Quay Shelter

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The Quay Shelter

The Quay Shelter is an open-sided stucco shelter which stands beside the shoreline not far from the business district. It is a quiet and contemplative place where townfolk can go enjoy the soft river breezes and listen to the plaintive cries of marsh birds or the sound of the river chuckling through the reeds. Saltwater Sal can occasionally be found here also.

A low riverstone altar is located in the center of the shelter. A small statue of a turtle stands in the center of the altar. The statue depicts the turtle standing on it’s hind feet, as if dancing. The turtle’s head is shiny. Rumors suggest that rubbing the head of the turtle statue brings good luck. A similar statue is located in the South Exhibit room of the River's Rest Museum.

Interacting with the statue

Touching the statue will give various responses.

  • <touch statue> You reach out and caress the dancing turtle's head.The turtle's head is cool and smooth to the touch.
  • <touch statue> You reach out and caress the dancing turtle's head. The brass turtle gives you a wink!

Room atmosphere scripts

  • A gentle breeze wafts into the shelter carrying with it the rich, primeval smell of the river.
  • A fish leaps out of the river in a rainbow of glistening scales. With a loud *plop* it falls back into the water and disappears.
  • A sudden ripple and fluttering in the water draws your attention. Hundreds of small prawns leap across the surface of the river, attempting to escape some underwater predator.
  • The nearby water ripples in the breeze of the midmorning sun.
  • The reflection of the moons on the river makes them appear to be engaged in an intoxicated dance. The chirping of crickets and the basso blat of a bullfrog provides a melodic accompaniment.

Scripts with Saltwater Sal in the room

  • Saltwater Sal carries on an animated conversation with the bronze turtle, nodding or shaking her head at it occasionally as if in response to some comment.
  • Slinging her sack off of her shoulder, Sal plops down on one of the benches and rummages through the contents of the bag, extracting a folded slice of bread. She tears it into small pieces, tossing the bits on the ground for the raucus collection of birds that begins to form at her feet.
  • Saltwater Sal moves in front of the statue and suddenly it begins to pirouette in a mechanical ballet. Saltwater Sal sways along in time to unheard music.
  • Saltwater Sal leans over and rubs the statue. After a moment, she gives it a long wink.