Phorien Endric Faendryl

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Phorien Endric Faendryl was the twenty-first Faendryl Patriarch. A faction of Faendryl who held a grudge from the days of Geniselle Anaya Faendryl, led by Qhwinn Laurentiu Faendryl, decided that Phorien was a false ruler, and that he should give up his position to the true rulers. When he refused, the Laurentiu faction destroyed the entire Basilica with their magic, killing Phorien as well as the entire Basilican Guard. The throne was then taken by Phorien's sister, Nikasha Pavanti Faendryl.

Patriarch of the House of Faendryl
Preceded by: Succeeded by:
Eidiol Jivanatha Faendryl Nikasha Pavanti Faendryl

Faendryl Bloodline
Descendant of: Ancestor of:
None known Nikasha Pavanti Faendryl (Sister)

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