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The Character Manager is the series of web pages available to first create, and then manage a character in the Gemstone IV world.

The Character Manager is first accessed when a player decides to create a new character. A web site then opens that has the following nine steps:

  1) Choose a gender (male or female)
  2) Choose a profession from among 10 options
  3) Choose a race from among 13 options
  4) Choose a culture from among various options depending on race selection
  5) Customize appearance for eyes, hair, skin, nose, features and height each with multiple selections (race dependent)
  6) Assign attributes by distributing 440 points between 10 attributes
  7) Train in skills
  8) Choose a name with sample names pregenerated
  9) Play the game

Thereafter, the Character Manager is selected by typing GOALS at the game's command prompt. When this is done, a separate web site opens allowing the player to add to various skills based on the training points available at that time.

Historical Note: Prior to moving to a completely web based interface, the Character Manager was accessed within the game using the Check In verb. The character had to visit one of the game's inns, and use this command at the front desk. This remains the best way to re-roll the character to choose a new profession, and is the only way to update the FAME status of the character in the appropriate lists. It is also currently the best way to reallocate attributes during the first 30 days.