Post Cap Conversations - 2020-09-24 -Ascension and Pirates and Naijin, Oh My (log)

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September 24, 2020

by Leafiara Autumnwind of the [[::The_TownCrier|TownCrier]]... and the mentors!


Ascension Talk

[Silverwood Manor, Quiet Garden]

A pair of stained glass doors open directly into the garden, where a well-manicured carpet of verdant grass is surrounded by a circle of stately haon trees. The strong trunks and layered green leaves create a quiet area of insulated serenity. Moonlight glints on the waters of a perfectly round pond at the center of the area, the surface dotted with glowing white votives. Daisies sprout at the base of an elaborate polished marble statue. You also see the clam-shaped Ponclast disk, the palm frond-shaped Leafiara disk, a gold-traced smooth oak cart with some stuff on it, a small fire burning within a ring of stones, a flat oak log, a wide wooden log and an eternal flame.

Also here: Ponclast, Goldstr who is sitting, Mentor Alifair, Pukk who is sitting, Lord Darkkstormmer who is sitting, Mentor Maati who is sitting, Brighde who is sitting, High Lady Maevie, Astari

You say, "Starting up in just a couple minutes."

Alifair says, "Help yourselves to refreshments."

Speaking to you, Regwen says, "Thanks for the advice for my lore points."

Speaking to Regwen, you say, "I'm glad you had that fixskill still too."

Speaking hopefully to Alifair, you ask, "Is it time to start?"

Alifair exclaims, "Lets!"

Krystalena says, "Thank you."

You sing:

"It's the most wonderful time of the year~"

Shinann says, "Welcome."

You recite:

"...well, actually, more like month, but hey! That's right, it's time for Post Cap Conversations!"

Alifair says, "Our favorite."

Alifair asks, "Did everyone bring something to write with?"

You excitedly say, "Alrighties! As ever, these events are OOC in nature out of sheer necessity as we discuss complex mechanical things..."

You say, "So feel free to talk freely, and such."

Speaking to Alifair, Astari says, "You expect too much of me."

Alifair says, "I expect a lot from you."

You say, "And while we welcome all kinds of post-cap questions and training questions and things, we do kinda expect ascension-related things tonight since it's the new mechanic on the block."

You say, "Incidentally, if any of you here *aren't* capped but are at least level 20, you too can play with ascension at least a little bit, so we'll start there."

You say, "If you haven't peeked into ascension yet, go ahead and start with the ASCENSION verb and we'll start off with ASCENSION MILESTONES."

You say, "Essentially, these are little freebies that grant 1 ATP, or Ascension Training Point each, for meeting the listed requirements."

Goldstr says, "I have 9 yes's and 1 no."

You say, "The last one can't be done yet--that'll come later, when new ascension hunting grounds are released."

Alifair exclaims, "Why!"

Alifair says, "Oh."

You say, "Extra hard creatures and such."

Maati says, "I have 3 at 42 level that's not bad."

Alifair says, "We've been wondering that."

You say, "Originally GMs had it as a level 115 creature, but then realized we'd all just run out and kill a grizzled lich no problem."

Astari says, "I will never master alchemy."

You say, "Anyway."

You ask, "So each milestone grants 1 ATP, but what can it do for you?"

You say, "Take a look at ASC LIST COMMON and brace for the screen scroll.."

Goldstr says, "Big list."

You exclaim, "Essentially, the Common tier of ascension is like enhancives... except they never wear off!"

You say, "Later on there will be higher tiers of ascension, with abilities yet to be determined... but there's no timeline on that."

You say, "But for now, you can put points as you like in skills, stats, regeneration, or resistances."

Mongonator raises his hand.

Mongonator asks, "They gonna make it so the ascension skill points arent yellow?"

Mongonator asks, "So i can tell them apart from enhancives?"

Speaking to Mongonator, you say, "Probably not, but maybe pester them about it."

You say, "As Regwen was alluding to earlier, skills are added by bonus and not ranks, so stick with me for a moment on this..."

Goldstr says, "Probably mean another line to add."

Regwen says, "A bit confusing."

You say, "As you might know, the first 10 ranks of a skill add 5 bonus each, the next 10 add 4 bonus each, the next 10 add 3 bonus each, the next 10 add 2 bonus each, and from there on out it's 1 to 1."

You say, "So, for example, in the normal skill system, your first 10 ranks of Edged Weapons would add 50 bonus, which gives you +50 AS."

You say, "But ranks 41-50 would only add 10 bonus, which gives you +10 AS."

You say, "Ascension skill ranks always add by 1 bonus at a time, so you can't ever skip ahead by having a skill at 0 in normal skills and buffing it up via ascension..."

You say, "Hopefully that makes sense, but basically, if a skill isn't already at least 40 in normal skills, then you're much better off training it in normal skills."

Pukk raises his hand.

You say, "And, actually, that's basically always true regardless--finish a normal skill before starting to work on it in ascension, except for your freebie milestone points."

Pukk says, "So, I put a point into picking locks."

You say, "Which, I'm about to explain how you get ATPs *other* than the milestone points."

Pukk says, "But the bonus was only 1."

Speaking to Pukk, you say, "Yep."

Pukk says, "Not 5."

Speaking to Pukk, you say, "Right, because it's going by bonus."

Speaking to Pukk, you say, "That's how it's supposed to work."

Goldstr says, "1 each time ya train Pukk."

Pukk says, "I misunderstood then."

You say, "Right, what I'm saying is... let's say you had 0 Picking Locks."

You say, "If you took 1 point in ascension, you'd get 1 bonus."

You say, "If you took 1 rank in normal skills, you'd get 5 bonus."

Alifair says, "Oooh."

You say, "So always start with the normal skills."

Pukk says, "Oh."

Goldstr says, "I trained twice in my blade and my skill is now 304 instead of 302."

Pukk says, "I really did misunderstand."

Pukk says, "Thanks."

You say, "This is most useful for things like Multi Opponent Combat for example."

You say, "Before anyone starts thinking they can just take 15 ranks via ascension and have a triple mstrike... nope. You wouldn't even have a double."

You say, "Okay, so on to how ascension points are earned--and yes, we'll have an open field for questions later."

You say, "Moving on, let's take a look at ASC EXP."

You say, "So ascension experience is basically learned in the same way as normal experience, but as an opt in."

You say, "For each level you are, you can devote a percentage of your exp into learning ATPs, where it takes 50,000 exp per 1 ATP."

You say, "If you're level 20, you can devote up to 20%, level 41 is max 41%, etc."

You say, "You set the percentage as you feel comfortable and can change it any time."

Siierra softly says, "100."

You say, "Setting is done with ASC SET #."

Goldstr says, "I set to 50%."

You say, "A crucial thing here: once something is learned as normal exp or ascension exp, you can't switch it over to the other."

You say, "As some of you have probably noticed, the EXP verb has also been updated to break out exp into normal exp, ascension exp, and total exp."

Alifair says, "So no un-learning."

You say, "Well, no converting, anyway."

You say, "You can unlearn skills, but more on that in a moment."

You say, "Right now, I think Goldstr's 50% selection is a pretty good idea."

You say, "I'm sure some of you are so far post cap you can go 100% with no hesitation.."

You say, "But let me explain why 50% is a great way to hedge bets, as we get into what ascension can do for you."

Goldstr says, "I still got a couple weapon skills to max, then 100%."

You say, "So, we already looked at the Common tier of ascension briefly, but let's expand on it."

You say, "For the first 5 ranks of an ascension skill, 1 ATP = 1 rank."

You say, "For the next 5, it's 2 ATPs = 1 rank..."

Mentor Roblar just arrived.

You say, "Then for the next 5, it's 3 ATPs = 1 rank, and so on. Scaling up."

Roblar deeply asks, "Who dis?"

Alifair says, "This sounds suspiciously like math."

You say, "Now, remember, each ATP costs 50,000 exp to earn, so we're talking about seriously expensive stuff."

Siierra softly says, "I tuned out when I seen all those numbers."

You say, "After the first 5 ranks, it's comparable to gaining an entire level just for one ascension rank."

You say, "So, to put it in more layman's terms... it's really darn expensive."

Alifair says, "That's a lot."

You say, "If you're not 3x+ cap or so, you'll actually get way more mileage out of normal exp than ascension exp..."

You say, "IF we're talking about only the Common tier."

You say, "We have no idea what'll be in the Elite and Legendary tiers that are in development, which could swing things over in ascension's favor."

You say, "There's just no way to know."

Goldstr says, "Not that bad for the first 5, at 50% I have earned 1 ATP."

You say, "So generally I'd say... even some of those really long, nasty grinds like 3x Dodging on a warrior or 1x Dodging on a pure? Probably still better than what you can do with Common-only ascension."

You say, "But I'd still say devote at least some of your exp to ascension, because Elite and Legendary are aiming at being gamechangers."

You say, "GMs have been describing them as efforts to really define and distinguish characters."

You exclaim, "So we're all hoping for big things. It might be a while, but you'll be ready if you have ATPs for it!"

You say, "Couple more things on skills..."

You say, "You can unlearn them similar to unlearning combat maneuvers."

You say, "Some migration time to unlearn the ATPs, and then you can move them elsewhere."

Alifair says, "Good to know that."

You say, "Fixskills potions have been updated to change your normal skills *and* any ascension skills you're migrating."

Goldstr says, "Ahh! Nice."

You say, "And GMs are considering releasing a new cheaper potion to fixskill only the ascension skills."

You say, "Also, when the Elite tier is released, a free ascension fixskill will come with it. I think maybe even a full fixskill--that part wasn't clear to me."

You say, "And same with the Legendary tier, if that happens at a later date than Elite."

Speaking to you, Darkkstormmer says, "They migrate fairly fast."

Speaking to Darkkstormmer, you say, "Yep, especially for how few of them we tend to have."

You say, "Okay, let's see.. I feel like there was something I meant to mention but didn't."

You say, "Oh, right."

You say, "Stats."

You say, "So... while ascension *skills* go by 1 bonus in a skill, ascension *stats* only add 1 base stat, not 1 stat bonus."

You say, "Meaning, for example... if you take 1 rank of ascension Edged Weapons, that's +1 AS, but if you take 1 rank of ascension Strength, it's nothing."

You say, "You'd need 2 ranks of ascension Strength for +1 AS."

You say, "Unless your Strength is normally an odd number, anyway."

Goldstr exclaims, "I trained in both and saw exactly that!"

Speaking to you, Regwen says, "It was."

You say, "So for things like that, first you'd start with 5 ranks of Edged Weapons, and then at that point it costs the same for additional ranks of Edged (now 2 ATPs each), or 2 ranks of Combat Maneuvers (1 ATP each), or 2 ranks of Strength (1 ATP) each, etc...."

You say, "The scaling costs can be a bit much to keep track of, so I put together a kind of guide on it which can be found here: ."

Siierra softly says, "Nice."

You say, "I'm sure someone will eventually have way more detailed charts and tables, but that's a good start at least."

You say, "Okay! I ... *think* I covered everything I wanted to, so let's open the floor for questions."

Mongonator raises his hand.

Mongonator asks, "Whatcha gotta kill for milestone 10, challenging critter?"

Speaking to Mongonator, you say, "It'll have to be one of the creatures from capped hunting grounds that haven't been developed yet."

You say, "Apparently GMs have evil plans in the works."

Shinann says, "Kill Roblar..."

You say, "Comparisons to WoW raid battles have been made."

The voice of Roblar deeply asks, "Wut?"

Shinann says, "Nothing."

You say, "And needing whole teams of characters."

Alifair says, "That sounds fun."

You say, "Also, I believe the word is that no additional milestones are currently planned. But hey, never know."

Brighde raises her hand.

Goldstr says, "I understand that, we did get 10 freebies."

Brighde asks, "Do we have any idea how many points we'll need to spend in "common" before being able to access the next tier?"

Brighde says, "When the next tier is out, that is."

You say, "I believe the last number being thrown around was 25, but nothing's set in stone."

You say, "I just remember it seeming like a small number to me, especially since the plan was always 10 freebies."

Roblar deeply says, "Think it would vary on the skill."

Speaking to Roblar, you say, "She's talking about the total ATPs we have to spend in Common to unlock Elite."

You say, "Which.. right, let me explain that now..."

You say, "So even when Elite comes out, we won't be able to just skip Common and put ATPs into Elite right away."

You say, "A certain number of ATPs have to go into the Common tier as a prerequisite first."

Goldstr says, "Good to know there."

You say, "That number's still being decided on."

Maati says, "That makes sense , it's like climbing a tree."

You say, "Also, some skills in the Elite tier might need you to have points in specific Common skills."

Pukk says, "Kinda like cmans."

Goldstr says, "Like cman prerequisites."

You say, "This is just a hypothetical, but for example, you might need some points in Two Weapon Combat in Common before you can take a TWC Specialist ability in Elite."

You exclaim, "Yes!"

You say, "Exactly."

Alifair says, "I'd like to be a Beast Whisperer please."

You say, "So thankfully we'll have those fixskills when Elite comes out, to move points wherever we need to."

Speaking to Alifair, Shinann says, "That would be fun."

Speaking to Alifair, Silverthorne says, "You can whisper to me any time."

You say, "And, again, is a good reason to work on those ATPs now even though the regular skill system still gives more immediate benefit."

You say, "Since Alifair brought up the Beast Whisperer, let me bring up one link..."

You say, "You can find a list of some *hypothetical* abilities for Elite and Legendary here:,%20Magic,%20and%20Character%20Mechanics/Ascension/view/6 ."

You stress, "They might or might not actually be developed and make it past QC and so on."

You say, "So don't bet on anything specific, but..."

You say, "That just gives a general sense of the design direction."

Mongonator says, "I need a song that can pacify a whole town for my legendary skill."

Alifair says, "We may as well dream big."

You say, "GMs also tend to throw out occasional hints on Discord, but it's more or less impossible to keep up with."

You curiously exclaim, "Any other questions? None too big or too small!"

Mongonator asks, "Any word if they will release addition spell circles for skills?"

Speaking to Mongonator, you say, "Pretty sure that's a no, based on Estild's Simucon comments."

Pukk says, "Legendary Skill: Pukk mind - 'nuff said."

Speaking to Goldstr, Pukk says, "It causes people to stare blankly at you."

Speaking to Goldstr, Pukk says, "I have it already."

You say, "I do think someone--maybe Naijin, maybe Viduus? I dunno, *someone*... did recognize that casters need a bit of something since they have fewer Common tier skills to train than weapon users."

Goldstr says, "We already do."

Astari says, "Has anything been said about the possibility of it opening up other CMAN skills than your class can learn."

You say, "E.g. an empath could finish Wisdom and then what do they really do, other than maybe lores, but with melee you need to finish weapon ranks and Str and CM..."

Speaking to Astari, you say, "I don't think so, no."

Astari says, "Empaths need groin kick."

Astari says, "I have said it for years."

Speaking to Astari, you say, "Well, I will say this..."

You say, "Estild has mentioned that dev would like to look into SK combat maneuvers at some point."

You say, "But that wasn't in the context of ascension."

You say, "More like Duskruin HESS type stuff, which is where people were asking."

You say, "I'd love to see it in either place, honestly."

Alifair says, "It's all good."

Open Sea Adventures Talk

Alifair asks, "Has everyone tried out Open Seas?"

Shinann says, "I get seasick."

Alifair says, "Don't take Silverthorne if you need help getting home."

You admit, "I haven't dipped my toe in the water myself... pardon the pun."

Alifair says, "I think everyone should try it."

Alifair says, "It's fun."

You exclaim, "Too busy earning ATPs to learn some whole new big thing!"

Mongonator says, "Is it true that its bandit bounties only at cap in Kraken's falls? sounds tempting."

Speaking to Mongonator, you say, "I do agree, that's the one part that made me think otherwise."

Alifair says, "Lots of bandits there."

Goldstr says, "I got a sloop."

Alifair says, "I'm a Cannoneer and I really like that job."

You say, "Retser's so good at what he does. Made one of GS' best silver drains ever with those ships."

Alifair says, "Available for hire. I shoot a mean cannon."

Alifair says, "No kidding."

Silverthorne exclaims, "I was captain!"

Alifair says, "You got us lost at sea."

You say, "Little sense of adventure never hurt anyone."

Speaking to Alifair, Silverthorne says, "That wasn't me, that was the navigator."

Alifair says, "True enough."

Siierra softly says, "At first it's really easy to get lost at sea until you learn the map a bit."

Speaking to Silverthorne, Alifair says, "Twas you spinnin the wheel Matey."

Speaking softly to Darkkstormmer, Siierra says, "That's why I make you navigate."

Alifair says, "Turn wheel, go into captain's cabin, go back to wheel."

Alifair says, "Repeat."

Astari asks, "How do you get to just hang out in the cabin?"

Goldstr says, "Don't DEPART."

Siierra softly says, "Captains quarters is a node too it's nice."

Alifair asks, "Did you drown?"

Goldstr says, "I got sunk twice but lived each time."

Alifair asks, "Good swimmer?"

Goldstr exclaims, "Even in full plate!"

Alifair says, "That's impressive."

Alifair asks, "Did anyone have any general questions before we end tonight?"

Mongonator says, "So can we talk about anything now cuz I have an unrelated question."

Mongonator says, "I'm stuck at 247 dart skill."

Mongonator says, "Like STUCK."

Goldstr asks, "Huh?"

Speaking to Mongonator, you say, "You need to have a pretty sizable audience watching to rank up any further."

Mongonator exclaims, "Everyone join up!"

Goldstr asks, "Ya always have 5 shooters in the room?"

Mongonator asks, "So 5 not enuff?"

Speaking to Mongonator, you acknowledge, "If it hasn't been enough so far, then yeah, I'd try dragging even more people out."

Goldstr says, "I haven't got an AHA in last 3 tournies I was in."

Mongonator asks, "And will bards ever be able to duel wield sonic weapons?"

You say, "Still does take a while though."

Mongonator says, "Weapons..."

Speaking curiously to Mongonator, you say, "Ooh, good question. That's one worth suggesting to GMs."

You say, "Although... hm."

You say, "People are afraid of a bard review because of 1030 and 1035."

Mongonator says, "Oh and..."

Mongonator asks, "With the AEXP think 1035 with more air lore will get more reduction?"

You say, "Even GM Oscuro was saying, GMs won't do a full bard review without community input because it would probably be a huge shakeup. Something to that effect."

Mentor Hammibal just arrived.

Speaking to Mongonator, you say, "People already tried and no."

You say, "Oh, that reminds me."

Pukk says, "Yeah, because bards....they need our love and understanding...poor bards."

Sorcerer Talk

Siierra softly asks, "And the Sorc thing without input was okay though?"

Mongonator says, "Id love to upgrade to a bigger weapon to keep a 1 second round time."

You say, "The way people tried was by using the test server."

You say, "The test server was recently updated... the LEVELUP command there now has no cooldown and also grants 1 ATP per use in addition to 2500 exp."

You say, "So if you want to mess around and go wild, have at it."

Speaking to Siierra, Hammibal says, "Here in 15 seconds and already hate what you just said. They did Sorcerers a bit dirty on these tweaks with little to no feedback on it."

Mongonator says, "If everyone makes a bard, then we will all want improvements, get on board people."

Alifair asks, "Can someone summarize the changes?"

Siierra softly says, "I play a secondary character that is a sorc so I'm unhappy too."

Hammibal asks, "The sorcerer ones?"

You say, "711 capped at 200 damage."

Hammibal asks, "Leafi hit one of the big ones. So pain is 200 damage at a max. It used to be about.. a third of the creature's health?"

You say, "Other changes affected 717, 720, 1106, 1115, 302... but only for boss and non-boss creatures, so that's not really what people care about."

Hammibal says, "Usually took 3 casts to kill a Reim emperor, for comparison purposes."

You say, "The 711 one is a huge hit."

You say, "Err, boss and miniboss rather."

You say, "The 711 nerf is to everything universally."

Ponclast says, "Yeah, I steam for almost 200 on a regular basis."

Hammibal says, "However, now boss and mini boss creatures basically can't be killed via implosion or evil eye, unless it's deemed appropriate for said boss to die in said way."

You say, "Oh, and 512 shatter damage was capped at 200 damage, but like... no one uses that, so again, the furor is about 711."

Hammibal says, "Unofficially, in a non official role.. It feels like they didn't like the fact that Sorcerers were flying through the arena in under 3 minutes give or take."

Alifair says, "Reasonable."

Speaking to you, Goldstr says, "Thanks for the great info. Dinner callin me."

You say, "We'll see what happens with the arena."

Hammibal says, "We're kinda good, that's not our fault."

Speaking to Goldstr, you exclaim, "A pleasure, and enjoy!"

Goldstr says, "Take care folks."

Alifair says, "Thank you for coming tonight."

You say, "717 is the main thing in the arena and that's still fine since it's regular enemies other than the champions, but... who knows what other changes there might be."

You say, "Automatons will be a pain other than maybe focused 720ing them, though."

Brighde says, "Thanks, all."

Hammibal says, "Can't focus implode them. They weigh too much and crush you if you try."

Hammibal says, "Lot of experience in that aspect."

You say, "Oh, true, forgot that."

You say, "Let's see, were there any last recent things to cover before we call it a night..."

Ebon Gate Talk

Mongonator asks, "EG have an arena? and whats it cost to do arena there? and is it 5 or 25 rounds?"

Hammibal says, "Yeah.. Emperors and Empresses have a heck of a lot of experience. Sure not gonna implode them when you made it all the way there for their loot, so now it's basically a.. I have no idea what to beat them up with fest."

Speaking to Roblar, Pukk asks, "You understanding everything okay?"

Speaking to Mongonator, you say, "Ooh, good call, yes."

You say, "EG does have an arena for seashells, where you fight 5 undead enemies."

You say, "Prizes are kinda terrible, but it's easy exp between your digging and stuff."

Mongonator asks, "It cost silver to enter?"

You say, "Seashells."

Mongonator asks, "So like 100 seashells to earn 150?"

You say, "I forget how many."

Mongonator says, "Or whats the payoff."

Alifair says, "For those who are interested we'll be holding 2 sessions for EG prep."

You say, "I forget the payoff too. I didn't really like the arena to be honest."

Regwen says, "Necropolis was a good payoff."

Maati says, "I always prefer the digging."

Alifair says, "We'll have some GMs here to help you answer questions."

You say, "But it's not a payoff of seashells nor silver."

Siierra softly says, "You can get some yellow orbs."

You exclaim, "Yes, definitely come by for EG Prep on the 3rd and 6th!"

Alifair says, "And some designing."

You say, "And tell friends and get them to come too."

You say, "So we can make those EG merchant lines less painful with more people prepared."

Alifair says, "The more prepared everyone is..."

Astari says, "I am horribly behind in EG planning, so if I can I will be there."

Alifair says, "Me too."

Shinann examines her fingernails.

A pained expression crosses Alifair's face as she grimaces at Shinann.

Alifair blinks.

Shinann exclaims, "Your true feelings!"

Alifair grins at Shinann.

Alifair exclaims, "Help yourselves to a last drink!"

Alifair says, "The magical cart is heading home."

Siierra softly says, "Or two."

You say, "Hmm, apparently I was so disoriented by the great Pain debate I forgot to even update the changelog with it."

Maevie says, "Thank you."

Alifair says, "Oh dear."

You say, "Looks like we covered all the big recent stuff tonight though."

Maati says, "Late, late , late."

Alifair says, "So late."

Mentor Falvicar's group just arrived.

Falvicar points at Cryheart.

Falvicar points at you!

Speaking to Cryheart, Pukk says, "You're late as usual."

Speaking curiously to Falvicar, you ask, "Yes?"

Alifair asks, "Have a drink?"

Cryheart says, "Good evening just bloody forgot."

Speaking curiously to Cryheart, you say, "Do ya have any questions while we're still mostly here."

Alifair says, "We'll do this again."

Cryheart says, "Well."

Speaking to Cryheart, Shinann says, "We are dividing your ascension points between us."

Mongonator says, "Hey, i found this on the ground."

Mongonator taps a copper-inlaid brown leather enchiridion, which is in his right hand.

Cryheart says, "Noooooooo."

Mongonator asks, "It belong to one of you?"

Speaking to Shinann, Pukk says, "That would be awesome. We will still have alot after that."

You say, "Oh, in case anyone was wondering, no, you don't learn CM points from ascension CM ranks."

Speaking to you, Darkkstormmer says, "Thank you for sharing."

Cryheart says, "Naijin is working on something I am very interested in."

Pukk says, " no cm points."

You say, "Likewise no shield points learned from ascension shield ranks, etc."

You say, "It's just for AS and DS."

Kroderine Soul Talk

Cryheart says, "Kroderine soul."

Mongonator offers you a copper-inlaid brown leather enchiridion. Click ACCEPT to accept the offer or DECLINE to decline it. The offer will expire in 30 seconds.

Speaking to Cryheart, you exclaim, "Yep, should be interestin'!"

You accept Mongonator's offer and are now holding a copper-inlaid brown leather enchiridion.

Alifair asks, "'Does that allow you to enchant Kroderine?"

Pukk says, "I think Roblar fell asleep."

Maati says, "Take care, all."

Cryheart says, "A cman skill...that turns into ascension path."

Cryheart says, "I cannae hold mana."

You say, "Basically, Naijin's trying to create a new path so warriors don't feel like they should be obligated to learn spells."

Speaking to Pukk, Astari says, "I scolded him, he is trying to be a statue in hopes it doesn't happen again."

Cryheart says, "Amen."

Speaking to Roblar, Pukk says, "Ascension points good. Roblar smash more stuff."

Pukk says, "Now he understands."

Alifair says, "'That's fair."

Alifair says, "Just as a role playing choice."

You say, "In fact, I think part of it is already live, but I could be wrong--"

Hammibal says, "A warrior who can spell themselves up though is a power move and a half."

Cryheart says, "He is also working on increase of AS skills."

Cryheart says, "Woot."

Speaking to Cryheart, you say, "Yeah, that was what I was talking about, but I thought it was already live."

Cryheart says, "Nae yet."

You say, "Okay, just to explain it for everyone regardless..."

Cryheart says, "He just submitted it to quality control."

You say, "What he's doing is making is so you get an AS boost of ([your second weapon skill] + [your third weapon skill])/8 if you know fewer than 6 spells."

Cryheart says, "5 spells max."

You say, "Maybe the spell number is slightly off."

You say, "Ah, good, it isn't."

Alifair says, "Math again."

Speaking to Alifair, Astari says, "I give."

Hammibal asks, "Is it a bigger boost though than what you'd get from capped Elemental Targeting though?"

Pukk says, "Oh great. That means Cryheart will have like another +100 as."

Alifair says, "I'll have to remain a ranger."

Cryheart says, "+50 is capped I think."

You say, "No, it's max +50 AS if you learn two additional weapon skills, as a character with 5 or fewer spell ranks."

You say, "So identical AS to maxed 425."

Alifair asks, "Right?"

Cryheart says, "And my AS is lower than many."

Pukk says, "He knows all weapon skills."

Hammibal says, "But... You get 430 too."

Alifair says, "And Roblar."

You say, "The 425 route would also have 430, so learning spells still has a TD and DS advantage."

Cryheart says, "But working on that."

Pukk says, "He hurls claidhs for fun."

Speaking to Hammibal, you say, "Exactly."

Hammibal says, "And all the elemental defenses."

Alifair says, "AS 550000000000000."

You say, "Learning two new weapon skills is far cheaper than learning 75 Minor Elemental though."

You say, "So ya pick your poison."

Alifair says, "Very true."

Hammibal says, "True, but what fun is that."

Alifair says, "You're basically a god."

You say, "Bbee and other warriors who use katars will love this, I'm sure."

You say, "Since they're already training two weapon skills anyway."

Cryheart says, "Learning secondary and tertiary weapon skills..also helps redux."

You say, "Naijin's been great for rogues and warriors, really love his work."

Shinann says, "My rogue is my redux person."

You say, "He's also responsible for the locksmith pool I know most of you have loved."

You say, "Rogues or non."

You say, "But yeah, the Kroderine Soul thing Cryheart mentioned will be a sort of ascension tree."

Cryheart says, "Right now, Naijin is my hero."

Cryheart says, "It starts as like a cman."

You say, "It'll be like... you straight up can't have outside spells on you, in exchange for perks X and Y and Z."

You exclaim, "The purist's delight!"

Cryheart says, "Amen."

You say, "Bristenn should like it too probably."

You say, "And Clunk."

You say, "Tell your anti-spell warrior friends today."

Shinann says, "I could not find anyone that did not use spells on them. I worked hard at it too."

Speaking teasingly to Shinann, you say, "They're out there."

Cryheart recites:

"Mechanics: When learned, this skill may not be unlearned without using a FIXSKILL. Physical damage reduction is increased and will now apply to all sources of damage (including magical damage). Any hostile spell effects will have their duration capped at 20 seconds. Beneficial magic from most sources will fail entirely and you are unable to self-cast any beneficial magic. If you learn a spell from any source these benefits are immediately lost."

Pukk says, "I will tell all my heavy magical rogue friends too...just for fun."

Cryheart says, "There is the essence of kroderine soul."

Speaking to Pukk, you ask, "Ya mean heavy physical?"

Pukk shakes his head.

Pukk says, "Heavy magical."

Hammibal says, "Man, that's a skill alright."

You exclaim, "Magic redux!"

Pukk says, "Roblar has left the building."

Cryheart says, "Meaning I will probably ave to sell my imbeddables."

Shinann says, "Or give them to a poor empath..."

Hammibal says, "Looking forward to when pures get something that increases their cast strength, or.. uhh.."

Astari asks, "What about poor empaths?"

You say, "Secret is, Cryheart already had a kroderine soul. That's why his blood didn't work for Vlashandra's ritual."

You say, "Too magical."

Pukk says, "Empaths are overpowered."

Shinann says, "Cryheart is making a donation."

Cryheart asks, "To what?"

Pukk says, "They need nerfing."

Shinann says, "I'll tell you later."

(Darkkstormmer moves away from Pukk.)

You say, "Don't worry, GMs only think wizards and bards are OP. If you're one of those, run terrified from the mechanics channel on Discord."

Speaking to Pukk, Astari says, "No one believes your fibs."

Speaking to Pukk, Darkkstormmer says, "Sorry i do not want to be hit in the cross fire."

Hammibal says, "Well.. At least they're right."

Pukk says, "New Legendary Bard skill: Depart confirm doesn't assess a death sting penalty anymore."

You say, "I'm seriously excited for the Elite and Legendary stuff for sure."

Cryheart says, "Nod leaf."

Alifair says, "Beast Whisperer."

You say, "My digging time at EG will be way down this year because I need to still hunt or at least do the arena and get those ATPs."

Speaking to you, Hammibal says, "Guess that means you're not using your ascension points either."

You say, "I'm using 'em! We get a fixskill when Elite comes out."

Cryheart asks, "Oh..the arena is undead like?"

You say, "Yep, the EG arena is 5 rounds of undead."

Speaking to you, Pukk says, "Maybe Kenstrom will have a bunch of KST's during that time just so you can be busy."

Cryheart says, "Then I will hae to fight n it."

Speaking to you, Hammibal says, "I was saving mine up. Dang it, now I have to think what I want to use them on."

Falvicar quietly says, "Or... we keep him busy."

Maevie asks, "I have a silly question regarding ascension. I'm not yet capped, and while I don't want to purposefully slow down, would it be worth it to divert a small percentage of experience to ascension, like 1% just as a nest egg for later?"

Speaking to Falvicar, Pukk says, "I knew you had an inner Pukk in you."

Cryheart asks, "How many trainings do ye hae?"

Falvicar quietly says, "....."

Speaking to Maevie, you say, "Pure personal opinion, but I'd say no..."

Maevie says, "88."

Speaking to Maevie, you say, "Remember, 1 ATP = 50,000 exp... so at 1%, you'd only get 1 ATP for 5m exp."

Cryheart says, "I would max out what you want first."

Cryheart says, "Before you get capped."

Maevie says, "Thank you."

Speaking to you, Shinann asks, "Ok... say if you're capped but don't have all your lores and skills... should you allot any at all?"

Cryheart says, "Welcome."

Maevie says, "That makes sense."

Hammibal says, "I still have 3-4 skills I need to max out that are useful, and I think I have 1 ATP at 10%. I have lores to finish, ensorcell secondary skills, and my mana is only at 2x."

Speaking to Shinann, you say, "I'd argue no, finish lores at least to a reasonable breakpoint."

Shinann says, "I don't know how to tell how capped I am."

Shinann says, "Ok... thanks."

You say, "At *absolute* least, get all lores you care about to 40+ ranks in conventional skills."

Cryheart says, "Lores is most important for majikers."

Shinann says, "Oh.. have that."

Cryheart says, "I wold think."

You say, "I think maxed spiritual lores and at least, like... 180ish in mental lores before going full ATPs."

You say, "Conversely I'm *not* a fan of thinking a pure should go 303 Harness Power before doing ATPs."

You say, "I think 202 is more than enough. Just opinion though."

Hammibal says, "ATP's are really I think to avoid in training in stuff just cause you have nothing else to do. Like... maxing out multi opponent combat, or brawling."

You say, "Right, it should be mentioned, the main goal of ascension was introducing a system for very post cap characters."

Hammibal says, "As I sit with 1x dodging and combat maneuvers."

You say, "If you're not sitting on 16m+ exp at least, going 100% ascension probably isn't the right move yet."

Cryheart says, "Well..for warriors maxing out the primary, secondary and tertiary skills is important for redux."

Cryheart says, "That was my main goal."

You say, "Elite and Legendary could change the equation, but that's just as things stand now."

Astari politely exclaims, "Pardon me. Thank you for the talk!"

Maevie says, "Thank you."

Alifair says, "Good to see you."

Speaking to Cryheart, Hammibal says, "But that being said, you're not super excited to train in spell aiming anytime soon now that you don't have to. Unless you have that already. In that case, calm down sir."

Maevie says, "I appreciate the clarification."

You say, "Spell Aiming warriors is Roblar's job."

Cryheart says, "My first ambition...was to never learn spells."

Cryheart says, "Not worth...mainly cause I cant hold mana."

Cryheart says, "Due to the plate I wear."

You offer your brown leather enchiridion to Alifair, who has 30 seconds to accept the offer. Click CANCEL to prematurely cancel the offer.

Alifair has accepted your offer and is now holding a copper-inlaid brown leather enchiridion.

Speaking to Alifair, you say, "Since Mongo found someone dropped that."

Alifair says, "Why."

Alifair says, "Not it."

Cryheart says, "I traded off by learning arcane symbols and MIU."

Alifair offers Falvicar a copper-inlaid brown leather enchiridion.

Speaking to Cryheart, Shinann says, "My rogue does that."

Falvicar accepts Alifair's brown leather enchiridion.

Alifair says, "Read that."

Speaking to Cryheart, Hammibal says, "So you just need imbeddibles or scrolls and you're golden."

Shinann says, "For now."

You say, "AS and MIU still good for spellburst--I was about to say, then remembered Kroderine Soul will mean no outside spells."

Hammibal says, "Very clever."

Cryheart says, "Well..not as much as when I was younger now."

Cryheart says, "My redux is maxed out."

Cryheart says, "But I do get damaged at times."

Hammibal says, "At this point I just assume your TD is the issue, but we all have our profession weaknesses."

Shinann says, "He is a beast."

Cryheart says, "Aye."

You say, "Cryheart's weakness is Kenstrom invasions, nothing more."

Cryheart says, "But the kroderine helps."

Cryheart says, "Kroderine will absorb magics."

Hammibal says, "Feels like cheating. Reported for mechanics abuse."

Cryheart says, "Bards dinnae dare sing to it."

Cryheart says, "It is not 100% effective."

Cryheart says, "Yet."

Speaking to Cryheart, Hammibal says, "Just has to hold them off for a cast. You don't need many swings, just a couple good ones I guess."

Cryheart says, "Aye."

Cryheart says, "Feint works."

Hammibal says, "Post cap life is so much fun."

You say, "What a year for GS, I gotta say. So much dev compared to the past."

Speaking to you, Regwen says, "Thanks for the talk and all the insights."

Regwen says, "Night folks."

You say, "Thanks again all for coming out tonight."

Cryheart says, "Glad I was able to make some."

Alifair asks, "Oh all done with refreshments?"

You say, "I'll have to just copy/paste whatever I said tonight for next time, if we have to discuss ascension again."

Alifair says, "Remember to come out for EG prep. October 3 and 6."

Cryheart asks, "EG prep?"

You say, "Was just winging it this time, because no prep. I never prep, except for my cobbling events."

Alifair says, "We're gathering to prepare alterations, etc."

Speaking softly to you, Siierra exclaims, "Well you did excellent for winging it!"

Cryheart says, "Ahhh."

Alifair says, "We'll have some GM help."

Alifair says, "That way we're more prepared."

Shinann says, "Sit that on your cabinet."

Cryheart says, "Thank ye."

Speaking to Siierra, you say, "I keep trying to convince Twilight officers to change my CHE title from Event Planner to Event Winger."

Shinann exclaims, "Or, eat it!"

Alifair says, "Any of you who are good with weapons and armor are warmly invited."

Cryheart asks, "Sit on my cabinet?"

Shinann says, "To ripen."

Cryheart says, "Ayyy."

Falvicar quietly says, "Both my designs."

Alifair says, "Nice weapons."

You say, "Cobbling event in just two nights, for any interested in that."

Shinann says, "All right... everyone have a good evening. I need to run."

Shinann says, "Thank you."

Falvicar quietly says, "Very nice."

Cryheart says, "Welcome."

You say, "I should get some dinner myself, in case of impending KST doom or something in a couple hours."

Speaking to you, Darkkstormmer says, "Thank you again."

Alifair says, "I keep grimacing."

Falvicar quietly asks, "Wha I do?"

Cryheart says, "Good evening all."

Speaking to Darkkstormmer, you exclaim, "Thanks for coming out, glad to have you!"

Alifair says, "It's not pleasant."

Alifair says, "Ow."

Speaking softly to you, Siierra says, "Come sailing with us soon."

Speaking to Siierra, you say, "I'll see when I'm free."