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  • 01-06-2024 - Fire giants and V'tullians attacked Kharam-Dzu and mentioned gathering in some ruins for about an hour.  Then Prince Voregrek of the Borthuum Clan and Artisan Gamordi of the Ragnak Clan met with everyone in the Clan Hall to discuss what this all meant.  Everyone agreed to learn more about Zerroth for Prince Voregrek and provide logs to build the rafts Gamordi wants to use to explore the River Muagh in search of these ruins which he suspects to be his ancestral home of Kragnek-Dzu.
  • 01-09-2024 - Gigas attacked Kharam Dzu again, followed by Gamordi finishing the rafts to explore the River Muagh. Everyone used the rafts to find Kragnek-Dzu and fight the gigas there in their own strongpoint. Perigourd fought Olunrok in 1-v-1 combat. Lava exploded everywhere.
  • 01-12-2024 - Giants attacked Kharam-Dzu again, and everyone eventually pushed them back to the ruins. Olunrok was also defeated again in battle within the ruins, this time for good. The volcano erupted again upon his death, splitting the sky and allowing a small group of vathors through over Kragnek-Dzu. After being defeated, Gamordi arrived and was very concerned about the player-characters upon seeing what was visible from Kharam-Dzu. After recovering his father's anvil and finding his family's old shop, he did some basic work for them.
  • 01-16-2024 - Gamordi arrived to meet everyone in Kharam-Dzu and asked them if they could further investigate the River Muagh and the ruins of Kragnek-Dzu to ensure it was safe to explore. While everyone was in the ruins they found red-scaled thraks swarming the place and eventually the gigas returned to try and thwart them. Eventually, everyone pushed them out of the ruins and there was a stand-off at the ledge near the river's mouth. Everyone fought the battlemasters and upon all of the gigas being defeated the sky split from lava piercing the maelstrom, and vathors began to circle Kharam-Dzu. After being dispatched, Gamordi appeared again and asked everyone if it was safe to explore the ruins and to try and recover his father's anvil. They did this and Gamordi left to reforge it and prepare to make repairs in the ruined dwarven settlement of Kragnek-Dzu.
  • 01-19-2024 - Prince Voregrek Borthuum met with everyone, including Artisan Gamordi Ragnak. Both dwarves discuss possible plans to gather resource, and players were able to offer assistance and input along with doing a survey of the ruins. Thraks, giants, and gigas attacked while Gamordi's survey team explored the area to take note of damage, buildings that existed prior, and what was salvageable.
  • 01-26-2024 - Gamordi finalized an agreement with Prince Voregrek and everyone from town donated materials to rebuild Kragnek-Dzu. Giants attacked, and then the volcano erupted. Soot and ash flowed across the sea toward the Hinterwilds, where the V'tullians appeared and awoke Zerroth to lead them into battle once more. A lot of fighting was done.

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