RETIRE (verb)

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RETIRE is a mechanical verb. When used outside the Character Manager system, it provides information about rerolling a character. It is used in the character manager when a to reroll a character.




Rerolling -

You can change your character any time you like.  Very few players use the character they first roll up for long.  After you've experimented a bit, you'll have a better idea of what type of character you'd like to play as well as what skills and abilities that character will need to get by.

To reroll, go to the Inn.  You can use DIRECTION if you are having trouble finding the inn.  Once inside, find a room with a main desk and CHECK IN.  Retire your character, and begin again.

Please be aware, if you wish to reroll because you DO NOT LIKE THE CITY YOU WERE BORN IN, this is not necessary.  In your pack is a Travel Token.  Take this token to the local TRAVEL OFFICE and arrange for a guide to bring you to the city of your choice.

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