

In the polished crystal display case you see:

a rough crystal nail file printed with a small green butterfly
This nail file has a few actions available for use.
You could CLEAN, RUB, PUSH, or EAT it!  It is fully alterable and has nothing to unlock.
NOTE: Emery does not exist yet, so it should be some sort of metal, crystal, glass, or ceramic.
a thin steel nail file embedded with emeralds
a thick steel file with a rough diamond tip
a small purple ruby file cut roughly
a short mithril nail file embedded with tiny rubies
a pearl-handled ceramic nail file with a pointed tip
a onyx-handled ceramic nail file with a bent tip
a ivory-handled glass nail file with an onyx tip
a ruby-inset glass nail file inscribed with a dragonfly
a emerald-inset glass nail file inscribed with a ghost
a multicolored glass nail file inscribed with a peacock in full display
a thin iron file covered in rust