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2017 & 2018 Inventory

a narrow archway (inside a tall rosewood tree), Room #3, Lich #23846, go narrow archway

SIU Entry (no items)

[String It Up, Entrance]
Several frosted crystal orbs are suspended from wooden hooks that have been fixed into the walls. The air is cool, an earthy scent filling the spacious area. Soft carpets of woven moss cover the ground under a small white oak table. A carved spiral staircase leads higher into the tree.
Obvious exits: out
~ Welcome to my shop!~

Please enjoy some refreshments while you browse my wares.

Each item can be strung on one of the necklaces.

Once you string an item, it will remain that way.

Have fun mixing and matching the combinations.

I will be around to customize my wares througout the festival.


On the small white oak table you see:

a glass of violet petal-infused wine free food
a glass of honeyed wine
some brine-cured pale purple and green olives

SIU Showroom

[String It Up, Showroom]
Built to fit the interior of the tree, the room is circular in shape, with the staircase leading back downstairs in the center. Several shelves have been cut into the walls of the shop. Soft, verdant moss grows on the floor, giving the feel of rich carpeting. Pale sunlight streams in from a small opening above.

In the narrow shelf you see:

a deep green silk pouch fringed with tiny stones Pocketed: Medium (20-39)
any number of items of very small size
a pale brown wool sack secured with twine
a forest green leather bag adorned with jade slivers

In the long shelf you see:

a piece of twisted leather neck-worn 10000
a thick braided leather string
a thin pale hemp chain
a wide strip of braided jute

In the wide shelf you see:

a small canary wood rose 10000
a polished flame maple robin
a narrow olive wood icicle
an etched butternut starfly
a lacquered blackwood kitten
an etched bloodwood snake
a polished leopardwood heart
a tiny lacewood starfly
polished white ash dolphin
a large oak leaf
>put my starf on my cha
You hold a tiny lacewood starfly against a thin pale hemp chain for a moment and consider the effect.  If you attach them together, it will produce "a tiny lacewood starfly suspended on a thin pale hemp chain".  This is a permanent decision that cannot be reversed!

If this is definitely what you want, please click to CONFIRM your action.

You decide to attach a tiny lacewood starfly permanently to a thin pale hemp chain.  After fiddling for a moment, you produce a tiny lacewood starfly suspended on a thin pale hemp chain.

SIU Workroom (no items)

[String It Up, Workroom]
Perched between a trio of thick canopy branches, a small platform surrounded by flowering vines creates an intimate gathering space. Several pillow-like piles of moss serve as cushioned seats. A small table piled with various tools stands off to one side.