Restless Reiver

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Restless Reiver is a food shop in Wehnimer's Landing. It is located in the environs of Wehnimer's Landing in Luinne Bheinn in the Reiver Settlement in Room #8099.

[Luinne Bheinn, Tavern]
A long counter takes up most of the space against one wall. Flickering candles make the low ceiling dark and sooty, but cast a warm, amber light throughout the room. A few round tables are surrounded by sturdy chairs. The intimate ambiance is only slightly detracted from by the thin layer of dust that covers some of the less used areas. An old, red-painted door leads outside. You also see a fancy menu, a sign and the bartender Jock


Welcome to the Luinne Bheinn Tavern!

The bartender Jock offers his catalog to browse.
Jock gives you a nod of recognition as you enter.

  1. a glass of white wine        4. a tankard of amber ale
  2. a glass of red wine          5. a snifter of fine brandy
  3. a tankard of Jock's bitter   6. a dram of Reiver's whisky

read sign

In the Common language, it reads:
It has come tae me attention that some visitin' townsfolk want the whiskey that they are used tae.  Yer in Luinne Bheinn now an' we only serve our famous whisky.  If ye want that other stuff, ya better go elsewhere!  Cordially, Jock.

(Traditionally, Scotch whisky and Irish whiskey are spelled differently.)


A large, muscular man in his middling years, Jock tends the bar with the expertise of one who has spent many years doing so.  Which he has.  With piercing green eyes and fists the size of a small rolton, he keeps his customers satisfied and, relatively, peaceful.  The large mallet he always keeps near, probably doesn't hurt in the latter case.

NOTES: Reivers, burly reivers and veteran reivers often enter the tavern and attack any adventurers there. Although the menu proclaims the location to be the Luinne Bheinn Tavern, the sign outside the tavern reads "The Restless Reiver."