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Here will be an archive of all of the official recap posts about current events on a monthly basis in Wehnimer's Landing.

Jan 2016

I’m going to try to do some monthly updates on the forums, primarily where it concerns NPC’s and town events/storylines. The goal of this is to provide some “around the town” information, that could easily be learned publically, through rumors, here say, etc. It is in no way intended to diminish player interaction and community info sharing. In fact I will try to keep things as bare bones as possible to help promote conversation in-game. I just also know it’s hard to keep up with everything sometimes, especially with different factions, angles, and time zones. I will try to keep these to a monthly basis, or whenever is needed based on events.

Remember, your character can use this information as public knowledge. Wehnimer's Landing...

Word recently traveled from the Turamzzyrian Empire that Prelate Chaston had returned from some travels, back to his home and temple in Talador. Shortly after his return, he selected a young acolyte named Disean Andrews to be assigned to the Temple of Koar in Talador. Disean’s mother, Saraphene, currently lives on the outskirts of Talador, married to a man named Lord Ambrus, a faithful Paladin of Koar. It is said that Disean, is the son of Sir Thadston Andrews, the Hendoran commander stationed at the outpost near Wehnimer’s Landing. At this time, no further details have emerged regarding the relationship with Sir Thadston, his son Disean, and ex-wife Saraphene. Many presume Lord Ambrus to have raised the young Disean.

In related news, Prelate Chaston recently announced that Lord Ambrus, the Paladin of Koar, has been dispatched to Wehnimer’s Landing to survey the Hendoran Outpost to prepare a proposal for a shrine to Koar to be built within. The proposal would then be sent to the Northern Sentinel, Earl Jovery for approval or rejection. Sir Thadston has openly opposed such a thing. Lord Ambrus is said to arrive sometime this week.

Along the lines of Hendoran developments, recently the docks of Wehnimer’s Landing have seen tighter security, as Hendoran forces both help guard the shipyards, and inspect various ships coming in and out of port. Inspections are primarily being conducted by cooperative efforts of both Hendoran soldiers, and Wehnimer’s Landing militia forces. This is a temporary agreement, which allows Hendoran forces to help try to disrupt the illegal business of the Brotherhood of Rooks, while providing Wehnimer’s Landing with four magical pylons, permanently, to help defend the town from invaders, particularly those from sea.

There has been conflict recently that came in from Darkstone Bay, in the form of at least two nights of krolvin raids. These particular krolvin belong to a huge fleet commanded by Czag Dubra Kragnack, the brother of the once infamous krolvin warlord named Krentuk, who at one time possessed the Star of Khar’ta. Reports from the western coasts say that Kragnack’s fleet has been slowly returning back north after their nearly yearlong conflict with places like Fairport and Idolone during the War of Shadows. Eye witnesses from Wehnimer’s Landing claim Kragnack now sports a tentacle in place of one of his forearms, and either he, or individuals among his ranks still command power of demons and the undead, having used them to augment their forces in raids on Wehnimer’s Landing in recent weeks.

The town marshal, Thrayzar, recently announced to many in town that scouts at sea have reported Kragnack’s fleet is primarily recouping along the shores of Glaoveln, but also regrouping to perhaps form another attack in the near future. The orc marshal is working with town leaders to prepare a raid on the shores of Glaoveln in an attempt to disrupt some of their operations and gather more information about their deadly leader. More information is expected to be announced in the coming weeks in regards to this mission.

Lady Abygail Wellington, the sister of Walkar, recently visited Wehnimer’s Landing after just hearing the news of her brother’s passing, which occurred almost a year ago. She visited with many adventurers in town, they shared stories of Walkar, and she even read aloud the final letter he had written her before his death. She had intended to visit in town a little longer, but Hendoran forces secured her safe passage out of town after some threats to her safety from locals began to materialize.

Many months ago, a man washed up near the Coastal Cliffs, going by the name of Granthem. He held little memories beyond spending some time working at Vornavian docks and then later on the ship that not was in ruin. Disturbing in all of this, is the fact Granthem looks exactly like Grishom Stone, and many in town speculate he could very well be one of the flesh doppleganger golems Grishom had created, and perhaps still creates, to this day. Many avoid Granthem and others wish to help him until he proves unworthy otherwise. After spending some time working at the Landing docks, and even running errands, Granthem now is working with Iron Jack, slowly picking up some skill at sword fighting in his off times, and has entertained a few discussions lately on the matters of magic, and perhaps seeking if he has any innate potential down that path. Most recently, Granthem has spoken of a woman who has caught his eye, Anabeth, a bar wench at Helga’s Tavern. While this in itself may be of little consequence, some have noted the woman has black hair and green eyes, exactly the same qualities Grishom Stone himself once looked for in all of his female victims in the past.

In other matters concerning Grishom Stone, it has been learned that the underground chamber and workshop beneath the Stone Baths in town has suddenly been closed off, with a wall of shadows blocking off those who try to pass through. It is rumored that the shadows may indeed part for some, but there has been no confirmation of this.

Feb 2016

Lord Ambrus, a Paladin of Koar, was dispatched by Prelate Chaston Griffin to survey the Hendoran Outpost outside of Wehnimer’s Landing for an ideal location to build a Shrine to Koar. Ambrus is married to Thadston’s ex-wife, and furthermore Ambrus has been raising Thadston’s son Disean almost his entire young life. This has created a history of tension between Thadston and Ambrus. When the paladin arrived, he was offered quarters in Hearthstone, where some of his guards, who are known as the Blameless, stood watch outside the manor. Days later, local adventurers tried to save a small sylvan boy who was seen frightened and running from something. It was later discovered the boy was murdered, his body likely tossed from the coastal cliffs, and many speculated it was the Blameless who had silenced him to cover up their previous massacre near Imaera’s Shrine months before. With no evidence, little was done, but when Sir Thadston and some adventurers provided a tour of the Outpost for Lord Ambrus, Thadston grabbed him by the throat and dangled him from the rooftop, telling him no shrine would be built, and to never return with the Blameless. The paladin and the white armored crusaders left that night.

With the disappearance of Lord Juramis, the previous councilman of Wehnimer’s Landing who served as a representative of the local merchants, the campaign began for a new council position to be filled. Four candidates came forward and campaigned for the position, which was the mayor’s decision to nominate, with the town judge confirming. The candidates were Malluch Burdos, Vynessa Drysien, Casiphia Malatine, and Beldrin. Malluch is the son of the gemshop owner in town, Vynessa has spent years working with the Landing Museum, Casiphia is the cousin of an ex-interim mayor who was murdered by Grishom Stone, and Beldrin is the owner of the local gambling hall. After three weeks of campaigning and debates, the mayor ultimately nominated Beldrin for the open town council seat, and a day later he was confirmed by the town judge and sworn in. The town council now consists of Thrayzar, Surofee, Pylasar, and Beldrin.

Having failed to get the town council position, Vynessa Drysien was offered the role of museum curator by the town council, at the recommendation of the mayor. She accepted the position and immediately took over as the new curator.

Casiphia, who works with Tykel in the Weapons shop, learned of Prelate Chaston traveling to Hendor to hold an audience with Earl Jovery, and deliver a series of sermons in and around the city of Lolle. Casiphia, who had been so openly opposed to Chaston’s strict and violent dialogue in regards to faith in Koar, had volunteered to go see what was going on and then report back to town officials. As a precaution, a militia scout was sent to shadow her to make sure she arrived safely and was protected. Days later, Casiphia returned and many speculated she had become brainwashed, as her attitude towards Prelate Chaston had surprisingly turned around and she hailed him as a great prophet and divinely inspired. She promised to help see Koar’s work done in Wehnimer’s Landing.

Earl Jovery, the Northern Sentinel of the Turamzzyrian Empire, sent a letter to Sir Thadston and commanded him to allow for the construction of a shrine of Koar to be built within the Hendoran Outpost, and it be made publically accessible so all within the region could pay tribute to the God-King if they so desired. Days later, word came that the Earl had ordered some Taladorian soldiers to escort two representatives of the Church of Koar to help supervise the construction of the shrine. Those representatives were chosen by Prelate Chaston. They were Lord Ambrus, and Thadston’s son, Disean.

Thrayzar met with some townspeople outside of Moot Hall and informed them that the previous planned raid on Glaoveln would not be happening yet, as further scouting reports told of horrible arctic weather and larger forces than originally suspected and it would be certain suicide to sail there. However, further reports indicated that Czag Dubra Kragnack, the krolvin warlord, was mobilizing his forces and based on some krolvin scouts detected at sea; they could be launching an attack on Wehnimer’s Landing by month’s end. More alarming however, was the presence of undead and other demonic abominations among their ranks, lending credence to the fact that even though Elithain Cross is gone, the dark magic at Kragnack’s disposal is not. In the coming days, the town marshal explained he will need assistance from adventurers in setting up some defenses along the beaches of the cliffs and town docks.

Some adventurers experienced a vision at Imaera’s shrine that showed images of Disean, the son of Thadston, approaching the Temple of Koar in Talador. The vision detailed Disean entering a grand hall before kneeling before a stone altar, where his head was shaved by members of the Blameless, and then Prelate Chaston himself used hot irons to brand the scar of a crown around Disean’s head, officially initiating the young boy into the ranks of the Blameless.

Days later, Lord Ambrus and Disean and their Taladorian escort arrived near Wehnimer’s Landing. Their wagons came to a stop in the Lower Dragonsclaw forest, where many adventurers greeted Ambrus, and Disean. The vision at Imaera’s shrine was confirmed, when Disean appeared with his head shaved and crowned with a ring of scars. The town officials arranged for the visitors to stay in Hearthstone Manor and Wayside Inn, and soon after Ambrus went to prepare their quarters, members of the Brotherhood of Rooks appeared on rooftops of town and raised a burning effigy of Cosima before attacking the Taladorians and their wagons. The adventurers helped to defend the wagons and put out fires that had been started near Hearthstone. At one point, the Rooks barricaded the west tower and used the ballista to fire on defenders and the Taladorians, even destroying one wagon. In time the assault by the Rooks was pushed back, and the Hendorans helped escort the wagons into the courtyard of the Outpost where it would be protected. Sir Thadston was absent for all of this, and it was said he had traveled south to Vornavis on business. It was later said that construction of the new shrine would take about a week, and then the visitors would return home.

Hendoran soldiers and town militia tipped off some local adventurers to the fact a ship from Fairport was running late to the docks, and as part of the ongoing inspections, there was speculation something was amiss. The adventurers aided in watching for the ship, which soon came into view but eventually halted their course, and tried to sail back away from town. One of the small Wehnimer’s ships helped cut off its escape, forcing the Fairport vessel to come to shore along the beaches of the Coastal Cliffs. A bulbous-nosed dwarf captain greeted the assembled imperials, militia members and adventurers and initially refused to be boarded and inspected, claiming sick crew members were on board. In time, the adventurers boarded the ship, found crates of glass, clay pots, spices and silks in the cargo hold. But then when they were let into the captain’s cabin, they discovered three bodies hidden inside of an old sea chest, one of them identified as a member of the Company of the Three Maidens. The dwarf captain tossed a red orb to explode half of the cabin and its occupants, and escaped through a trapdoor. Bandits and crew men attacked the adventurers on the ship and most were dispatched, while the ship’s halfling cook was apprehended and taken to town. Town guards arrived and carried the chest of bodies back to town to be investigated, mere minutes before poison gas and fire brought ruin to the ship.

March 2016

A massive fleet of krolvin, led by Czag Dubra Kragnack launched an attack on Wehnimer’s Landing. In a powerful display of unity and power not displayed so beautifully in recent history, the heroes and allies of Wehnimer’s Landing defended the town and after hours of heated battle, pushed the krolvin back out to sea. There were defenses setup all over town and in the outlying areas and Darkstone Bay blackened with the blood of krolvin. However, the krolvin ranks were augmented by demons and undead, lending further credence to the fact that Kragnack must be working with a necromancer, or has learned some darker abilities himself. A second krolvin attack proved just as challenging, but the adventurers kept damage to a minimum, but were unable to stop some floating demonic spire from burrowing into the sands below the Coastal Cliffs. Many have speculated what could be a consequence of the spire burrowing close to town, but nothing else has come of it yet.

After a string of defeats, the krolvin fleet pulled back, but the waters beyond the bay are still littered with their scout ships and some war vessels, indicating a future invasion may still be possible.

A few days after some preserved bodies were discovered to have been smuggled into town by the Brotherhood of Rooks, the corpses went missing and many suspected it was an inside job that allowed the bodies, and the chest they were in, to go missing. The dwarf captain who had escaped, was found dead in the swamps of Upper Trollfang, a loresong indicating he had been captured, tortured and killed for his failure.

Wehnimer’s Landing kicked off another mayoral election cycle! On the ballot was the current Mayor, Puptilian, and the two challengers were Cruxophim and Kylinarr! To this date, voting is still underway with results expected within days.

A man named Granthem washed up on shore with limited memories many months ago. He has since taken on a handful of jobs in Wehnimer’s Landing, trying to find his place. Most recently he has found temporary housing in House Phoenix and been training with the Blacksmith Iron Jack, while trying to pick up some melee skills. One night, Granthem worked up the courage to ask for a date from a local bar wench at Helga’s named Anabeth, who he had been eyeing for weeks, and only spoken to briefly. Later, a murder mystery began to unravel, as a fight was said to have happened in the alley behind Helga’s, but only blood stains were found by local adventurers. Granthem was soon discovered nearby, and he confessed to killing a drunk town guard.

Later, the body of the guard was found, and through a bardic loresong it was revealed that two town guards attacked Anabeth and Granthem, almost incapacitating Granthem and one intended to harm and abuse Anabeth, who in turn defended herself and killed one of the guards. Granthem, out of blind devotion, confessed to the murder to allow Anabeth to escape because she claimed she feared who the guards worked for. It was later discovered that the guards were corrupt and worked for the Brotherhood of Rooks, who had some members targeting Anabeth because of her ties to a smuggling group out of River’s Rest called the Bayrunners. When the Bayrunners refused to work with the Rooks, Anabeth had got caught in the middle.

Meanwhile, Granthem was being held in the town jail until more could be discovered, but when the heroes went back to check on him, the guard on duty said he hadn’t ever been there, which screamed of an obvious cover up. Days later, Granthem was discovered in some ruins near steel golems and the Glatoph, with three town guards who appeared to have been turned inside out by magic, their eyes and flesh having melted. Granthem was taken to town and tended too, but he did not have any recollection of how the guards died. Having no evidence to hold him, Marshal Thrayzar eventually released Granthem, who as of now remains at House Phoenix.

Some local Ronanites and members of the Order of the Night’s Blade conducted a semi-private commune to Koar at the shrine in the Hendoran Outpost, seeking to gain knowledge into the workings of Prelate Chaston and his holy crusade. Attending the ceremony, was a Luukosian.

Two nights of mayoral debates kicked off! Fun was had by all!

Days after the commune in the Hendoran Outpost, word reached Wehnimer’s Landing that a group of Blameless crusaders had struck out from Talador and raided the location of a known Luukosian cult near Barrett’s Gorge and the Demonwall, in the County of Trauntor. It was said that evidence was discovered that connected the Luukosians to members of the Order of the Night’s Blade, who had some Ronanites operating in that area. Both groups were attacked by the Blameless, and a leader, by the name of Redding, among the Night’s Order was captured by Prelate Chaston.

A trial was held in Barrett’s Gorge in regards to Redding’s betrayal of his Ronan order and the God-King Koar, and many adventurers in Wehnimer’s Landing were given a way to remotely view the proceedings by Lady Casiphia. During the trial, Redding confessed to his crimes and sins of working with the Luukosians, and even named a handful of adventurers in Wehnimer’s Landing that were corrupted working with him. Two Hendoran soldiers who were dispatched by Sir Thadston were witness during the trial, and one even tried to attack Prelate Chaston but a mob of imperial citizens stopped him, and killed him. The second soldier was executed as a conspirator by Disean, the son of Thadston, at the command of Prelate Chaston. After his confession, Lord Redding was tied to a wooden post and lit on fire, presumably having burned alive.

June 2016

It has been over a month since the townspeople of Wehnimer’s Landing and beyond were threatened by an incursion of Ithzir, extra planar creatures who were specifically invading from another valence called Kol Tar’sken. The Ithzir were able to enter our world by a powerful mana storm that occurred around Melgorehn’s Reach for three weeks. In the end, the heroes were able to hold off the invaders long enough for the portal between worlds to close on its own and the end of the magical storm. The Hendoran Outpost near Wehnimer’s Landing was transported into the other world, where it remained for three weeks, until the storm subsided and the battered Outpost returned. Only a third of the soldiers were left alive, many of them suffering from trauma and nightmares. Sir Thadston survived, but is said to still suffer from prolonged exposure to the other world and the horrors and fatigue of endless fighting. Many of his surviving soldiers are being sent home to Hendor to heal and rest, while reinforcements have been sent and will help keep the Outpost fully manned and staffed.

The Brotherhood of Rooks, led by Rysus, a self-proclaimed King of the Rooks, continues to operate within and below the streets of Wehnimer’s Landing. There has been little noise recently in regards to their activity or exploits, save for a recent event where the Rooks helped some adventurers out of Wehnimer’s board a ship at sea to capture supplies of plinite, which were being transported by mercenaries and what appeared to be rogue wizards working for the Hall of Mages. Rumors indicate that an investigation into a satellite college of the Hall of Mages is underway, hoping to discern truth in this matter and if proven accurate, then to swiftly deal with any corrupted mages within their ranks. Two stockpiles of the stolen plinite were used by adventurers of Wehnimer’s Landing to help power pylons that aided in battling the Ithzir. A third stockpile of raw plinite remains in the possession of the Brotherhood of Rooks.

Grishom Stone is believed to now have planted one of his mind-controlled subjects, Glethad, into another world to study or garner power from an alliance with the Ithzir. His end goals are unknown at this time.

Khylon Oakspear, the dwarven ex-Marshal of Wehnimer’s Landing has finally almost fully recovered from the curse placed upon him by Raznel over two years ago during the Talador War. Khylon has since been appointed as the Captain of the Town Guard and has already taken measures to weed out corruption, firing or suspending suspected Rook sympathizers among the town guard ranks. The dwarf has also been holding daily meetings with the town marshal Thrayzar, to help better coordinate defense strategies between the town guard and town militia. Meanwhile, the Hendoran soldiers have pulled out of their supervision of the town docks, and all security measures are currently residing solely on the backs of the town guards and militia.

A representative of the Church of Koar has been dispatched to Wehnimer’s Landing to investigate the claims made by Lord Redding of the Order of the Night’s Blade upon during his trial and execution. Redding confessed to parts of his Order being corrupt and working with a local cult of Luukosians out of Barrett’s Gorge, and that a handful of members involved in the conspiracy are being afforded refuge in Wehnimer’s Landing. The representative of the Church is said to be arriving this week.