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Category: Four Winds Hall/Premium
Topic: Benefits
Message #: 820
Author: GS4-JAINNA
Date: 08/06/2012 10:32 PM EDT
Subject: Premium Transport System

During the recent attacks on Merrielle and Arbigail in Mist Harbor, Merishon was seen harnessing a strange power that enabled him to transport himself to another realm instantly, leaving many adventurers trying to run and scramble to different towns over the long and arduous journeys. Lady Merrielle has spent the last day or so with several esteemed sorcerers, wizards, and local builders who have found a way to mimic Merishon’s power in their own way.


The Premium Transport System

Do you live in the Landing but your best friend just moved to Ta'Vaalor? Are you tired of hunting the critters around Solhaven and want to try your hand in the Ta'Illistim? Do you live on Teras and have a hard time making it to events on the mainland? Never fear, Premium Transport is here!

Beginning today, a Transport Room has been added to all eight Premium Halls across the lands (see PREMIUM 4 for directions to the hall in your town.) A colored (different for each town) doorway will lead you there, and most are relatively close to the entrance. Inside this room you'll find a ticket and a portal. When you purchase a ticket, you can use it to enter the portal. Once inside, you'll find a nexus of rooms where you can choose your ultimate destination.

There is a sign with rates and rules in the transport room, but I'll post it here also!

~*~ Welcome to Deluxe Transport Services ~*~

Initial Ticket Prices:

For training range 0 - 9: 5,000 silvers

For training range 10 - 19: 25,000 silvers

For training range 20 and up: 50,000 silvers

Each successive ticket purchase increases by that flat amount again, up to a maximum of 250,000 silvers for the most experienced of travelers.

Transport Rules:

1 - A limit of 10 one-way trips can be made by each traveler per calendar month.

2 - Tickets can only be used by the individual who bought it.

3 - Tickets expire at the end of the calendar month, no matter how close to the end it was purchased.

Thank you for using Four Winds for your travel needs.

Please post any questions you have or issues you find here. Enjoy!

~Just Jainna