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The Platinum Portal is a system of portals originating beneath Wehnimer's Landing which connect it to the other realms. This system occurs only in the Platinum instance of GemStone IV.

The Nexus and Surrounding Portals

At the center of the Portals area is the Central Nexus. At each of the cardinal and ordinal directions from the nexus reside one of these portals connecting to a specific room in each respective realm.


The north direction leads to Icemule.


The northeast portal leads a person to Ta'Illistim.


East leads to the Elven town of Ta'Vaalor.


To the southeast, the portal leads to Zul Logoth


Teras Isle can be found when one uses the southern portal.


The southwest portal will bring you to Solhaven.


The portal to the west leads to Wehnimer's Landing.


Finally, to the northwest people can find the portal to River's Rest.


One must first have had a portal ticket in one's hands at the time of portal entry from either side, to have successfully used a portal. If one did not have a portal ticket, they experienced the loss of all of their silver and gems, as well as being thrown onto the ground.


To purchase a ticket one gives 10,000 silver to the ticket seller at the Central Nexus. There is, however, a discount price of 1,000 silver for a first time purchaser. Three months can be bought at a time. Notes will not be accepted.