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The REGENERATE verb is used by an Empath with knowledge of the Regeneration (1150) spell.



You feel a gentle breath of fresh air brush across your face.
This is followed by the spell kicking in.

The following two versions give no third-person messaging.

Used by an Empath without knowledge of the spell:

You are not experienced enough to harness such power!

Used by a non-empath:

While you feel like it occasionally in the morning, you're just not a troll.

The following version was part of an April Fools' Day 2009 joke: To view the joke, please see April Fools Day 2009 (saved post).

First person view:

You wriggle around, trying to cocoon yourself. Not being a caterpillar, you have very little luck.

Third person view:

Aelotoi engages in a confusing and acrobatic dance.