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2018 Inventory

a ivory-crested polished maoral wagon, [Map Room #9], Lich #27353, go wagon

Summertide Entry

[Summertide, Entry]
Smooth ivory walls deftly painted with metallic-thorned brambles create a vibrant, summery atmosphere inside the spacious wagon. Several jade vases filled with casually arranged wildflowers are dotted about the room, their earthy scent filling the air with a mild sweetness. A saber-legged rich maoral wardrobe is notably centered upon the narrow-planked heart of pine flooring.
Obvious exits: east, out

In the saber-legged rich maoral wardrobe you see:

a metallic azure sea silk gown brocaded with auric tendrils Metallic gowns
Pocketed: VSA (<2-4)
a couple of items
chest-worn 50000
a cloth-of-copper bliaut back-split over porraye underskirts
a bronze faille bliaut pleated in a fall of intricate folds
a dark veniom blue cotehardie of finely marbled silk taffeta
a rolaren black silk cotehardie tiered with silvered pearls

Summertide Studio

[Summertide, Studio]
The largest section of the wagon is kept free of clutter and excessive adornments. Elegantly appointed tulip poplar cabinets are displayed against the carved ivory walls, the glinting merchandise housed inside the sole feature of the elongated shopping gallery.
Obvious exits: east, west

In the tulip poplar cabinets you see:

a wispy argentine raw silk gown with sheer butterfly sleeves Metallic gowns
Pocketed: VSA (<2-4)
a couple of items
chest-worn 50000
a steel grey jacquard gown worked in brilliant pewter fronds
a sculptural gown comprised of layered cloth-of-gold scale
a rich laje-toned satin gown woven with metallic jade twists
a vaalin-hued ramie silk gown corseted with herringbone lace
an eahnor red charmeuse gown with open-shoulder bell sleeves
a lustrous rose gold flyrsilk gown sheathed in opaline gauze
a gold and silver bourde gown traced with faceted ebony gems
a cap-sleeved platinum cendal gown fringed with ora beadwork
a draping kelyn green damask gown fluted with gilded flowers

Summertide Salon

[Summertide, Salon]
The corner of the wagon opens to a salon exclusively dedicated to the fine art of tailoring. Scraps of finespun muslin, spools of silken threads, and a few stray sketching papers are draped across a slender olivewood worktable at the back. Situated nearby, an ebon rose-shaped pin cushion sprouting sharpened silver needles is poised atop a reserved collection of measuring tapes and ribbons.
Obvious exits: west