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A plump wild goose is one of the NPCs in Kharam Dzu on Teras Isle. It wanders around to the west of the west bridge, on the Bazaar side of town.


The goose has a noble yet comical appearance, with fine white feathers, a fiery gleam in her eyes, a proud arch to her neck and a low-hanging belly.  Still in all, she looks like she could provide a family of famished dwarves a nice holiday supper.


A goose waddles in, cackling noisily and casting her red-rimmed eyes about for something to snap at.

The goose bites at something on the ground.

A goose cranes her neck and opens her bill.  Hissing angrily and charging at you, she stops short and snaps at thin air.

The goose flaps her wings and lifts off the ground a few feet then settles back down.

The goose flares her wings out and charges at some unseen foe.

A goose honks at no one in particular, loudly complaining about the dismal state of affairs in general.

The goose honks three times in a quick burst of agitation.

A goose hunkers down on the ground and begins to preen herself.

A goose looks around and clucks maternally, as though calling a stray gosling to her side.

A goose looks around and clucks maternally, as though calling a stray gosling to her side.

The goose mopes around...obviously bored.

A goose pecks the ground repeatedly at some delicacy not immediately apparent to you.

The goose rolls around on the ground, scratching her back.

The goose scratches around in a patch of dirt, searching for something probably best left in the dirt.

The goose seems to doze off for a moment as her head begins to droop.  After a brief moment of descent she wakes with a start.

A goose stretches her neck out to its full length and lets out a great *HONK*!

A goose stretches her wings out for a moment then carefully folds them back to her body.

A goose suddenly flaps her wings and lifts off the ground slightly, plopping down in front of you with a plaintive *HONK*!

The goose swivels her head to look behind her for a moment.

The goose waddles around, pecking at the ground in various places.

The goose waddles in a small circle, taking in her surroundings.

A goose waddles west, cackling noisily.