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Timeline of Events


  • A Hendoran knight brings news that Breshon Caulfield, son of the Baron of Bourth, has arrived at the Outpost ahead of schedule and invited everyone to dinner the following night.
  • While speaking with the knight, a hooded figure in a white cloak is briefly spotted outside leaping down from a rooftop. Shortly afterward, a scream is heard along South Ring Road, where adventurers find a frightened woman next to a bloody corpse with a red rook tattoo on his neck. When questioned, the woman claims that the dead man made unwanted advances on her and that after she screamed, a figure of unknown gender and about human height appeared in a blur to kill her attacker.
  • The militia escorts the woman home and the night watchman calls for town guards to take away the corpse after agreeing to Magister Bekke's request to see if Councilman Beldrin can identify the body some other time.


  • Breshon Caulfield himself lays out a feast for Landing adventurers before introducing himself, then asks for everyone else's introductions and banters with them. He says that he's here as acting commander for now, but the Northern Sentinel--Earl Jovery--is searching for a permanent commander in case he cannot reach Sir Thadston, from whom nothing has been heard.
  • Breshon's sister Larsya drops by to visit, but remains stuck reliving a small frame of time in which she discovers her magically rapidly-aged body. Adventurers extend their offer to find a cure and Breshon says that is why he is here, along with furthering trade and providing temporary stability for the Outpost.
  • Afterward, it is announced that Town Council member Surofee will be stepping down mid-Lormestra to focus on the Wellington Home. The candidates for new Town Council members will be Larton, Edwina, Malluch Burdos, Alendrial DeArchon, Granthem, and Cutlass; a few nights of debates and questions will center around the candidates and then Mayor Cruxophim will appoint one to join the Council if approved by Judge Renpaw.


  • The figure in a white longcoat is seen again and shortly afterward the corpse of a giantman in a blacksmith apron is found in the back alley near Helga's.
  • Stormyrain gets the loresong from the corpse, revealing images of 1) him being drunken and angry around a beaten human woman inside a home, 2) him digging in a graveyard while glancing over his shoulder, 3) the figure in a white longcoat descending from a rooftop, and 4) the figure slicing the giantman's gut and then disappearing like mist.
  • Adventurers go to inquire about the giantman with Iron Jack (the town blacksmith), who says the man was named Rusty and had a human wife, but doesn't remember her name and won't confirm where the two of them lived unless asked by the Constable.
  • Afterward they go to speak with Helga, who banters back and forth with the adventurers and says that Rusty was often there drinking, always alone. She says rumors have been going around town about the white vigilante, and that Sleepy (the West Gate guard) has also heard them in his stops by the bar, but nobody is sure what to think of the vigilante--be it male, female, ancient spirit, or multiple people. The group ends its night by trying to come up with nicknames for the vigilante.


  • Another corpse slain by the vigilante is found at Banker's Square, this time a town clerk with severed hands. Archales' loresong seems to reveal that the man stole money from his work at Moot Hall and gambled it away, but left his wife and two children hungry.
  • Breshon returns from a hunt and speaks with adventurers in the Feast Hall at the outpost, later mentioning that he is skilled with bow and blade and has been hunting bears, boars, and manticores.
  • When informed about a vigilante in the Landing, Breshon says it's troubling and that it's a romantic term for a murderer, but that Bourth--where he is from--also deals with similar criminals: Gallard's Guardians. (See this: https://gswiki.play.net/Bourth#Gallard.27s_Guardians )
  • Breshon mentions that he's had Kestrel's golems sealed away.
  • Breshon reiterates that he's here to find a cure for his sister Larsya. Adventurers begin offering aid or proposing ideas, and Breshon says he'll gather their minds in the near future, but the group is interrupted by the sound of Larsya being troubled again and he leaves to calm her.


  • The white vigilante attacks again, this time trying--but failing--to kill Madmountan in Town Square Central. Madmountan says he has no idea why he was attacked other than maybe older transgressions.
  • Later in the night, the vigilante is seen speaking with Puptilian and Dinaden atop the Stone Baths. Adventurers pursue, but as they get there, the vigilante flees. Puptilian reports that the man said he would not stop until he'd cleansed the Landing of darkness. He says the man is well trained but likely not military trained, says that based on the way he spoke it seems to be a single person and not a group, and that the man "believes there is corruption from top to bottom" and "feels the only way to clean the mess is to bring his own justice," including the Rooks and their supporters.
  • Pup further adds that it is likely someone from the town, since he seems to know its history well, but doubts that the vigilante is a Rook. He suggests that Stormyrain should first look into those who quit the militia several months ago.


  • Town Council Debates: Night 1


  • Town Council Debates: Night 2


  • Crying children are found at the barracks, saying they were taken away by a woman who gave them candy and told them people were coming to take them away, before a ghost arrived and killed her.
  • After the militia escorts the children home, adventurers look for the kidnapper's corpse and find her in a cave in Danjirland. Kembriana loresings to discover that the woman fed children poisoned candy and caged them to be sold off, but before it could happen she was killed by the vigilante teleporting in.
  • The would-be slavers, seemingly there to pick up their quarry, attack, but are swiftly slain. The last remaining bandit sounds a horn and retreats, stirring an attack from angry trolls and spiders in the cave, but after an extended battle the Landing defenders prevail.


  • The vigilante is spotted again briefly, then the ground begins to rumble. Adventurers go to investigate and begin finding Rook corpses throughout Burrow Way amidst explosions and chaotic battles.
  • Stormyrain's loresong for one of the corpses reveals the vigilante threatening a Rook for Rysus' location, but getting no answers and taking the Rook's life before disappearing and dropping white gear-covered prisms.
  • Tyrrah finds a prism on the corpse and Stormyrain asks to see it for investigation, but Tyrrah says she'll hand it to Wolfloner. Wolfloner suggests giving it to Archales, but Archales says he doesn't want to aid further in the investigation. An arrow shoots Tyrrah and she drops the prism, but Archales picks it up and slips into hiding--though later on he reports that a loresong revealed no helpful information.
  • Stormyrain's loresong for the next corpse reveals another case of the vigilante demanding Rysus' location, getting no information, and killing the Rook.
  • Leafiara finds a prism near that corpse, but turns one of its gears and shortly afterward it explodes, blowing her up and killing seven others with shrapnel.
  • Stormyrain's loresong for a group of burnt Rook corpses reveals them killed without being questioned, as they were playing with dice and darts when the vigilante threw a crimson orb--the type previously used by Walkar and the Rooks--to unleash fire on them.
  • Afterward, a lengthy discussion among Landing folks and other adventurers follows about jurisdiction and law in the Landing.


  • The vigilante "Rone" appears at Walkar's grave and gives a warning to those "celebrating in shadows," saying he's returned to bring justice, will clean the streets of the Landing and empty of it shadows, and calls Mayor Cruxophim the heart of the problem who has poisoned the town.


  • Prelate Lheren greets everyone at Wayside Inn, revealing that he's been back in the area for a few weeks, but didn't announce it as he had some work that needed to be conducted in secrecy.
  • Lheren is here to "wash out some of the stains and sins of the past" in the wake of the corruption in the Church exposed by Prelate Chaston. He is certain Chaston's "Faithkeepers"--a group of Landing citizens who were in thrall to Chaston--are disbanded.
  • Lheren thinks that now that time has passed, it's time to rebuild the image of Koar.
  • Shinann asks about Thadston and Lheren says he was only with him for two weeks before parting near Brisker's Cove, before he took a ship to the Swale.
  • Lheren says he had heard about the golem Thadston and the corruption the Kestrels brought; Raelee asks if he intends to investigate it and he says he always seeks to investigate corruption. She says she welcomes it and he says he'll hear her out soon.
  • Cruxophim mentions a vigilante is trying to clean up the corruption; Lheren asks about it, so Crux fills him in, and Lheren calls vigilantism a dangerous road.
  • Lheren turns in for the night, saying Breshon Caulfield has set up quarters for him at the outpost and "we are to speak tomorrow." [I took this as that Lheren and Breshon will be talking offscreen, but could be wrong]
  • As adventurers discuss the night afterward, gossiping townspeople are heard hoping Rone will kill Cruxophim and Goblyn, then imply maybe they themselves should do something.


Throughout the night, several notes appear at Cruxophim's feet, delivered through the ethereal mist. They read:

"Jacob Aldon. Hunter. Death by Mayor." "Marquis Schofield. New citizen. Death by Mayor. "Justin Mullen. Rook. Death by Mayor. "Charles Golston. Traveler. Death by Mayor. "Terion Koonce. Shanty Town Vagrant. Death by Mayor. "Torie Sampson. Traveling priestess. Death by Mayor. "Mayor Cruxophim. Death by Rone. Fashanos. 5118.


  • Rone quotes words spoken at Lana's funeral, says that Crux's pardons don't forgive sins, and says he is a monster like another who once held his office. (Presumed to be Walkar.) He says those of sin around Crux will suffer first, then he'll come for Crux and it won't be swift.
  • Later in the night, two dozen horses with riders approach North Gate and Ayred also appears with them before Stephos arrives to greet them. Ayred passes Stephos a yellow shard.
  • The riders are Stephos' hired help, a new plan of his since Crux didn't want to release prisoners as was the previous proposed plan. Stephos assures Puptilian, Stormyrain, and Shinann that his men will behave themselves.
  • Stephos ends the night by expressing hope that the "vigilante business will be behind us... sooner than we expect"


  • Alendrial of the Town Council denounces the actions of the vigilante going by the name of Rone and places a bounty of five million silvers for the vigilante's capture, dead or alive. Mayor Cruxophim says he'll double the offer.


  • A dockworker named Frederick brings a white-cloaked corpse to the front of Town Hall, claiming it to be Rone and asking Mayor Cruxophim for the bounty money offered by the Town Council. Crux tells him to report to Moot Hall and that he'll be contacted when the body is confirmed to be Rone. The town guard takes the body away.
  • A scream is heard in Moot Hall and Frederick is found dead, where a loresong from Naamit reveals that he committed fraud, killing a Shanty Town man and dressing him up as Rone, before being killed by Rone himself inside.
  • Afterward Granthem is spotted outside of Moot Hall, passed out in the snow. He reports losing time and not knowing how he got there since he was last sleeping in his bed at House Phoenix. Seeing it as a case of sleepwalking, people suggest multiple possible solutions--putting extra locks on his door, having others lock him in, using spells to keep him in his room, tying his ankle to something, staying in a more secure location--and he thanks people for their advice before leaving.
  • Some time later, whorls of mist appear near Xorus, Deckits, and Marijka. Though none of them are attacked, the latter two later report hearing whispered threats.


  • Stephos DeArchon's black-armored mercenaries are seen patrolling Wehnimer's Landing, looking for Rone, but one of them falls dead and Rone is seen running along the rooftops.
  • Multiple search parties large and small split up to comb streets and rooftops, but at first nobody can get a lead as another mercenary is killed off. A third mercenary fires on Rone, but hits only his ethereal mist. However, Rone seems gradually backed into a corner as he makes another appearance only to quickly retreat when town guards approach.
  • Stephos breaks his shard of yellow plinite, creating an antimagic field throughout town, and one of his mercenaries fires on Rone, hitting him in the side. Rone falls out of sight.
  • Town guards soon report the injured Rone on the west end of South Ring Road, where nearly eighty adventurers confront him. Rone takes Lylia hostage with a dagger to her throat, amidst attempts to talk him down, threaten him, surround him to cut off escape routes, or attack with weapons.
  • Lylia, unable to use her magic because of the plinite's effect, threatens to use a crimson orb to take him down with her, but instead Rone activates one of his prisms and retreats with her in tow. Shortly afterward the prism detonates, killing nearly three dozen and injuring nearly four dozen more, leaving clerics and empaths scrambling to save lives despite the antimagic field.
  • Some adventurers continue searching for Rone and Lylia, and eventually Leafiara finds them in the hollow tree in the Lower Dragonsclaw. Rone asks for help and Lylia, struggling against an unseen force, asks if Leafi can help him. Rone moves his dagger away and Leafiara agrees, beginning to tend Rone's wound just as Stonmel arrives. Stonmel prepares a spell, but Leafiara makes a sanctuary and continues bandaging Rone. As she finishes, she says they need to talk; Rone thanks her but says not now, then lets Lylia go and vanishes into the ethereal mist.


  • Minor demons are no longer banned in the Landing!


  • Breshon Caulfield would like to go over ideas and theories in the coming weeks about what might be done to help his sister Larsya, aged by the Epochxin.
  • Ysharra and Lylia invite Breshon and Larsya to a masquerade ball held by the Faendryl Enclave on the coming Feastday and he says he'll try to attend.
  • Evician proposes a commune with the Arkati to seek help for Larsya and Breshon says he'll consider it, then later retires for the evening.
  • Afterward Mayor Cruxophim hosts a discussion and encourages pursuit of the commune as Evician and Leafiara propose that asking Fash'lo'nae or Lumnis is likely the best course. The two agree to seek out clerics of those Arkati.
  • Much later on, Rone strikes again and slays Marijka on the roof of Moot Hall.


  • In the coming weeks, Prelate Lheren hopes to replace the blood marble altar at the Hendoran outpost and will seek Deacon Irar's aid in blessing the new one.
  • Lheren wants to have a revival in the Church now that it's been over a year since the death of Chaston Griffin and asks Irar to find others with faith in Koar. Irar first names Evician, Wintersylph, and Brokkrsten as candidates to help with the revival.
  • Irar then names Marijka as a candidate, but also claims that she pretended to be an inquisitor of the Everwatch Tower and sought to convict him of apostasy. Lheren inquires and Marijka says that she is a lay sister associated with the Tower and does not claim to be ordained or a full member, adding that it's her duty to report matters to the Tower that require their attention. Lheren says her name does not strike him and asks who she reports to, but she says she cannot give a name. Lheren says he will look into it and that he hopes the Deacon is mistaken, as he did not flinch at burning Davard at the stake.
  • Lheren will take into consideration a private request from Mayor Cruxophim regarding the blood marble altar, but mentions that blood marble is very valuable to the Empire, especially with the mines in Talador inaccessible.


  • The corpse of Johan, a priest of Oleani, is found on Dragonsclaw Road along with a symbol of Oleani.
  • Khylynnia sings to the symbol and Stormyrain sings to the corpse, revealing the tale of a jealous acolyte sabotaging Johan's services to gain a following in his own congregation, only for Johan to reclaim the greater following after he begins preaching against Rone and Mayor Cruxophim. Johan, though hoping for the best for the acolyte, is knocked out along with him one night in a flash of mist. A white-cloaked figure in a mask removes organs and bones from both of them, replacing the acolyte's body parts with Johan's. Johan dies, but the acolyte later wakes only to go mad and flee after seeing his new "horrendous mocking mimicry of Johan's visage" in a mirror.


  • A ship called the Frontiers Heart is seen approaching Wehnimer's Landing, flying the Landing's flag, but while it's still out in Darkstone Bay Rone attacks and slays everyone on board.
  • Adventurers swim out to the ship and find that loresongs of the corpses reveal it was used for selling slaves to the krolvin. In the loresong, a rune along Rone's gauntlet is also seen fading after he repeatedly disappears and reappears.
  • Back in town, Wintersylph uses a Symbol of Need to alert people to Rone's presence just west of North Dock, speaking with a small crowd. Rone says he didn't kill the priest from the night before and that three others are imitating him and trying to bait him out. He says he'll kill them when he finds them and tells Stormyrain that he'll expose and present Mayor Cruxophim's secrets to her before week's end.
  • After Rone vanishes, fires break out near Murdos Burdos' gemcutter's shop--and eventually inside it--and dozens of bandits ambush adventurers only to ultimately be slain.


  • Rone appears on the rooftops and leads adventurers toward a hut in Shanty Town, where Stormyrain discovers a hole leading underground; she and Shinann enter and Sir Cryheart follows with his own group. Later in the evening Stormyrain reports that Rone supplied her and Shinann with information about where to look.
  • Inside the underground cavern, four captives are found who are terrified at the sight of Cruxophim, along with an ebony cart carrying torture devices and an ivory diagram of the bone-like pillars in the surroundings of Wehnimer's Landing. Adventurers free and heal the captives; Crux denies doing this or knowing who they are, but agrees to go into the shadows to avoid scaring them.
  • The four captives are taken to the Raging Thrak Inn, where some of them tell their story. A man named Anton says he's been there two weeks and was the last one to be taken, saying there were originally seven but that three were taken away and that Klarisa--one of the women--claims their captor ate them. He says all of them were tortured by Cruxophim.
  • Evia asks how they were fed and Anton says they were offered "a sludge like soup and black apples" but none took the apples. Anton says it's a blur and he remembers cutting and healing of wounds.
  • One of the men, Tal, mumbles about "he said he's thirteen" and Anton says he was "gone of the mind" for a while.
  • One of the women, Stephanie, says she was taken before the others and that Crux ate the others, but then says she didn't see him do it or how.
  • A squire from the Order of the Silver Gryphon escorts the two men and women away to the Holding outside town.


  • Councilwoman Alendrial DeArchon and Councilman Beldrin hear out Mayor Cruxophim's plan for the pillars around the environs created by Grishom Stone. The proposal is to imbue three of the five pillars with shadow energy lingering in those who have visited the Shadow Realm, rendering them no longer inert, and repurposing their magic to create wards around the Landing that can protect against enemies like the Ithzir, Stone, and Raznel. Crux says this has already been done with the other two of five pillars.
  • Afterward the Council members open a list for questions and comments as Hapenlok, Stonmel, Puptilian, and Shinann give their thoughts. Among other details, Crux explains that only key figures who can be trusted with "access incantations" would be able to use the pillars.
  • As the questions wrap up, several white cloaked figures surround Moot Hall, saying they're citizens who have come for the Mayor to take him into custody to face trial. They declare "We are Rone. We are Wehnimer's" and say that the "wicked" adventurers around him should stand down.
  • Crux consults with adventurers about whether he should go along and the consensus is no. However, as the white-cloaked townspeople ready weapons even while claiming they won't harm anyone if they can take the Mayor peacefully, Crux offers to go with them to avoid bloodshed. When the townspeople approach, adventurers initially attempt to put them to sleep or calm them, but tensions soon rise and attacks begin with both sides taking casualties.
  • The Mayor, militia, and others call for a stop to the battle, but to no avail as neither the townspeople nor some adventurers cease their attacks. A bloody night follows and eventually one of the townspeople uses a wand to turn Cruxophim into stone--but Talonir is able to cure him and the townspeople withdraw, their numbers reduced.


Councilwoman Alendrial DeArchon approves Mayor Cruxophim's plan to repurpose the pillars created by Grishom Stone and requests that the Mayor prepare everything for next week, with the process to be supervised by a representative from the Wehnimer's Landing Town Council.


  • As Mayor Cruxophim and adventurers prepare in the mayor's office for the plan with the bone pillars, Tykel Rone enters the room and pleads not to go through with it, saying it dishonors the death of his niece Kalie in 5111. He takes aim at Crux with a crossbow, but is dissuaded by the crowd; however, he vows that when the plan comes back to haunt us, he'll shoot Crux in the skull before the end comes.
  • The crowd awaits the Town Council's overseer, but a town crier announces that Alendrial DeArchon is occupied and has appointed Dame Evia of the Order of the Silver Gryphon to supervise and report. Evia delegates note taking (but not necessarily reporting) to Leafiara.
  • At the first bone pillar, Leaoh and Lylia among others draw shadow energy from Hapenlok and Madmountan while Cruxophim, Goblyn, Magister Raelee, Xorus, and others stabilize and focus the energy--among other surrounding activities including anointing the area with Hlendril's spilled blood. Hap and Mad are recommended to think of dark times to better urge out the shadows. No unexpected incidents occur and the cracks in the pillar seal up with whorls of a shadowy black substance.
  • The pillar at the Coastal Cliffs had already been activated, but the group briefly drops by to see it. Hap, who had been to the shadow realm twice, reports feeling better after having the shadow energy extracted.
  • At the third bone pillar on the Glatoph, Leaoh, Lylia, Nakaira, and Xeldome among others draw shadow energy from Lornieh and Xorus, then later Leafiara. Meanwhile others continue the procedures from the first pillar, this time joined by Hapenlok and Madmountan as participants instead of conduits. The weather of the already chilly area intensifies throughout the process, leading Meureii to start a controlled fire, but otherwise there are no further incidents and ice crystals in the area fuse into the pillar, repairing it.
  • Afterward some of those involved report feeling their life force drained, but Crux says it was to be expected and Hap and Leafi claim to feel better after having the shadow energy extracted.
  • At the fourth bone pillar--the last one not already activated--procedures continue as before, this time with energy drawn from Evia, Leafi, and Rekarth. This time some of those present report feeling their life force drained even if not directly participating, and toward the end of the process a woman's voice is heard from within the pillar calling for help as the pillar seems to tremble. However, the voice fades as the ritual ends and the pillar's cracks are infused with living shadows. Several people including Evia, Leafiara, Leaoh, Lornieh, Lylia, and Mourne report minor fatigue from the rituals, but none make it out to be cause for concern.


  • Judge Renpaw announces that voting booths will be set up later in the evening. And indeed they are set up later! They're outside Moot Hall (TSE), outside the Raging Thrak Inn (TSNW), and outside the furrier (south of Land's End).
  • Judge Renpaw and his deputies have been questioning the detained occupants at the Order of the Silver Gryphon's Holding and have found them to be impostors, likely acting in a plot to frame Mayor Cruxophim. Information about one of them did reveal that person had come to Wehnimer's Landing a few years ago and did disappear, but didn't match the same description.
  • Mayor Crux has been cleared of pending charges.
  • Renpaw takes questions from the audience and says he has no suspects in the plot to frame Crux and cannot discuss leads, that the prisoners have been examined physically and are in good health, and that there's been no sign of any others who were with the prisoners.
  • Renpaw also says Rone was sighted the night of enacting the pillar plan, but nothing came of it.


  • Rooks are seen running along the rooftops and Rone is spotted throwing one out a window near Frith's Inn. Adventurers pursue, but find nothing other than one remaining Rook who's killed before any questions can be asked.
  • Adventurers continue pursuing Rone, but he appears near Mayor Cruxophim, injects him with something that makes him limp, then uses a box with a glyph trap to take him into a temporal rift. Xorus follows them in.
  • (note: this bullet point should be considered OOC knowledge only unless you were there or hear otherwise from one of the people who witnessed it) Rone has a telling conversation with an immobilized Crux regarding his past, as Alasatia, Xorus, and Raelee also bear witness. (this part of the log was originally provided by Xorus here: http://forums.play.net/forums/GemStone%20IV/Towns/Wehnimer's%20Landing/view/12853 )
  • Back outside, pursuit continues to no avail until finally Crux is heard on the amunet, saying he's near the alchemist. Adventurers rush over and he explains that the injection has cut off his magic.
  • Rooks appear on the rooftops and begin firing, presumably at Rone, and the chase continues. Madmountan, who was with Meureii's group, kills him with one powerful slash to the side! Adventurers try to corner the dead Rone with questions, but he answers nothing and only says this won't stop him.
  • A muscular white-cloaked townsperson drags Rone away and adventurers try to give chase without a lead. The Rooks and militia join the chase across town, but the Rooks begin attacking people in the streets. A couple of them are cornered and bound and they say they were hunting Rone; a few more Rooks are killed off, but eventually most of them head to the forest in pursuit of Rone.
  • Townspeople report seeing a body dragged through the Upper Trollfang and adventurers find a trail of blood leading to the boulder at Danjirland. The trail ends without a trace there, but an opening at the boulder leads to Drangell's old den. Adventurers enter and find the area rife with traps launching metal shards and fire blasts at them as they proceed through, eventually ending at a locked door.
  • (note: this bullet point should be considered OOC knowledge only unless you were there or hear otherwise from one of the people who witnessed it) The locked door unleashes a Major Elemental Wave after Roblar bashes it open. Adventurers enter and proceed to the very back of the cave, where a table is found with dissembled prisms, three sets of discolored white steel gauntlets, a silver crystal ball talisman, a tarnished silver musicbox, and a brass scrying bowl. Loresongs turn up nothing. Later on Leafiara and Crux agree not to publicly publish what was found in the back for now, on the small chance that Rone might believe the traps protected his hideout from being compromised, leading him to return to it and possibly be caught.


  • Adventurers find a pillar of bound and branded corpses with their bones removed at the Black Sands. Shortly after, Rone appears atop the nearby archery tower and says he'll find the butchers and deliver them to everyone dead.
  • After a philosophical debate about justice, Rone declares that Mayor Cruxophim and Goblyn are the worst of the Landing, then injects Goblyn to make her go limp and kidnaps her to the roof of Moot Hall. He holds a blade to her throat and demands that she confess to what she's done, but Goblyn says nothing. Various people attempt to talk Rone down, including Stormyrain, who lays a bleeding hand on him...
  • Two of the bone pillars around the environs flash with light as Rone keeps everyone at bay in a standoff, but Stormyrain leads a group to Lyon Way just south of House Brigatta to begin a ritual to bind Rone. Kipara and Khylynnia aid her with their own talents, forming a trio of blood mages supplying their blood, while Leafiara and Lylia aid by channeling energy. Shinann stands by as an observer.
  • As the blood magic ritual draws upon the new energy fields established with the bone pillar plan, ribbons of blood bind Rone and disable his gauntlets, preventing him from escaping as he's cornered on the roof. When Stormyrain's group returns, he accuses her of falling to darkness; she says there were no unwilling sacrifices; he says there were others and he saw a scarab candle.
  • Rone agrees to be taken away by the militia, not the town guard, and Stormy gives her word that she'll "protect him from those who wish him harm outside of the Law of the Town." Rone is taken away to prison.


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