Pinefar Gemshop

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The Pinefar Gemshop is run by a shopkeeper named Skeets, who purchases gems and magical trinkets that are found on creatures or in boxes. The shop is located within the trading post in Pinefar.

Shopkeep Owner

Skeets - You see a fairly typical Skeets. She appears to be in good shape. She has nothing at this time.


  • "Skeets sorts a tray of gems, checking each one with an eyepiece before assigning it to one of the cubbyholes in a large, wooden tray. She exclaims with pleasure as she examines a particularly large emerald."
  • "Skeets dusts the top of the glass counter, then begins to polish a pile of jewels, studying each one with a smile before she puts it into a wooden drawer."
  • "Skeets polishes a ring set with a large, sparkling diamond. "Zhess," you hear her murmur to herself in her husky and heavily accented voice, "zhis diamond iz qvite nize!""