Regeneration release event

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The release event for Regeneration (1150) started on April 27, 2008. One infected person quickly spread a muscle-stiffening disease across the continent. The disease only affected empaths. The disease caused empaths to lose 40% of their stamina when they attempted, or successfully, transferred a wound to themselves.

The disease also manifested in the healer in the following scripts, the messaging included both first and third person:

A scream escapes your lips as no more than a soft gasp as your muscles become rigid.
A soft gasp escapes Empath's lips.
You are overcome with exhaustion.
Empath looks exhausted.
A tightening in your chest causes you to struggle to breathe.
Empath seems to be having trouble breathing properly.
You nearly collapse, but catch yourself at the last moment.
Empath nearly collapses, but catches herself at the last moment.
You feel a slight tremble building before it grows into sporadic convulsions.
Empath's body begins to tremble, then convulses.
Your eyes repeatedly close on their own accord while you struggle to keep them open.
Empath blinks rapidly while wavering about.
Your muscles lock up and you are unable to move for a brief moment.
Empath stiffens and stops all movement for a brief moment.
Your body is wracked with pain.
Empath grimaces.
Your overtaxed muscles begin to twitch and spasm.
Empath's muscles begin to twitch and spasm.
A tingling sensation spreads over your body, then fades leaving you with a lingering weakness.
(I never caught the third-person messaging for this one. Anyone?)

When a healer lacked the necessary stamina to complete a transfer, she received the following messaging:

You attempt to transfer, but your body responds with a shudder.