Pinefar Depository

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The Pinefar Depository is run by a banker named Hurshal, who for a fee, will deliver your silvers to your account in Icemule Trace or allow you to withdraw silvers. Hurshal will sometimes be delivering the silvers to Icemule Trace; therefore, you will not find him in Pinefar all the time.

Service Fee

  • Depositing (GIVE BANKER <amount> SILVERS)
    • You must deposit over 100 silver.
    • Hurshal will take 5% from your deposit as a fee for his service.
  • Withdrawing (ASK BANKER FOR <amount> SILVERS)
    • Hurshal will take 2% from your Icemule Trace bank account as a fee for his service.

Shopkeep Owner

Hurshal - A dwarf, the banker would appear more than capable of handling any trouble that might come his way. His arms are knotted with muscles, and his chest is as big as a wine barrel. Most striking about him, however, are his eyes. Sunken deep within his bearded face, they dart back and forth nervously, looking for danger.


  • "Hurshal shakes his head and says, "Bah! I don't feel like makin' me way to the 'Mule today!""
  • "Almost waddling, Hurshal walks over to the wooden screen at the back of the room. He takes a bag of coins from his belt and hands it over to the halfling sitting there. "Alrights, furfoot" says the dwarf, "Ye pile that ups with the rest of em. I'll be headin' out to the 'Mule shortly." The sleepy-looking halfling nods and hands an empty bag back to the banker, who quickly fastens it to his belt."
  • "Hurshal looks at you and says, "Hmm, looks like ye could be a'usin' me services there, lad. I guarantee I'll get a good bit of ye silver to the 'Mule fer ye. Ask me about me service if ye interested." Chuckling, the halfling sitting behind the screen shakes his head."