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Title: An abstract of "The Palurin Fea: A spiritual alchemist's perspective of the world's soul"
Author: Rohese Bayvel-Timsh'l

First published on the 11th day of Jastatos in the year 5116

The Palurin Fea* is not just a philosophical concept; it is a spiritual substance within us and all around us. Just as our own soul pervades our bodies, thoughts and feelings, the Palurin Fea is present within everything. Its essence encompasses all of creation and is a unifying principle in our world, connecting all life together and forming a bond to the universe as a whole. It is a manifestation of all our hopes, dreams, and deepest imaginings. It is the home of: collective memories, the archetypes that define our lives, the potential source from which spiritual magic draws its power, and where formative ideas take shape.

When we become isolated or cut-off from our own soul, we are denied conscious access to the guidance and intelligence of the Palurin Fea; to its "light" or source. Our lives become meaningless and without purpose; we become an animation or "walking shadow" of our former selves. When we reconnect with our soul and that of the world – be that through Meditation, Restoration or Resurrection - the flows of magic are restored and our spirit well is refilled; our lives have substance again.

The ultimate goal of the true spiritual alchemist it to access the source hidden deep within all things and liberate creation. Through essential oneness and skillful manipulation of magic, the very essence of our soul can act as a catalyst to ignite the spark of consciousness and activate life's energy. This energy has the power to change the pattern of creation and, in turn, create the shape of the future; perhaps even liberate the world from the destructive forces and illusions of Luukos to restore peace and harmony.

Living as we do in the stark barrenness of a mortal landscape, we often forget the potency that lies just beneath the surface. It is easy to see the world as something apart from ourselves; as a solid and enduring object with finite constraints. But by accessing the pathways created by our conscious connection to the Palurin Fea, our own aura can sense places of power in the world; sanctuaries, where deeper layers of meaning are just waiting to be tapped. We can begin to see that the world and ourselves are more powerful than we realised. This concept of connecting ourselves to the Palurin Fea does not necessarily need to be done through Communion, it can be achieved through an inner transformation but only by those who make a real commitment to a journey – not unlike that undertaken by Voln initiates along the Path to Enlightenment. It is important to remember that an inner journey undertaken separately from the whole is not a real journey; it is just another illusion created by an ego that wishes to protect itself.

The substance of our own soul is part of the rich fabric of life, the tapestry of creation in which are woven the angels and demons of our imaginations as well as the wonders of our elven cities and horrors of the extraplanar. The recent acts of terror in the Turamzzyrian Empire have once again brought darkness into our lives and we feel that there is nowhere safe from the shadows. We do not need to be victims to these nightmares. The light of the Palurin Fea is waiting to be drawn on to connect us with the inner powers that belong to life itself. And, as the alchemists understand, by drawing on this light and channeling the real magic from within, we can work to overcome the dark, and creatively participate in changing the dreams that define our collective lives.

  • Literal translation from elvish into common is Spirit of the World or the World's Soul