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2016 Inventory

[2014 Shop]
a tiny clockwork wagon, [Map Room #9], Lich #23865, go clockwork wagon

[Sprunkle's Spectacles, Interior]
The interior of this cramped wagon is the picture of utter chaos. Despite several neatly placed shelves on the back wall, goods lay strewn about in a haphazard manner. A small counter and a full-length standing mirror are the only things that appear to be where they belong.
Obvious exits: out

On the Counter you see

a pair of oval-shaped spectacles Superspecs pin-worn 30000
a pair of petite-framed glasses
a pair of thick-framed eyeglasses
a pair of square-shaped eyeglasses
a pair of silver-framed glasses
a pair of yew-framed glasses
a pair of half moon spectacles
a pair of rose-tinted glasses
a pair of smoky grey spectacles
a pair of wire-rimmed eyeglasses
a pair of mithril-framed spectacles
a pair of rectangular eyeglasses
a pair of thick eyeglasses
a pair of tiny mechanical glasses
a pair of blue-hued spectacles