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2017 Inventory

a bloom-laden curtain of liana vines, Room 17, Lich #23847 , go vines

WWW Entry

[Whether We Weave]
High walls of rosy hues encapsulate the small space within the tree, their smooth faces decorated with the dark rings of age. Thick glass jars are tied to spindled poles that crisscross the ceiling and are filled with starflies, who provide a soft glow of illumination for the surroundings. Thin shelves line the walls and display their wares, while a curtain of liana vines provides egress.
Obvious exits: north

On the narrow haon shelf you see:

an irregular carnelian bead 500
a piece of round mist blue seaglass
a piece of pale green seaglass
a nodule of peacock jasper
an inky blue smoldereye bead

On the slender modwir shelf you see:

a tiny red and white aster flower 500
a soft angel wing begonia
a soft white balsam apple flower
an exotic orange paradise flower
a pink-edged soft coral freesia

On the wide oak shelf you see:

an inky black toucan feather 500
a bright blue macaw feather
a tiny purple hummingbird feather
a thin creamy swallow feather
a bright green parrot feather

WWW North Room

[Whether We Weave]
Colorful ribbons stretch across the ceiling in woven patterns of blue, green, and pink, their ends bound to knots in the rosy-hued walls. Long glass pendants encircle the room, their interiors producing a soft glow by which to see. A long seat has been carved out of the surrounding wood, while a long table stands opposite.
Obvious exits: south
The belts will hold the items on the table.  Snips will trim flowers and herbs so that they may be woven.  Shears will trim pelts, Scissors will trim ribbons.  Lathes allow feathers to be woven, and awls allow beads to be made of gems.

On the long table you see:

a pair of slender snips with sturdy oak handles 25000
a pair of filigreed scissors
a pair of sterling silver scissors inlaid with mother-of-pearl
a pair of oak-handled shears
a sturdy pair of steel shears reinforced with copper rivets
a black suede belt fitted with twin silver buckles Pocketed: Small (5-7)
several items of very small size
a leaf-embossed suede belt
a rudimentary steel lathe 25000
an oak-hafted polished steel lathe
a round-handled slender steel awl
an oak-handled polished steel awl