Pale Embrace

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Pale Embrace is a rare spell cast by Vellinos as a demonstration during the events leading up to the release of Planar Shift. The spell is initially cast, and remains in a latent form around the target until activated. This latent form can be either invisible or visible, depending upon the will of the caster. Upon activation, the spell infects the spirit of the target and eats away at both the targets spirit and body, ripping through them. The severity of the spell is directly dependent upon how malicious the intent of the caster towards the target is. The spell can also be dispelled at will by the caster. Vellinos claimed that the spell makes resurrecting the victim extremely difficult. He also mentioned it was quite useful for assassinations and in Elven courts. While it was not mentioned specifically, given that Vellinos was a sorcerer and the nature of the spell, the spell is likely of a sorcerous deriviation.

Logs of Pale Embrace in Action

  • Vellinos lightly waves a hand from his perch over one of the books, causing a grey energy to wrap around Syberus like a sheet of silk, swirling and writhing around him.
  • Vellinos snaps his fingers. The mist seeps into Syberus' body, and strange prickles seep across his skin.
  • Vicious POPS echo inside Syberus' body.
  • Vellinos waves a dismissive hand toward Syberus, and a grey mist evaporates outward from his skin.