Raise Your Stout Krew

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Raise Your Stout Krew
Town Wehnimer's Landing
Founded Eoantos 5122
Dues No
Insignia Stein
Restrictions Yes
Purpose Keep things RYSKy!

What is RYSK?!

RYSK (Raise Your Stout Krew) was founded by Citan and Julenne Xenogear in Eoantos 5122 . It started off with 20 friends who had so much fun together doing adventures that RYS (Raise Your Stout) decided to turn into RYSK a MHO and continues to grow. The main goal of RYSK is to have fun in the realm with other adventures, to help others and keep things RYSKy.

RYSK Board and Leaders

Founders: Citan and Julenne (Jules)

Advisors: Chandrellia, Irval, Vandryl, Peche

Membership and Personal Relations: Saraphenia

RYSK Naval Division: Khoal

Secretary: Anyauma

Treasurer: Jewelina

RYSK Division Leads

Bard: Nitos

Cleric: Bluey

Empaths: Chandrellia

Monk: Saraphenia

Paladin: Khoal

Rangers: Nickonai

Rogues: Vandryl

Sorcerer: Lahanna

Warrior: Citan

Wizards: Neithan

What types of Adventures?

Nightly Musters at 9pm Elven at the Rusty Cutlass, Landing. During Muster they share upcoming events, news and perhaps a adventure or two. Bounties, Group Hunts, All Levels of Reim, Sailin, Darts and more.

Upcoming Events:

How to join RYSK?

Each potential member must have a sponsor of a member in good standing. Then Leaders of RYSK will vote to decide if the potential member is RYSKy enough to join.

We are on RYSKcord!