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Rohese Bayvel-Timbertree
Rohese (fey).png
She conquers, who endures
Race Elf
Culture Illistim
Profession Loremaster of Mist Harbor
High Priestess of Lumnis
Affiliation(s) Silverwood Manor, House Sylvanfair
Elanthian Elegance, The Looking Glass
In-a-Word Demure
Disposition Compassionate
Greatest Strength Love
Greatest Weakness Children
Habits Biting her lip
Hobbies Reading and painting
Horseriding and falconry
Likes Tea and tranquility
Dislikes Bad manners
Fears The dark and her sister (Poladra)
Best Friend Corlyne Lancre
Spouse Mirkk Timbertree of Bourth m 5121
Sighisoara Timsh'l Vaalor m 5104 - 5118 (widowed)
Rohese, as portrayed by Tymelorde.

Rohese Bayvel-Timbertree is an elven High Priestess of Lumnis from Ta'Illistim.

Rohese is currently Loremaster of Mist Harbor, Council member of the Order of Lorekeepers, Chatelaine of both House Sylvanfair and Elanthian Elegance, a non-official Board Member of The Looking Glass, and Editor-in-Chief of Elanthian Vogue.

She is also a Master in the Order of Voln and a Grandmaster Alchemist in the Cleric Guild.


You see Loremaster Rohese Bayvel Illistim.
She appears to be an Elf.
She is taller than average with a slender willowy form. She appears to be of a tender age. She has silver-lashed misty grey eyes and preternaturally pale skin. She has lustrous, cool silver hair streaming over her shoulders and down her back like a moonlit waterfall. She has slender ears peeking through her hair that taper to fine points. Her composed expression has a sense of scholarly authority despite her youthful, fey-like appearance. She has constellations of iridescent shimmer traced along her right cheekbone.
She has a cascade of tiny silver stars tattooed over her right eyebrow that fades into her hairline, and an inking of a faint star constellation on her neck.
She has occasional faint traces of text flowing beneath her visible skin.

She is wearing a moon-filled eonake pendant, a vaalin-shot moon grey silk robe trailing silver star-caught pendant sleeves, a wedding band of midnight-tinted glaes trailing across the left ring finger, an adularescent pale opal ring, some lattice-fronted white silk robes trailing sleeves of ombred grey chiffon, and some conjoined ring footflower sandals.

Rohese's appearance is influenced by the full Liabo moon.

Through a shimmering silvery grey haze, you see a Lunar Arcanist of Cysaegir with faintly luminous misty grey eyes. Fading in and out of sight, pale moonbeams fancifully float to and fro around her illuminated figure, which is covered in a wash of silvery white moonlight.

Constellation: Five tiny stars configured in the shape of a W have been discreetly tattooed on the side of her neck with faintly shimmering silver ink, the pattern barely visible against her pale skin. One star however appears slightly brighter than the rest and cleverly conceals a small crescent-shaped scar on her throat.

"Hard as diamonds, soft as moonlight Warm as sunlight, cold as frost in the stars Proud and far-off as a snow mountain And merry as any lass I ever saw With daisies in her hair at springtime." ~ JRR Tolkien ~


The Early Years

Rohese, as portrayed by Tisket.
Rohese was born in Ta'Illistim in the spring of 5012, the second daughter to Lord Tymian and Lady Aenor Bayvel. Her father was a cleric by profession with an obsession for collecting holy relics and a love of fishing. Her mother was a gifted herbmistress. Rohese's only memory of her mother was her fragrance from the herbal potions she made and the flowers she cultivated in their modest garden in High Park. Ironically, despite her knowledge of alchemy and the healing arts, her mother was unable to stave off the debilitating illness that wracked her body for months and to which she eventually succumbed.

Theirs was a melancholy house thereafter. Rohese's formative years were spent studying with her sister, Poladra, and enjoying hours of quiet reflection with her father whenever possible; books were her constant companion and succour.

The relative peace and harmony of the household was shattered with the arrival of her half-sister, Cappyn; a rather unkempt and wayward child. Following the untimely death of Rohese's mother, her father had found solace in the arms of a gypsy whose fiery temper and passion for life was evident in their daughter. Despite the disruption she caused, with her constant defiance against studying and unruly behaviour, Cappyn restored laughter to their lives.

In the year 5095, Rohese's life took a second tragic turn when Poladra was betrothed to the son of a notable dignitary. Uncomfortable in crowds, Poladra's fiance often sought solitude in the Library Aies and gardens where he and Rohese would share their love of books or walk the manicured lawns in silence. On the wedding day itself, he openly declared his love for Rohese and her sister's wrath was immeasurable. Rohese fled the Shining City under a terrible curse that left her mute and bereft of everything and everyone she cared about.

Rohese wandered aimlessly for months, numb to everything, until a gentle hand guided her to the fortress of Ta'Vaalor where she found respite and eventually love. With the support of friends, she accepted the calling to serve Lumnis and ended her pilgrimage. The arrival of Cappyn brought with it the sad tidings of her father's death but, reunited with her half-sister, she found the strength to return to her studies and resume a normal life, albeit a silent one.

With renewed faith in herself and the blessing of Lumnis, Rohese surrendered her own spirit to restore life to a handsome young Vaalorian elf. Finding herself dazed and weak on the altar in the Hall of the Arkati, she knew she had found a soul mate in Sighisoara but it was years before their paths would cross again.

Sighisoara, as portrayed by Tisket.

Her endeavours took her over the Dragonspine Mountains to the seaport town of Solhaven where she set herself upon the Path to Enlightenment. She was enthralled by Vornavis, with its fragrant pine forests, the soothing sound of the ocean and the tranquility of her Lady's temple. But it was here that Lumnis interceded once more.

In her wisdom, the Queen of Enlightenment offered Rohese a choice: the curse inhibited and her voice restored in return for her eternal devotion. Rohese willingly agreed and returned to her beloved home where she was reunited with Sighisoara. They were married on the 12th day of Eorgaen, in the year 5104.

The best things in life are those that are nearest: breath in your body, light in your eyes, love in your heart, flowers at your feet, duties at your hand and the path of right before you.

Friends and Family

Bayvel Genealogy

Friends and family are everything to Rohese. She is very proud of her culture and lineage and will often disappear for days to work on her genealogical research. When she doesn't have her nose in a book, she enjoys spending time with close friends or honing her skills as an alchemist and artist. Her outdoor pursuits extend to horse riding and falconry, with occasional forays into woodlands and forests as part of her research into sentient trees.

Her dearest wish is to be reconciled with her sister, Poladra, and to see her half-sister, Cappyn, finally settled. In the meantime, she will continue to serve her Patron (Lumnis) and carry out her many formal and informal duties.

A recent discovery about her paternal grandmother's book (see treasured possessions) has seen her renew her relationship with her grandfather and cousins, Lorestel Bayvel and Vincien Illithien.

Recent Influences

Where there is charity and wisdom, there is neither fear nor ignorance

Rohese currently resides in the Bayvel family home in High Park, Ta'Illistim and spends most of her time overseeing the day-to-day running of the nearby Sylvanfair Manse and Ailanthus Manor. Still suffering from the lingering effects of her sister's curse, she occasionally feels overwhelmed by a malevolent presence that she struggles to contend with. She does not let it impede her work, however, despite it leaving her feeling weak and vulnerable.

In Eoantos 5116, Rohese was awarded the title of Patron of the Displaced for her support in helping exiled half-elves find comfort, shelter, food and protection in the Elven Nations. She continues to seek ways to help those in need whenever she can. In 5117, she undertook several arduous journeys around the Turamzzyrian Empire at the request of Ta'Illistim's Argent Mirror, with a view to extending further aid. Prior to leaving, Rohese agreed to an Interview with the TownCrier and her subsequent experiences were documented in a journal entitled, A Difficult Journey.

Early in 5118, Rohese went missing on one of those diplomatic missions. The Argent Mirror held a Meeting on Day 9 Phoenatos, 5118 to discuss her disappearance and the continuance of the original delegation's goals. The efforts to find her and bring her home were documented in a second journal, entitled, A Healing Process. The diplomatic work culminated in an historic event at the Valley of Gold in Lumnea 5119, where the Emperor and Mirror signed a treaty between their people that would declare mutual respect and friendship between the nations. Rohese was subsequently awarded an elven jewel for leadership (a white diamond rimmed in gold) in recognition of her service to House Illistim.

More recently, Rohese was caught up in The Nazhor Chronicles on the Isle of the Four Winds that resulted in her discovering an interest in witchcraft and bibliomancy. Her experiences were recorded in a third journal entitled, Eternal Knowledge. She has since been offered the position of Loremaster to assist in the renovation of the Mist Harbor Library. With the loss of Sighisoara in 5118, she has found love again with a poet and ranger called Mirkk. They were married on the day of the autumn solstice in 5121 and she has since completed a fourth journal documenting her Search for the Truth regarding her grandmother's book.

"Walk barefoot. Listen to the trees. Drink in the moon. Be Magic"

With these revelations, came a reunion with her sister and a reckoning.

In the fall of 5122, Rohese and Mirkk joined the annual Bayvel Hunt for the first time.

Treasured Possessions

an avian-crested signet ring

Rohese's crest has been amended to reflect her status as a widow; the flourish of ink-black curlicues adopted from her paternal grandmother. It has also been honored with an elven jewel recognising her acts of leadership.

Engraved with a crest, the face of the signet ring has been depressed slightly, leaving a raised but unbroken gold circle encompassing a field of sky blue enamel and honored with a gold-rimmed flawless white diamond. Beneath the arch is a peacock, set over a white dove rising on the vale, both birds accented by a flourish of three ink-black curlicues. Flanking on both sides are a curling acantha leaf and a trio of silver stars. Small engraved elven letters cross through the center of the crest.
There appears to be something written on it.

In the Elven language, it reads: She conquers, who endures.

a pavonated leather-bound book

Rohese is never without her grandmother's special book (Codex Ista):

A quire of creamy vellum has been neatly bound in faded blue leather and embossed with a stargazer lily on the front. Thin bookmarks and slips of annotated parchment protrude from the top of the well-thumbed pages, marking passages of significant relevance to the reader. The title, “Deportment and Decorum,” can still be made out on the distressed spine in gold leaf along with the name of the author, “Lady Sahese Bayvel Illistim.”

Whilst many copies have been made for public libraries and private collections, the book in her possession is essentially the original text as written by her grandmother. The book is actually a palimpsest. Beneath the innocuous rhetoric on etiquette and protocol is a far more potent source of wisdom. Sahese Bayvel was in fact a powerful white witch who bequeathed her knowledge to Rohese in two layers. Initially, she passed on her insights into deportment and decorum through the basic text within the book but wished her granddaughter to also gain a wider understanding of the arcane power she was capable of.

a pavonated leather-bound book

  1st Person: Holding the book up to your face, you attempt to ignore the goings-on around you.  Curiosity gets the better of you and you can't resist a quick peek.
  3rd Person: Rohese holds her book up close to her face, pretending to ignore the goings-on around her.  Occasionally, she sneaks a quick peek over the top.

  1st Person: You thumb carefully through the pages of your book until you find the pertinent passage.  Tracing the lines of text with your finger as you read it, you ponder the content for a moment before giving a nod of approval.
  3rd Person: Rohese thumbs carefully through the pages of her book until she finds the pertinent passage.  Tracing the lines of text with her finger as she reads it, she looks deep in thought for a moment before giving a nod of approval.

  1st Person: Balancing the leather-bound book on your head, you stand with practiced poise and take a few graceful steps forward.  Feeling the book wobble slightly, you remove it before it has a chance to fall.
  3rd Person: Balancing the leather-bound book on her head, Rohese stands with practiced poise and takes a few graceful steps forward.  Just as the book begins to wobble, she removes it before it has a chance to fall.

  1st Person: Pursing your lips in disapproval and drawing yourself up to full height, you tap the cover of your leather-bound book hoping to draw attention to its title.
  3rd Person: Pursing her lips and drawing herself up to full height, Rohese's fingernails tap agitatedly on the cover of her leather-bound book.  With a steely glint in her eye, she glances pointedly at the title and tightens her grip on the spine.

  1st Person: Gazing intently at your book, you contemplate the importance of etiquette and education... of fancy gowns and fairies.  Lost in thought, you notice that you seem to be eating your hair again!
  3rd Person: Rohese looks totally engrossed in her book as she absently nibbles on the end of a lock of hair.

  1st Person: Lost for words, you frantically turn the pages of your book in search of an appropriate response.  All you can manage is an indignant, "Foof!"
  3rd Person: Rohese frantically turns the pages of her book in search of an appropriate response but all she can manage are barely audible squeaks and an indignant, "Foof!"

  1st Person: In a fit of pique, you lift your book as if about to swipe at someone.  Quickly realizing the error of your ways, you flush with embarrassment and lower your arm.
  3rd Person: In a momentary fit of pique, Rohese lifts her book as if to take a swipe at someone.  She quickly lowers her arm, however, with an abashed look on her face.

  1st Person: Removing a thin stylus from the spine of your book, you make a small annotation in the page margin, then carefully replace it.
  3rd Person: Poised and calm, Rohese removes a thin stylus from the spine of her book and makes a small annotation in the page margin, then replaces it.

  1st Person: Lacing your fingers together, you cradle the book in your hands and murmur a short prayer of remembrance.  Whispers of familiar spoken passages fill your ears and faint lines of text seem to run just under your skin, rising to the surface like bubbles on a pond, only to dissolve.
  3rd Person: Lacing her fingers, Rohese cradles her book reverently in her hands and murmurs a few words under her breath.  Faint lines of text appear to swirl beneath her pale skin for a moment, only to dissolve again just as quickly.

  1st Person: Bringing your book to your lips, you whisper the word "wisdom" into its pages.  Faint letters rise to the surface of your exposed skin, arranging themselves into words and settling into position for a moment before fading away.
  3rd Person: Rohese lifts her book to her lips and whispers something.  Faint letters rise to the surface of her exposed skin, arranging themselves into words and settling into position for a moment before fading away.

an adularescent pale opal ring

With the discovery of her grandmother's ring, Rohese has since learned how to access the effaced writing of the Codex Ista.

Flanked by a vaalin crescent and a trio of tiny silver stars, a notably large oval-cut opal sits atop a band of white gold. Flaunting a milky white body, the remarkable stone is semi-opaque and shows a play of iridescent color with flashes of silver and blue across its glassy surface. The engraving on the inside of the band has worn away somewhat but is still legible. Walk barefoot. Listen to the trees. Drink in the moon. Be Magic.

a moon-filled eonake pendant

Long strands of silver and eonake have been twisted together in a double rope pattern to create a sturdy, but elegant, neckchain. Four unembellished rings situated side-by-side dangle from the centermost point of the metal strands. All four rings contain a small glowing sphere that appears to spin slowly. A bloodrune rests atop the four moons, secured by a luminescent, crimson-hued thread.

a glass peacock eye pendant

She also wears her mother's pendant which has a loresong related to her background:

Strung on tangled electrum threads, this large oval-shaped pendant is crafted from brilliant emerald green glass. A spherical dark-hued lapis lazuli stone flecked with gold has been fused in the center of the glass, creating the illusion of a peacock eye.

a glass peacock eye pendant

Gold motes stir within the pendant's eye as your song evokes memories of an elven childhood. Beneath a cloudless lapis blue sky, two young girls chase each other around a cottonwood tree laden with fluffy white catkins. A gentle breeze ruffles their silvery blonde hair and sends a flurry of seeds around them as they laugh and play. Their glee is interrupted only by the entrance of an elegant woman, her glass pendant glinting in the sunlight. She extends her arms and both children rush into her embrace.

[Cappyn's eyes turn a dazzling lapis blue as she sings to her peacock eye pendant. A sudden warm breeze brings with it a flurry of fluffy white cottonwood seeds and the faint echo of children's laughter.]

Your song falters as the gold motes flicker and fade like a dying candle flame. Images of harmonious family life flood your mind until one scene lingers. Decades have passed and the joyous sounds of laughter have been replaced by a somber mood. Clad in black, an elven cleric stares dolefully out of a library window, his fingers locked around a glass pendant. With a mournful sigh, he settles his gaze on his two teary eyed daughters and hands the pendant to the eldest before walking away without a word.

[A solitary tear rolls down Cappyn's cheek as she struggles to sing to her peacock eye pendant. The coo of a nearby mourning dove adds a doleful counterpoint to her melody.]

The pendant's eye darkens with your new refrain but pulsates with a ghostly blue radiance. With each waning pulse, a velvety shroud of darkness shifts to reveal a towering glowbark tree. A willowy young elf is kneeling before her black-robed sister, who clutches a glass pendant tightly in her clawed hand. The elf lifts her head as if to accompany the eerie ballad of the nearby sirenflowers, but all she can manage is a grief-stricken silence. The incandescence fades and with it the heart wrenching image

[Cappyn's eyes cloud over with a ghostly blue haze as she continues to sing to her peacock eye pendant. For a brief moment, she is accompanied by the eerie whispering lilt of sirenflowers.]

At first it seems your song may fail, but your phrasing subtly transforms into a dirge and lifts the shroud again to reveal a mausoleum. A black-robed elf with ashen hair stands over a linden casket. Her expression shows no emotion as she places a glass pendant onto the lid and leaves. Moments later, a willowy elf steps from the shadows to retrieve it. Tucking it carefully it into her white robes, she replaces it with a purple mournbloom. A distant peacock's scream startles you back to present day.

[The peacock eye pendant in Cappyn's hand flashes with a sapphire blue radiance as her song subtly transforms into a dirge and ends abruptly with a distant peacock scream. An unexpected breeze brings with it the melancholy fragrance of mournblooms.]

Written Works

A collection of philosophical essays, books and publications written by members of the Bayvel family.

Deportment and Decorum: The Essential Etiquette Handbook by Lady Sahese Bayvel Illistim

A Brief History of Horology by Eairion Bayvel Illistim II

Elanthian Viniculture by Tymian Bayvel Illistim

An abstract of "The Palurin Fea: A spiritual alchemist's perspective of the world's soul" by Rohese Bayvel

Effective Altruism: A discourse on our moral obligation to help others by Rohese Bayvel

The Unfinished Lullaby by Rohese Bayvel

The Isle of Graces by Rohese Bayvel

Owls, Elves, and Avian Affinity by Rohese Bayvel

The Aewen Lilta and Aewen Ohta (essay) by Rohese Bayvel

Elanthian Vogue ~ articles written and edited by Rohese Bayvel

The Architecture of the Museum Alerreth: A Geometric Perspective ~ presentation by Rohese Bayvel at the Festival of Lumnea Symposium, 5120