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The Adventurer's Guild is the in-genre name for the Bounty System. This organization is comprised by the assignment of certain heroic or adventurous tasks that characters within Elanthia can participate in. There are no level, race, or profession requirements to participate in this guild. Adventurers successfully completing tasks will be rewarded with experience, silver, and bounty points.

Obtaining A Task

Receiving a bounty task is as simple as going to the local town's bounty office and asking the Taskmaster there for an assignment. Based on the type of task assigned, you may also need to go to the local jeweler, furrier, herbalist, or town's guard to receive the details of your task. Once assigned a task, you cannot be assigned another for 15 minutes (real time not game time). The waiting period can be skipped with a bounty boost or bounty task voucher.

  • ASK TASKMASTER ABOUT BOUNTY : to receive a bounty task or turn in a completed one
  • ASK TASKMASTER ABOUT REMOVAL : to turn in an incomplete task
  • ASK TASKMASTER ABOUT EASIER : adjusts the level range of tasks you can be assigned (only available after level 15)
  • ASK TASKMASTER ABOUT HARDER : adjusts the level range of tasks you can be assigned (only available after level 15)
  • ASK TASKMASTER ABOUT ADD <person> : to add up to four other characters within 10 levels below your level to 5 levels above your level to your current task

Each time you ask for harder or easier it adjusts the level range of tasks assigned by one level. Initially this is +5 to -5. If you ask for easier, it then will assign you tasks from -6 to +5. You will then get a 15% penalty to your AdG rewards. If you ask again for it to be easier, it will be from -7 to +5. You will then get a 30% penalty. This pattern remains consistent for the third time and then the fourth time you get an assignment from +5 to -9. You will get a 60% penalty at this point and it is the lowest level range you can have assigned.

If you ask for harder from that point it will reverse the sequence of easier until you get to where you started from - at which point if you ask for harder you will get an assignment in the -5 to +6 range with no modification of your AdG rewards. Each time you ask increases the upper level until you get to the hardest level range which is -5 to +10.

  • BOUNTY is used to check the status of assigned bounties, as well as accrued bounty points and a record of completed tasks

Available Tasks

There are 8 types of task that the Taskmaster will randomly assign. Assignments will be based on your character's level and the location of that particular office. You can get assignments for creatures within five levels of your character, but the system will prioritize location as opposed to level. (For example, if there are more hunting areas nearby that are below your level, you will be assigned more underhunting tasks than overhunting ones.) You can share tasks with up to four other adventurers that are 5 levels higher or 10 levels lower by first leading the group and then asking the local taskmaster to ADD the other person. You cannot share gem, skin, herb, or escort bounties.

Gem Collecting

This Adventurer's Guild task requires you to obtain a number of a specific gem, and sell them to the town's jeweler. Assignments appear to be somewhat based upon your character's level. For example, a level 2 character would be asked to find something on the order of '6 pink spinels,' though as early as 15 trains one can be assigned to look for rarities such as Sylvarraend rubies. Rewards are based on specific gem type and quantity. Adventurers are more likely to find the gem that they are tasked to retrieve until they have received enough to complete the bounty. The multiplier only works on creatures that the hunter can learn from and that already drop that gem, and only if they were going to drop a gem of that value; shells will not drop in Icemule just because the multiplier is active, and zircons will not turn into diamonds.
Alchemy jars are useful for people who hoard gems in anticipation of these gem tasks. The jars hold 20 (or 50 or more, if a merchant-sold large jar is obtained) of one type of object, reducing the inventory quantity from 21 (including the jar) to 1. To get that jar back out, RUMMAGE IN MY CONTAINER INGREDIENT YELLOW ZIRCON will grab the correct jar.
Example Task:
The dealer says, "Ah, so you're from the Adventurer's Guild? Yes, I do have a task for you. I've recently received several orders from customers interested in purchasing a yellow zircon. Unfortunately, I do not have quite enough inventory on hand to meet this demand. I'd like for you to go round up 8 of them for me. You can SELL them to me as you find them."

See also: Gem collecting rewards


This task requires you to gather skins of a specific type and of at least a certain quality for the town furrier. Skinning tasks will only be assigned to characters with at least 0.5x combined training in Survival and First Aid (a level 100 character, for example, will not receive skinning tasks if they have 49 ranks or below). Rewards for this are based on the value of the skin.
Example Task:
Dakris says, "Ah, so you're from the Adventurer's Guild?  Yes, I do have a task for you. I've recently received an order for 8 cobra skins.  I'll need them all to be of at least fine quality.  I'd like you to go out and collect enough of these to fill my order.  You can SKIN them off the corpse of a cobra or purchase them from another adventurer.  You can SELL the skins to me as you collect them."


This task requires you to forage for a specific item in a specific area. The items foraged need to be fresh (not bundled or eaten). Rewards for this are based only on the difficulty of the item to forage.
Example Task:
Surtey Akrash says, "Ah, so you're from the Adventurer's Guild?  Yes, I do have a task for you.  I've been working on a concoction that requires some sprigs of larkspur.  Unfortunately, I need a specific variety that only grows in the old Mine Road near Wehnimer's Landing.  If you could retrieve 9 samples for me, I would be most grateful.  Keep in mind that I need these samples to be in pristine condition.  That means no eating, bundling, or otherwise damaging the samples. You can GIVE them to me as you FORAGE them."

See also: Foraging locations

Heirloom (loot)

This task is assigned by a town guard, and is one in which an item is said to have been lost to a specific creature in a certain area. To complete it, kill the creatures and LOOT them. SEARCHing the corpse also works, although it may take longer if you search instead of loot. You should eventually find one that was carrying the item in question. This can necessitate the killing of more than 30 of the creatures. The assignment of creature type and area is level-based. Rewards are based on the level of creature you are assigned to LOOT.
Example Task:
The guard says, "Ah, so you're from the Adventurer's Guild?  Yes, we do have a task for you.  One of our citizens was attacked by a death dirge in the Graveyard near Wehnimer's Landing.  He barely escaped with his life.  Unfortunately, in his haste to escape, he dropped a family heirloom of great sentimental value to him.  He has put up a reward for its safe return.  The heirloom is a twisted bronze brooch and you'll be able to identify it by the initials XL engraved upon it.  Hunt down the creature that attacked him, retrieve the heirloom, and report back to me."

Heirloom (search)

This task is assigned by a town guard and is one in which an item is lost in a specific area. To complete it, one must kneel with empty hands and search in a specific area. The item is not in a specific room before you start searching, so any room you start to search in will do. However, staying in a single room is ineffective. Furthermore, any rooms searched back-to-back do not count, thus a minimum of 3 total rooms are required for a loop (although it is possible to find an heirloom on the first attempt in a new room). However, it has been explicitly stated by a GM that searching several rooms over and over again (even if they 'count') is not a good strategy; the best strategy is to search as many rooms as possible without repeating. Training in Perception helps a lot for this task, and it is likely that the spell Presence does as well. Rewards are based on the level of creature that caused the item to be lost.
Example Task:
The guard says, "Ah, so you're from the Adventurer's Guild?  Yes, we do have a task for you.  One of our citizens was attacked by a giant marmot in the smuggling tunnels near Wehnimer's Landing.  He barely escaped with his life.  Unfortunately, in his haste to escape, he dropped a family heirloom of great sentimental value to him.  He has put up a reward for its safe return.  The heirloom is an entwined silver and gold necklace and you'll be able to identify it by the initials OP engraved upon it.  Hunting down the creature that attacked him won't do you much good, as I don't think they take a liking to treasure.  You'll probably find the item wedged into some nook or cranny in the area if you do a thorough SEARCH.  Report back to me once you have retrieved it."


This task is assigned by a town guard, and is a very simple task that just requires you to kill a number (between 10 and 30) of a specific creature in specific area due to their overpopulation. Note that this does not actually mean that the creatures in question are present in above-normal levels, so it may be necessary to bring a group along to increase the spawn rate. If you do damage to a creatures in question and it is later killed, you will get credit for the kill as long as you are still in the room. The number of creatures assigned is based on your comparative level, starting low when you're underleveled, and going higher as you outlevel the target. Rewards are based on the level of creature you are assigned to cull.
Example Task:
The guard says, "Ah, so you're from the Adventurer's Guild?  Yes, we do have a task for you.  We've noted a troubling increase in leaper activity on the Coastal Cliffs near Wehnimer's Landing.  We'd like you to cull their numbers a bit for us.  Killing 24 of them should do nicely.  Report back to me when you are done."

Boss creature

This task is assigned by a town guard, and is based on the report of a particularly (mean sounding adjective) creature running about. To complete it, you have to go kill some number of the regular creatures until the particularly mean one comes out. This one is of a higher level than the base creatures, and may have different abilities. The appearance of the boss creature is random, and may take killing more than 30 of the base creatures to get the boss to emerge. The assignment of creature type and area is level-based. Rewards are based on the level of creature you are assigned to kill.
Example Task:
The guard says, "Ah, so you're from the Adventurer's Guild?  Yes, we do have a task for you.  A particularly dangerous great boar has been attacking hunters based out of this town.  It has racked up quite a few kills and is beginning to worry us.  Most of the attacks have occurred on the Locksmehr Trail between Wehnimer's Landing and Zul Logoth, which it probably considers its territory.  Hunt it down, kill it, and report back to me.  It doesn't always attack hunters, but you can probably get its attention by killing other creatures of the same type in its territory."


This task requires you to escort an NPC from one town to the other. You pick up the NPC in the location specified by the taskmaster by using the WAIT verb. The NPC is very timid, and will not enter a room unless the room is either clear of creatures or they are stunned. You are also likely to be set upon by bandits - special creatures that are generated based on your level - during the course of the trip who will attack you and your escortee. The escortee is quite frail and needs to be protected in order for successful completion of the task. You can TELL <the escortee> TO WAIT while you make sure the road ahead is clear, which could save an untimely arrival. Upon entry into the destination town, the NPC will leave and you can go to any adventurer's guild to receive your reward. Escort task assignments are random and independent of your difficulty modifier (since you are not being assigned a hunting area as part of the task), except for high-level characters. If the adventurer has already been rewarded for a successful escort task in the past hour, the Taskmaster will make a telltale remark ("You've done a fine job of keeping our paying customers alive. Perhaps I can find something more difficult for you to take on.") to indicate a more difficult task is being contemplated. Otherwise, a shorter task is more likely to be assigned as normal. If you kill the NPC you have been assigned to escort, you will be suspended from further Adventurer's Guild tasks for 3 days per infraction with the following messaging:
"When word reaches the Adventurer's Guild that the traveler has gone missing and you are implicated in her possible demise, you will find that you are suspended from receiving new tasks for 3 days pending the investigation.  They cannot afford to be associated with you during this time."
Example Task:
Rheteger says,  "I've got a special mission for you.  A certain client has hired us to provide a protective escort on his upcoming journey.  Go to the area just inside the North Gate and WAIT for him to meet you  there.  You must guarantee his safety to Ta'Vaalor as soon as you can, being ready for any dangers that the two of you may face.  Good luck!"


This task is assigned by the town guard and requires you to go and find an NPC and rescue it from a place of danger. It is usually necessary to kill several of the creatures in order to entice the NPC to come out. Once out, the NPC will follow you, but only one room at a time. You simply advance one room, then wait for the NPC to follow, going more than one room at a time will cause the NPC to wait in its location. The NPC can be attacked by creatures or other characters, so the use of disabling spells and abilities on any hostile entities is highly advised. Rewards are based on the level of creature you are asked to rescue the NPC from.
Example Task:
The guard says, "Ah, so you're from the Adventurer's Guild?  Yes, we do have a task for you.  One of our citizens is in quite the predicament.  His young son ran away from home recently.  A local divinest has discerned glimpses of the child fleeing from a lesser burrow orc in Melgorehn's Valley near Wehnimer's Landing.  The child is still alive, though is in constant danger and is probably cowering where ever he can find somewhere to hide."

The guard continues, "Go out the area where the child was last seen, find him, and bring him back safetly to me.  You will probably need to kill some of the creatures that he was last seen fleeing from in order to build up his confidence in you and reveal himself."

Kill Bandits

This task is assigned by a town guard, and requires you to patrol the specified area for bandits. This task is similar to the warparty task given to Guardians of Sunfist members. Bandits will spring a trap when spawned that may bind, stun, or otherwise incapacitate the adventurer. Rewards are based on your level.

Example Task:
Dayle says, "Hmm, I've got a task here from the town of Kharam-Dzu. It appears they have a bandit problem they'd like you to solve. Go report to the dwarven militia sergeant near the Kharam-Dzu town gates to find out more. Be sure to ASK about BOUNTIES."

The sergeant says, "Ah, so you're from the Adventurer's Guild? Yes, we do have a task for you. We've noted a troubling increase in bandit activity recently. We'd like for you to patrol the old Logging Road near Kharam-Dzu and take out any bandits you encounter. Killing 17 of them should do nicely. Report back to me when you are done."


For each task you are awarded some amount of silver, experience, and bounty points. Experience is only gained when the exp "pool" is in normal limits (not saturated. There is a warning when you try to turn in a finished bounty before you can absorb it. The experience given by the reward is applied to the "to be absorbed" experience up until you become moderately saturated. Any reward in excess of that amount will have half applied to your "to be absorbed" experience and half will be absorbed instantly. The experience awarded is influenced by the Gift of Lumnis system, so the award of 1000 experience on Gift of Lumnis is the equivalent of being awarded 3000 experience.

Bounty points are awarded and can be exchanged for items in the bounty point treasure system. Points are awarded based on the difficulty of the task. For example, retrieving 5 brown zircons (value ~10 silvers) may give 50 bounty points, while retrieving 10 uncut diamonds (value ~5000 silvers) may award 1250 bounty points.

Task Type Shareable Bounty points Received Experience Received Silver Received
Gem collecting No Varies 1000 Varies
Skinning No Varies 600 - 700 Varies
Foraging No Varies 800 5 × Bounty points
Heirloom Yes 15 + 7 × creature level 800 150 + 70 × creature level
Culling Yes 25 + 9 × creature level 1000 250 + 90 × creature level
Boss creature Yes 25 + 9 × creature level 800 250 + 90 × creature level
Escort No (250-500) + (2-14) × your level 500 - 2500 10 × Bounty points
Rescue Yes 25 + 9 × creature level 1000 250 + 90 × creature level
Bandits Yes 25 + 9 × your level 1000 250 + 90 × your level

Escort Rewards

Bounty points and silver for Escort tasks are determined by level and distance between towns; silvers earned is just 10x bounty points. Experience is based solely on the distance between towns.

Bounty point formula per trip (L is your level):

From Landing Solhaven Icemule Zul Logoth Ta'Illistim Ta'Vaalor
Wehnimer's Landing - 250 + 2×L  ? 350 + 6×L 450 + 10×L  ?
Solhaven 250 + 2×L - 400 + 8×L 400 + 8×L 500 + 12×L 550 + 14×L
Icemule Trace  ? 400 + 8×L - 600 + 16×L 600 + 16×L? 650 + 18×L
Zul Logoth 350 + 6×L 400 + 8×L  ? - 300 + 4×L 350 + 6×L
Ta'Illistim 450 + 10×L 500 + 12×L 600 + 16×L 300 + 4×L - 250 + 2×L
Ta'Vaalor  ? 550 + 14×L 650 + 18×L 350 + 6×L 250 + 2×L -

Experience per trip:

From Landing Solhaven Icemule Zul Logoth Ta'Illistim Ta'Vaalor
Wehnimer's Landing - 500 1000 1000 1500 1750
Solhaven 500 - 1250 1250 1750 2000
Icemule Trace 1000 1250 - 1750 2250 2450
Zul Logoth 1000 1250 1750 - 750 1000
Ta'Illistim 1500 1750 2250 750 - 500
Ta'Vaalor 1750 2000 2450 1000 500 -

And a guess:

BP = 200 + 50×D + 2×D×L
exp = 250 + 250×D
silver = 2000 + 500×D + 20×D×L

Where D is the distance modifier as below:

From Landing Solhaven Icemule Zul Logoth Illistim Vaalor
Wehnimer's Landing - 1 3 3 5 6
Solhaven 1 - 4 4 6 7
Icemule Trace 3 4 - 6 8 9
Zul Logoth 3 4 6 - 2 3
Ta'Illistim 5 6 8 2 - 1
Ta'Vaalor 6 7 9 3 1 -

Treasure System

1 a crystal amulet 100 A standard ESP amulet
2 a black crystal 500 Two charges of Floating Disk
3 a treasure chest 250 x tier An unopened treasure chest. Chests are graded in tiers (1-10), with 1 being the poorest, on average. Comes locked and potentially trapped.
4 a magic item 1,000 An item charged with a random unidentified spell
5 recharge an enhancive item * Have the item ready in your hand for a cost quote
6 a weak potion of accelerated unlearning 100,000 Instantly migrates all Armor, Combat Maneuver List, and Shield training points when drunk
7 a strong potion of accelerated unlearning (fixskill potion) 250,000 Instantly migrates all skills to match skill goals when drunk
8 a potion of body and mind (fixstat potion) 1,000,000 Grants the ability to reallocate your stats when drunk
9 a sword-crossed treasure chest tattoo 40,000 Specify a body location when ordering a tattoo!
10 a multihued compass rose tattoo 40,000 A multihued compass rose tattoo encircling a map
11 a drooling green gremlin tattoo 40,000 A green gremlin tattoo drooling over piles of gems
12 a feather charm 1,000 Reduces your encumbrance level by 40 lbs for 5 minutes. Rub activation with 1 charge.
13 a mandis charm 1,000 Dispels ALL spells currently affecting you. Rub activation with 1 charge.
14 Chronomage-approved Gold Ring of Teleportation 1,000 A standard teleportation ring, licensed for 20 successful teleports.
15 throat balm 1,500 Eliminates all current vocal chord stress and excessive thirstiness. Rub activation with 1 charge.
16 temporary damage padding * Add damage padding to your armor for 50 hits. Somewhat and heavy padding levels are available.
17 temporary elemental flares * Add fire, cold, or electricity flares to your weapon for 30 flare activations.
18 Magical armoire 25,000 Quickly dress and undress your character.
19 Magical armoire 75,000 Quickly dress and undress your character with max lightened version.
Society Reset 500,000 acquired via puzzle (see below)

Spoiler alert! This section contains the puzzle solution for the society reset!

ask HEADMASTER about society and ask HEADMASTER about society reset

Zanic lowers his voice and says, "Yes, we do have a working relationship with the societies and it seems that you've managed to get at least one of them quite annoyed with you. You've served our guild well and someday we might be able to intervene on your behalf, Obelin. Once you accumulate 500,000 bounty reward points, come talk to me again and we'll see about getting you back into their good graces."


Adventurer's Guild participants can earn profession titles by completing a set amount of tasks or earning a set amount of bounty points.

A list of the titles can be found here.


Main article: Adventurer's Guild Badge

These badges are awarded to anyone who is a member of the Adventurer's Guild (have completed an AdG task). Their function is as both a status symbol (as the more points you accumulate, the fancier your badge can be) and as an enhancive item. They are awarded by the Treasure Master and the look of the badge is awarded based on the number of points you have accumulated. Further upgrades of the badge can also be accomplished based on the number of bounty points you have accumulated. Note: if enough time has passed since acquiring a badge, a replacement badge can be acquired for free; replacement badges when not enough time has passed cost 10,000 bounty points.

Upgrading badges is accomplished with points from an unseen badge pool which increments every time your earn a bounty point. In particular, upgrading a badge will not reduce your current bounty point pool nor does it cost silvers. A badge can be upgraded in five different areas, and each area can be upgraded ten times, giving a total of 11 possible upgrade tiers. When you first receive your badge each area is in upgrade tier 0. It costs 10,000*(n+1) to upgrade a badge area from tier n to tier n + 1.

Example 1: Suppose we have earned 30,000 BP total and never upgraded our badge. Currently our badge pool has 30,000 points in it. If we upgrade the binding to tier 1, it costs 10,000*1 badge points, leaving us with 20,000 badge points. We could then choose to upgrade the binding again to tier 2, which would cost 10,000*2=20,000 points and leave us with 0 badge points. Alternatively, we could decide instead to upgrade both the material and gem to tier 1, costing a total of 20,000 badge points and again leaving us with 0 badge points.

Example 2: Let's figure out how much it costs to completely upgrade an area. The cost would be 10,000*(1 + 2 + ... + 10)=10,000*(10*11/2)=550,000. In other words, if we have earned 550,000 total bounty points and never upgraded the badge, we could completely upgrade one area of the badge.

Example 3: Generalizing the previous example, let's compute how much it costs to upgrade the entire badge completely. Obviously this is simply 5*(cost to upgrade a single area)=5*550,000=2,750,000. Thus, once we have earned 2,750,000 total bounty points we could complete upgrade the badge.

The more upgrades you get, the bigger its enhancive capacity will be. On top of that, the two or three highest-ranking upgrades on your badge have the potential to unlock its ability to hold more than one enhancement.

You can set up your badge to enhance any skill or stat or other attribute that is available on the menu. If you want to know how much of a particular enhancement your badge can hold, just ask the treasure master NPC without specifying the bonus amount. Be aware that the treasure master has to drain your badge of all its charges before he can make any change to the enhancements it holds!

Once you've upgraded your badge and set it up with the enhancements you want, you'll have to place an order from the regular rewards menu to have it charged up, just like you can have any enhancive charged up. Recharging badges costs less than recharging other equivalent enhancive items, though.

Other tips:

  • The badges are permanently attuned to the owner.
  • If by some weird calamitous chance you manage to lose your badge, you can ask for a new one, but you'll have to set it up all over again. If you get a new badge, the old badge will become a useless paperweight and lose its attunement to you (or anyone).
  • The strength of the enhancements you can get is limited by the overall value of your badge, but it is also limited by your level. The level limits aren't too restrictive, however -- a capped player could have a +10 stat enhancer, for example.


AdG maps.png

SimuCoin/Login Reward Items

There are three different types of SimuCoin/Login Reward Items: a Bounty Boost, a Bounty Task Voucher, and a Bounty Task Waiver.

Bounty Boost

A bounty boost reduces all bounty wait times to 5 seconds until the character shares a task or successfully completes one. The boost lasts for a maximum of one hour. It is rewarded directly on the 5th and 15th days of Login Rewards. In addition, guild boosts may be converted to bounty boosts, and those are rewarded on 9th and 19th days of Login Rewards.

Bounty Task Vouchers

an Adventurer's Guild voucher pack

Bounty Task Vouchers are applied to a single character and allow that character to switch tasks without waiting 15 minutes. They are sold in the SimuCoin store under the heading "Bounty Task Vouchers" in packs of 10 or 100, for 75 or 700 SimuCoins, respectively. Sometimes they appear as prizes or in giftboxes in other quantities such as 50 per pack. Regardless of the quantity, the item is named: an Adventurer's Guild voucher pack.

Info from the SimuCoin store:

Bounty Task Vouchers - Are you not in the mood for the Task you've been given? Want to move on immediately, without having to wait for a new task? Just redeem one of these handy, dandy Bounty Task Vouchers to get a fresh task.

  • Reset your task and try another
  • Cancels current Task
  • Allows player to request a new Task
  • This is a pack of {##} Vouchers
  • Appearance: "An Adventurer's Guild Voucher Pack"
an Adventurer's Guild voucher pack

>give my pack to Reyanna
Reyanna takes your Guild voucher pack and says, "I'll let my taskmasters know of these redeemed vouchers immediately, {PlayerName}.  You may use them by ASKing any of my taskmasters about EXPEDITING your task reassignment."

[You now have a total of {##} expedited task reassignment vouchers available for use.]

>read my pack
In neat caligraphy, it reads:
This voucher pack entitles the presenter to {##} expedited task reassignments, courtesy of the Adventurer's Guild.  Valid only on tasks voluntarily removed from.
To reedem this voucher pack, please GIVE it to headmaster of any Adventurer's Guild location.

>inspect my pack
Inspecting that may not be a sound idea.

>analyze my pack
You analyze your Guild voucher pack and sense that there is no recorded information on that item.  It may or may not be able to be worked on by a merchant alterer.

You get no sense of whether or not the pack may be further lightened.

>loresing (verse 1)
This is a small item, under a pound.  In your best estimation, it's worth about 5,000 silvers.
>loresing (verse 2)
From the pitch of the vibration you determine that the purpose of the pack is unusual, but the exact use escapes you.
>loresing (verse 3)
You feel as though you have reached the end of the pack's song.
>loresing (verse 4)
You feel as though you have reached the end of the pack's song.

Bounty Task Waiver

A Bounty Task Waiver costs 400 SimuCoins and will exempt a character from a specified type of task for 30 days. Four 1-hour versions are earned by a character on the 11th day of Login Rewards, and eight 1-hour versions are earned on the 22nd day (F2P characters get two 1-hour waivers both days).

>l waiver
In neat calligraphy, it reads:
This waiver entitles the presenter to be granted an exemption period of 30 days whereby the presenter may choose one type of task to not be assigned to him or her.

To redeem this waiver, please GIVE it to the headmaster of any Adventurer's Guild location.

>give waiver to Raelir
Raelir takes your Guild task waiver and says, "Very well <name>, you may now specify one type of task that you wish be exempt from.  To do so, simply ASK me to EXEMPT you from any of the following tasks:  Kill Creatures, Retrieve Heirloom, Procure Skins, Procure Gems, Protect Traveller, Procure Herbs, Kill Dangerous Creature, Rescue Child, Kill Bandits."

>Kill Bandits
Raelir says, "Very well, <name>.  You are now exempt from being assigned the Kill Bandits task."

Waivers prevent further tasks of the specified type from being assigned while they are in effect, they do not remove already assigned tasks from when they were not in effect. -GM Coase

Once a task is selected, it will be remembered until another task or NOTHING is selected. A task waiver must be in effect before getting a task from the taskmaster to work.

Behind the Scenes

The Bounty System went live in Prime on August 9, 2006.