Pinefar Furrier Shop

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The Pinefar Furrier Shop is run by a shopkeeper named Zebadiah, who purchases items that adventurers successfully use the SKIN (verb) on slayed creatures. The shop is located within the trading post in Pinefar.

Shopkeep Owner

Zebadiah - You see a fairly typical the furrier. It appears to be in good shape. It has nothing at this time.


  • "Old Zeb looks up and smiles, his rheumy eyes focused on nothing in particular. Suddenly, he startles and glares, demanding loudly, "Well! Wheres he be, eh?" That philanderin', no-good, smooth-talkin' snake-oil merchant! He promised tae marries her, an' wheres he be NOW?! You tells him he be gonna haves ta answer tae ME next times he comes a whinin' round Pinefar!" Seemingly appeased after such a tirade, the furrier goes back to counting a pile of furs."
  • "The old furrier pulls himself to his feet, groaning and muttering about his joints. He shuffles to the window and stares out at the mountains, a lost look on his face. Suddenly, he snorts and begins laughing, wheezing and stomping his feet, all the while gasping out sounds that are more grunts and clicks than anything else. After a couple of minutes, he calms down and returns to his armchair behind the counter."
  • ""A fine day, t'ain't it?" asks the ancient furrier. "Snow sure ta falls on tha mountain, ayup!" The old fellow then nods as if answering himself and goes back to bundling a pile of caribou hides."