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2016 & 2017 Inventory

a tiny hut, Room #13, Lich #23901, go hut

[Treetop Carvings]
Everything inside this foliage-lined hut has been constructed on a smaller than normal scale. A child-sized, painted wooden chair rests beside a multicolored table. Above them, a vine-draped wire birdcage is filled with whimsical carvings. A lacquered mahogany branch, suspended by silver wires, provides a precarious roost for a family of painted wooden sprites.
Obvious exits: out
~All of the fine carvings here can be imbedded with magical spells.~
They are fine to purchase as is for the magically inclined patron -OR- Catch the wee sprite Odoff when he is here to imbed Spiritual and Arcane magics for you.
Proprietor's Notice: All carvings are fashioned from fallen branches and downed trees.  No living specimens were harmed in the making of this shop.  ~ Odoff, The Woodland Sprite.

On the multicolored table you see:

a mottled leaf bug figurine Blank imbeddable 2000
a stalking black panther carving
a red-eyed tree frog statuette
a gape-mouthed black caiman carving
a ring-tailed leaping lemur figure

In the vine-draped wire birdcage you see:

a yellow-capped hornbill carving Blank imbeddable 2000
a brightly colored macaw carving
a wide-eyed green parakeet statue
a grey-beaked blue parrot statue
a blue and gold macaw figurine

On the wooden chair you see:

a tiny leafcutter ant carving Blank imbeddable 2000
a bright yellow firefly figurine
a leaping spider monkey statue
an iridescent horned beetle figure
a swinging orangutan statue

On the mahogany branch you see:

a frolicking woodland sprite figure Blank imbeddable 2000
a moss-draped woodland sprite carving
a dancing woodland sprite statue
a bright-eyed woodland sprite figurine
a green-leafed woodland sprite figurine
An Imbeddable Spirituals List An Imbeddable Arcane List

Spirit Warding I
Spirit Barrier
Spirit Defense
Disease Resistance
Spirit Fog
Spirit Warding 2
*Fire Spirit
*Water Walking
*Spirit Strike       Spells with an asterisk hold 10 charges, all others hold 20.


Spirit Shield
Purify Air
*Bravery         Spells with an asterisk hold 10 charges, all others hold 20.

Arcane Blast
Arcane Decoy
Stun Cloud
Flaming Aura
Minor Steam
Mystic Impedance
Minor Cold
Major Acid
*Mystic Focus     Spells with an asterisk hold 10 charges, all others hold 20.
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