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This was the storyline that led to the release of the Scatter.

A torn parchment page

Posted by RAFFELS2 3 October 2009

Perigourd and I found a parchment page on a lost soul today, which appears to be part of Haukragg's notes.

In the Common language, it reads:
...the depraved grimness of this place, but it has only grown worse and worse. Fortunately, I was correct about holding a black diamond when passing through the sphere, so the strength of my spirit is unabated. Nevertheless, the unease I feel remains, and can only be tempered by my resolve and my faith in the Lords and Ladies to see my task done. The rift must be contained. For if the escalated chaos pervades not only this dimension but also the world beyond, then we shall all perish.

Of some quaint comfort to me, I have noticed that the soft glow of the toadstools I gathered in the caves of Zul Logoth have not lost their shine, even at times when the darkness here would otherwise be blinding. In the lack of a fire, a handful of these is sufficient light by which to make camp and write a few pages. I must rest here and gather myself before descending to the lower...


Another page

Posted by ELIZAISGOD 3 October 2009
In the Common language, it reads:
Day 1, Imaerasta 29.
May Lumnis guide me into all wisdom. I pen these words as I sit in the very Cavern of Ages, my mind swimming with the heady memories of great and terrible deeds done on these sands. I have not returned here in many years. But now, in a pale echo of them of former times, the Chosen of our Lady, they who forever broke the curses of the Vvrael that were laid against us, so too in like manner am I come by the leave of our Right Master Theon and in behalf of our many faiths to slip behind this veil and fall into that world between worlds, to discover how we may repair this new bleeding wound torn into the scars of this hallowed place, and thereby forever turn away the sneering face of this new threat, confided to me in some secret detail by the elders of our guild. It has alrea...
...slipped into shadow and death, but a fate much worse than this may ensnare those whose faith is o...

* * *

...stores laden not only with provisions for my own self during the sojourn, but also with a stock of the tools of my ministry and my specialty, alchemy, if by any means with a blessing from Liabo I may be able to establish an island of order in the chaos and have a light wrought in the darkness. I have brought enough pearlescent trinket oil to afford many experiments, along with as many samples as I was able to procure of plant life, animal parts, minerals and crystals from the world over. I have reason to believe that a ward may be fashioned which will seal...
...ay even perhaps nullify this power to destroy both life and truth. Though it seems impossible, unless it is true, then there remains no hope for even the bravest of...


Another message found on critter

Posted by VICENTE 8 October 2009

I found this on a crusader thought it was most interesting

In the Common language, it reads:
...on the fourth plane. I do not recall how I came to be here. It was not of my own volition, though it may be by the constantly chaotic machinations of this accursed dimension, or it may be that I was led here by the wisdom of Lumnis. I shall not judge before the time; I will only observe and hold back my doubts.

I encountered a most mournful sight after I arrived here. I beheld the shade of a proud warrior, as if clad in the form of a green mist. It was doubtless a spirit of one of our own paladins, now robbed of its mind and forced into bondage to an unseen master. As I sought to release it, a curious thing occurred. An old charm I carry, a runed bone talisman, was dropped, and the shade seemed particularly set against treading near it. Seeing this, I attempted the Prayer of Holding against it (as the power of this same prayer is bound up in the talisman), but it showed no special weakness. It may instead be something about the holy enruned bones themselves that prevail against the evil curse of the undead, though this has always escaped our notice if true.

The crusader's ghostly and yet sharply da... 

Compiled Haukragg Journal Pages

Posted by LAMOREED 9 October 2009

New (literally just found this):

In the Common language, it reads:
...bone, or bones, to the oil, then simmering it, regardless of how strong you're making the talisman. The chanting of a spell may be necessary before simmering; I don't know. I can't think clearly enough to remember right now. I have been battling these creatures all day long and have barely escaped with my wits half of the time. The heat isn't helping me think, either.

It's suddenly starting to get cold again. I could lose my nerve if this keeps up, Lumnis forgive me. I wish I knew the way out of this place. More than that, I wish I could havE

-- dan/gnimble

Alchemy Riddle

Posted by RIMALON 9 October 2009

From wrossartley on the PC:

In the Common language, it reads:
bones bones bones and bones
keep your skins and herbs and stones
give up all the bones you got
need those bones and need a lot
one bone makes a good one
two bones make it better
three bones make it best of all
so i wrote myself this letter
sing a song sing along
so you know your mind is strong
if you dont i dont care
cause i just kissed a pink necare
i chanted a spell for a trinket
brilliant aura with three bones to link it
or if you have two
chant confidence to
make sure you dont have to drink it
make sure you dont go and stink it
make sure you can wink it
make sure

So we've got a heroism version, a bravery version, and a weaker version. Heroism version takes 3 bones, bravery 2?

So at least we know that... uh...

Heroism Version:

add pearlescent trinket oil
add 3 bones
chant 215

Bravery Version:

add pearlescent trinket oil
add 2 bones
chant 211

It's a little odd, in that chanting spells usually is the last step in a recipe, but we're getting these directions from an insane cleric, soooooooo!

-Sea Wizard, right?

Cerebralite note

Posted by ELIZAISGOD 9 October 2009
In the Common language, it reads:
...nstrosity that could only be borne of this great and terrible Rift. I shall endeavor to illustrate it on the following pages. It had the form of a great brain, far larger than anything of natural origin. A pair of stark eyes protrude from the wrinkled mass, and vile tentacles writhe beneath it. Unquestionably sentient, it is skilled with a number of dark magicks both physical and mental. It is sheathed within an invisible armor, which is penetrable only through great effort. I cannot write more than this now; it was a near enough thing that I was able to dispatch this first one, thank Liabo. I am sure that I will need to repeat this performance, as I can see several more floating about in the dusky distance.

In regard to the previous entry, I repeated the process, this time combining one of the mashed toadstools with a single measure of pink pearl dust and crystal core essence and boiling it, and was successful. It is clear to me now that boiling the solution as the final step is always critical. I am anxious to test the efficacy of this new talisman, as well as think of a name for the device. I also expect to be able to improve on it, but this will require a diff...


More notes found

Posted by RISHIB1 9 October 2009

I am going to post some new notes found by others in the Rift. All of them have clues to the various talismans, but it's getting a little hard to tell what is associated with which talisman.

In the Common language, it reads:
I am injured. Crippled by brain creature's tentacles, right arm shredded. Healed now but still there is pain. Medicinal herbs nearly gone. Feeling euphoric one moment, despondent the next. I blame blood loss, hopeful I am not crazy. New talismans totally ineffective against nightmares which repeat. Can't sleep. Not sure I'll live.

For who may find this. Previous formula for minor talisman is incorrect. No spell necessary, as it is for lesser and greater talismans. Single bone -- confirmed. Toadstool-pearl mixture -- confirmed. Had good results with substituting mashed nightshade berry for toadstool, then infusing, but formula still fails. Also whole white lily then infusing, same result. Positive that blue essence shard is needed before final step for lesser talisman. Need more gems to try.

Still no progress on sealing rift. I fear it may open wider and consume the Drake Shrine. The world is in danger. Need to rest now. I pray sanctuary holds.

In the Common language, it reads:
HE came in but it was too LATE the brain monster killed him shocked him killed him killed dead DEAD dead dead AND THEN it cut the --- CUT THE mans head open and took the brain with the EYES!!! now its another brain monster and IT tried to kill me too but i got away!!! and cried. i found the man but i COULD NOT HELP him he had NO BRAIN NO EYES I CANT RAISE HIM NO BRAIN NOOOOOOO he died hes gone i cant cant cant cant no

he has sunstones, pretty white SUNSTONES i need for experiments everything else has failed for closing the rift but i think the dust from a single white sunstone will work AND IF it does not work then i will kill myself because i am so tired and so weak but i do not want my brain taken like that man!!! so goodbye now i am starting to cry again

s>read second page
In the Common language, it reads:
...am still in the abyss. For I know where I am now, this is eternal condemnation. I have been in here for a few months now. Everything tries to kill me, but I will not let it because I reject what is happening to me. That diseased sewer wench Lumnis tricked me into coming here. She told Lorminstra to open the rift wider to lure me here, and she's such a stupid, nose-picking, egg-sucking slop pig that she went and did it. I hope they both die down here with me. I wish to Koar he would kick those two runny toothless hags down in here, because I know what I would do to them. I would cut their hair off, tie their wrists to the back of their ankles, and make them lay in their own filth. And then I would stomp on their faces for being so stupid. I would burn them on the coals until the skin was gone. I hate them so much. It's her fault that when I tried to make one of the greater talismans it burned up inside the cauldron. She did that. I used a siren hair, and they are so hard to find. I want to kill her. I have one more siren hair, but I think I'll try using a sprite hair this time instead, in case the siren hair was too strong. I still think she did it to me so I will need to find a way to hide what I'm doing from he...

- Player of Kembal

Refract Note

Posted by RAFFELS2 10 October 2009

Just found this one:

In the Common language, it reads:

i cannot seal the tear any longer
the gap is too wide now cant go back home



Posted by GM Mestys 15 October 2009

After a mission of research and salvage turned to one of rescue, Master Hierophant Haukragg of Icemule's Cleric guild was recovered from deep within the scattered reaches of the Rift. Adventurers gathered by Quiggan took to the task of delving into the Scatter, where a final moment of instability revealed a heretofore unseen area, as well as a number of terrible liches. Blade and magic won the day, and the visibly shaken and distraught Haukragg was brought home to Icemule.

The new area of the Rift (The Scatter) is now live. With its release arrives seven new creatures, between 97 and 110. Many of the existing denizens of the Rift have also shifted from their previous generation ranges, in order to better accomodate the new entrants and the makeup of each plane.

With this release, the Adventurer's Guild will now also be assigning tasks for these new creatures, though the highest-leveled creature tasks can only be attained by asking for tougher assignments. Note that the level 110 liches will only generate in the southern 'half' of the Scatter, so those looking to avoid them can do so.



Posted by GM Mestys 15 October 2009

Many GMs came together these past months to help with the design, implementation, and QC of the Rift expansion, and I'd like to thank them for their contributions (here, in reverse alphabetical order!).

Xayle: I find messaging to be one of the tougher bits of new creature creation, so I tend to look to others for some assistance. It wasn't long before I knew I had made the right choice in asking Xayle, and I'm sure any of the Scatter hunters can attest to appropriate creepiness that she captured in the new creatures. Xayle also assisted in the QC of the Scatter area.

Warden: Warden always has insightful input to guide any new implementations, and the Rift expansion was no exception. A lot of the early ground was set on its path thanks to his influence.

Strathspey: Strathspey was my go-to guy throughout the expansion event, and prior to that as a creature QCer. From the quirky Quiggan, to the crazy excerpts of Haukragg's journal, to everything involved with the lichbane alchemy items, he played a vital role in making the release happen.

Oscuro: I knew I would need some help in coding up the new creatures, so I turned to Oscuro. The fearsome Vvrael destroyers can be attributed to him, and he also provided creature QC and input into the design of other creatures and the Scatter.

Naos: I frequently banter back and forth with Naos about various topics, and it was his influence that led to some of the cerebralite's particular brand of oddity.

Lusus: Lusus helped to flesh out many of the early creature concepts, and later assisted behind the scenes with the release event. The environmental effects and portals to and from the Scatter were creatively fleshed out by him.

Korelys and Izzea: I knew that the initial stage of the event would be set in Icemule, but I wasn't totally sure on how to go about it. Korelys and Izzea provided with a fine and sensible atmosphere with Councilman Igerone and Mayor Nihala.

Auchand: Much of the flavor of the Scatter's wandering environmental effects and the fissures' characteristics were contributed by Auchand, who teamed up with Lusus to help flesh out the new area.

Aiza: Just as I needed someone to help maintain the macabre and chaotic nature of the creatures of the Rift, I also needed someone who could provide the atmosphere. Aiza was able to stamp her own brand of chaos on the harsh cold and cruel heat of the Scatter.